I See Something You Don't See - Short Film

A short 10 minute feel-good romantic psychological thriller.


We are a final year production team at QUT Creative Industries, putting together our very last student film. Now, filmmaking isn't cheap, even for little projects like ours, and final year film students usually get fired from part-time barista jobs for constantly switching shifts. Help us graduate!



I SEE SOMETHING YOU DON'T SEE is a short, feel-good romantic psychological thriller to be shot in early October.

About love, relationships, dating and sex, Holly is a cynical wreck. She works at a dating agency for eccentrics, conjuring dreamy partnerships from a cesspool of tragic loners and misunderstood geniuses.

Today, one perfect match will change her whole perspective.

We’re gonna pack this schizophrenic little juggernaut with as much sickly sweet sentiment and nail-biting suspense as 10 minutes will possibly allow.



Money gets us equipment, food and transport to and from locations also paid for... with money.

We're aiming for $2500 as a starting point for making the film... but our See Something universe is full up with stories just waiting to be told, and extra money will help us to tell them. More videos, better production values and more exciting perks for our valued contributors! We want to bring you all into our little world.


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There are also some mysterious yellow envelopes popping up all over town - don't open them! (but do). They'll help you help us spread the word and bring as many people on board as we possibly can.


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