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A brokenhearted woman teams up with her ex-boyfriend to stop the hitman she accidentally hired to kill him.
Mike MacMillan
Toronto, Ontario
4 Team Members

Thanks to all of you, we made our goal! You're the best and we're incredibly grateful. We're shooting from Nov 19th to December 4th. You'll be hearing how it goes. 

If  anyone is  still interested in contributing please email Mike MacMillan - mike@lithiumstudios.com

Thanks everyone!

Follow Us: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iputahitonyou

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IPutAHitOnYou

The Film

After her marriage proposal to Ray (Aaron Ashmore) is awkwardly rejected, Harper (Sara Canning) gets really drunk and in an attempt to blow off some steam, posts an ad online offering to trade her engagement ring for Ray’s death. The thing is, someone replies. And they sound serious.

Fearful of what she might have done, Harper runs to Ray’s apartment in the middle of the night to warn him. At first Ray takes the situation lightly; it’s just some nut job online messing with her. But as the night goes on and a mysterious white van stalks Ray’s apartment, suddenly everything becomes more real.

As they try to stay calm and deal with this bizarre situation like regular people, they’re forced to confront the downfall of their relationship and figure out where it all went wrong before the hitman takes away any chance of them ever getting back together.

I Put a Hit on You is a darkly comedic, lo-fi romantic thriller. More importantly, it's an honest exploration and deconstruction of a relationship over one really tense and confusing night. 

Principal Photography is set to begin November 19th, 2012. (Yes, soon. Save us from robbing a bank.)

The Cast


Ray will be played by the mansome Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13, Smallville) 

Harper will be played by the lovely Sara Canning (Primeval: New World, The Vampire Diaries) 

And they're in our movie. 


Hollywood ReporterPlaybackFirst Showing

Why This Team?

We want to make a movie. An honest one. A grounded one. An entertaining one. One that explores the complicated ebs and flows of a relationship but with an interesting premise holding it all together. One we could execute at a low budget level without being stagnant and boring. I Put A Hit On You is that world. 
All sounds simple right? Right? Nope. Never is. Which is why it would be just really swell if you helped support our project and us. Filmmaking is a team sport and it would be like we were bonded together forever and ever. We like that. Check out our perks on the right. Your small (or massively large) donation and will be responsible for bringing our film to life! And to be perfectly honest, we can’t do this without you. So please, support our film. Support dysfunctional relationships. 

Our Back Story

In 2010 a little bit of magic happened. Just a tiny bit, but it launched us on our current trajectory. Writers/Directors/Lovers  Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart hit up Producers/Part-Time Lovers Mike MacMillan and Jordan Gross about making a short film. Or maybe two. Insanely - they agreed to jump in.

The films had heart, told intimate little stories, advanced the teams interest in exploring the nuance of relationships and more than anything, we're actually proud of how they turned out. 

Watch Them If You Want:

Long Branch   

*Vimeo Staff Pick (November 2012)

*Short Of The Week (November 2012)

*Best Short - Calgary International Film Festival (2011)
*Best Short - Canadian Film Festival (2012)
*Best Directors, Fiction - Yorkton Film Festival/Golden Sheaf Award (2012)
*Best Film Nomination- Canadian Comedy Awards (2012)
*Best Short & Emerging Filmmaker Nominees - Yorkton Film Festival(2012)

Margo Lily 

*Cannes Short Film Corner/Telefilm - Not Short On Talent 2012
*Atlantic Film Festival (2012)

*Worldwide Short Film Festival (2012)
*Calgary International Film Festival (2012)

The natural progression for us was a feature. It started from a very honest place: don't ask permission to make movies. Take control. Tell your story. So - with your help - that is exactly what we plan to do. We've crafted a screenplay designed for our low budget approach. We've gathered some of our favourite filmmakers to the team.

And we're ready to shoot.

Cast & Crew Screening Extravaganza

In May 2013, all supporters at the $50 and above will be invited out to the cast and crew screening of I Put A Hit On You. Join us at a gallery in downtown Toronto for an exclusive screening (before everyone else gets a chance to see it), drink complimentary drinks, meet everyone involved with the film, dance like a maniac and hang out with the stars. It promises to be an amazing night, a night designed around thanking YOU, our fantastic supporters.

No Cash But Still Want To Help ?

We've been there. Or we are there. Or... we totally get it.

You can help us spread the word by posting this message on Facebook, Twitter, email or even snail mail if that's your thing. Whatever you can do we appreciate it.

ALSO - we need Aeroplan points! It'll be a huge help to getting our actors around. If you can provide a round trip in Canada flight, you claim the $1000 dollar perk for your generosity.

Or if you have other skills or ideas you'd like to share, contact us! 


Need To Talk Somewhere That Isn't Facebook? 

Questions, concerns, complaints, dating advice - iputahitonyou@gmail.com


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raised by 203 people in 28 days
105% funded
No time left
$30,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on November 15, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Social media shout out. Exclusive Updates. A digital poster emailed to you. And a hug.

    6 claimed
  • $25USD
    Love Is A Battlefield

    All of the above PLUS: A digital download of the completed film AND get your name in the credits and you can tell the world the whole film was your idea.

    63 claimed
  • $50USD
    You Give Love A Bad Name

    All of the above PLUS: A sexy invite to The Cast and Crew Screening Extravaganza in Toronto.

    47 claimed
  • $100USD
    Love Hurts

    All of the above PLUS: A premium credit (bigger name) in the credits. And a digital download of our extensive behind-the-scenes making of Hit!

    58 claimed
  • $250USD
    Killing Me Softly

    All of the above PLUS: An official Soundtrack digital download.

    7 claimed
  • $500USD
    Tainted Love

    All of the above PLUS: You've earned a fuzzy, cozy, and kind of badass, I Put A Hit On You, hoodie.

    3 claimed
  • $595USD
    Sometimes When We Touch*

    *EXCLUSIVE* For less than 600 dollars you can have your name spoken in the film! This perk will not only let you hear the sweet sound of your first name spoken by Aaron Ashmore or Sara Canning but you'll also get an autographed copy of the screenplay with your name in it. There are 4 men and 4 women characters. Cool right? (Includes digital download of film, invite to screening and a credit)

    0 out of 8 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    I Will Always Love You

    Everything above PLUS: You're the real hitter here. And dammit - we appreciate it. Score yourself an ultra-premium Associate Producer credit (see your name on IMBD!), an on stage thanks at The Cast and Crew Screening Extravaganza. And if you're around for it, join in the behind the scenes shooting! We'll feature you in our extra materials talking about why you support this film!

    6 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Lover, You Should've Come Over

    Everything above PLUS: Alright - we owe you. Big time. So please be our guest at an intimate dinner hosted by directors Dane and Linsey and a cast member. AND an invite to the opening night festival (you’ll need to cover your travel, but you’re a big deal, you probably have a private jet to get there).

    2 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Nothing Compares To U

    Everything above PLUS: You’re the biggest deal. Exec Producer (see your name on IMBD!) – You can visit set! You can watch the rough cut and weigh in with your notes! You can have a breakfast burrito from the craft table! You can join us at a festival!(you’ll need to cover your travel, but you’re a huge deal, you probably have a jet pack). And you'll get an extra big hug.

    1 claimed
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