I want to buy a house, make it gorgeous, then GIVE IT away!

Just like the title says. I'm going to start the cameras, buy an affordable home, fix it up, then give it away to the family selected by contributors! On TV!
Adam Abernethy
Toronto, Ontario
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The Goal.

Just like the title says.  I want to start the cameras, buy a house or apartment, fix it up with whatever it may need for special accomodations and meaningful decor, then hand it over to whomever you decide, IndieGoGo!

Awesome idea.  Tell me a little more.

I would like to get you, Canada, to help me find one of the most deserving families here in the True North.  Contributions of certain sizes can get you anywhere from nominating a deserving family or individual right up to the panel that selects them.  What we'll do, is figure out the location they reside in, then find an affordable home - completely ramp it up to meet a deserving family's needs (i.e. wheelchair access, or much closer to a veterans hospital, special needs facility, or whatever the case may be), and then just hand them the keys to a professionally renovated, decorated, and mortgage-free home.  We'll even help them move in.

Ok, Who is going to get this place?

Well, that's up to you.  I've set the contribution goals in a way that most people can nominate any one person or group they think deserves something like this.  Then, the major contributors will be able to have live panel discussions and shortlist the potential recipients down to 1 lucky final story. 

What's the TV show going to be like?

With an entertaining DIY Series, some unforgettable hosts, pranks, setbacks, drama, and an amazing ending; It gives back to the contributors.  

You wrote it!  You can even star in it!

It will be a professional level filming from any number of possible sources already contacted.  Although there are already a couple of DIY shows out there, and a few other 'feel-good' stories on TV, there's always room for a bit more happiness.  This also creates a potential revenue stream to turn this project into one that can be performed again and again.  With enough popularity, this campaign could open a floodgate of oppurtunities

So, basically its part DIY show, part family entertainment, and part crowd-funding project documentary?

You got it, partner.

Wait, who are you, again?

My name is Adam Abernethy (My friends call me Abe) and I'm a hardworking father of 2 (third is coming soon, anyways).  I'm an experienced renovator specializing in legal, and by-law abiding shoestring budget renovations.  I'm also a project planner for a branch of the Canadian Government and have excellent professional experience with seeing projects from start to finish with high levels of organization, and administrative due diligence.  

I'm also known to have a rather captivating personality that will hopefully shine through on TV.  If not; some younger, prettier, media student will love to host a mini-series as a voluntary checkbox on an empty resume.  :D

Whats this project called?

The current working title is:

Abes GoGo Home


This is such a cool idea but I can't donate,
what can I do to help?

Share. Share. SHARE.  The more people who see this, the bigger the exposure the more likely it is that we can drastically change the life of a deserving family here in our backyards.  It also makes it more likely to attract the attention of corporate and media sponsorship.  So repost, mention, hashtag, timeline, txt, and email us to the top of the IGG listings!



This is going to take some serious cash

Do you have any ideas for corporate-level sponsorship?

Here's what I'm doing for the large-scale donors.  You can see it from the perks.  I'll call it live-in marketing.  It's kind of the ultimate social media marketing.  Forget 'wall-posts', I'm talking 'Wall-Posters'.  If Company XYZ wants to help out on a commercial level then they'll be working with our interior design specialist to come up with various size posters and other integrated brand marketing to reside in these peoples homes.  We'll offer the family a 2-year agreement to keep up the advertising in their house in the form it was provided.  The really major players could end up with living room murals with a tasteful brand decoration that every houseguest will be actively aware of the sponsors generosity, community support, and personality.  Again, since this is someones home, this will be scrutinized carefully with marketing people and design people.  

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  • $7CAD
    Be the lucky one!

    Things like this are all about luck. So, how about some lucky 7's to give you a warm and fuzzy. I'll even email you a picture of me doing a finger-gun and a wink to you, my friend.

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  • $25CAD
    The Insider

    A donation in this range will net you on the insider weekly update list. It'll have the photos and even video clips not seen by the public.

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  • $50CAD
    The Dream-builder

    This is where the magic starts. This perk is the one that allows you to nominate a deserving group, family, or individual to be the lucky recipient. You'll receive an information package requesting certain specifics plus a short biography so we can narrow the results. It could be you! Pool your $25 donations with a friend to get on this list. This is the group where the dreambuilding starts. A $50 contribution also gets you on the insider list so you're not missing out on that.

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  • $100CAD
    The Decision-Makers

    This perk allows you onto the custom, live-tracked website that will be used to narrow and shortlist the received recipients. You're on the board, your comments and praise could actually make the dream come true for a fellow Canadian.

    0 claimed
  • $500CAD
    The Movers and Shakers

    You'll be on the Video-Conference panel of final decision making for recipient selection. You'll also be able to make live comments and requests aired on the TV show! You'll also be eligible for 'Minimal' Live-In advertisement placement. The guidelines for that will be made available to you, should you desire it.

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  • $1,000CAD
    The Executives

    The above PLUS: You can also be part of the decision-making process in the property and interior design. If you want to leave your mark by opting pink floors and a cow-print ceiling, it's your call! Importantly, you get a 'moderate' level of Live-In advertising. Your generosity will be a lasting legacy. On the fun side, you're welcome on the set! Come on down, swing a hammer, break some drywall, and smile for the camera.

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  • $5,000CAD
    The Corporate Shark

    All of the above. Your advertising status moves to 'Prominent', you're also going to get to enjoy the best perk of all. You can be there when we give it away! Experience first-hand the exact moment of someones life being changed undeniably, unforgettably, and totally forever. There's absolutely no price tag for that.

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