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We need to raise money to finish our nerdy movie, and get it put into festivals in 2014, can you help?
Alan Donohoe
United Kingdom
4 Team Members

Have a look at our Behind The Scenes Featurette -

I Have A Bad Feeling About This - Behind The Scenes Featurette from Alan Donohoe on Vimeo.


Hey nerds…. We’re back!

Last year myself (Alan Donohoe), my co-writer (Jamie Williamson) and our producer (Laura Purcell) raised £10,000 to make our first ever feature film ‘I Have a Bad Feeling About This’. We shot the film last summer and it was one of the best experiences of our lives.

Currently, we’re editing the movie and are really pleased with the result so far. Now we are looking to raise a little bit more money to get the film looking extra shiny and lovely and ready for release. There are a couple of extra shots we need to get that we didn’t get a chance to shoot last time, and we’d like to try and get the rights to a few bits of music too.

Once we’ve done that, it’s off to the festival circuit to try and find a distributor! We also want to exhibit the film in local venues, but most importantly, we want to try and get the film off to Sundance in 2014! Unfortunately this all adds up, so we need your help, check out our teaser trailer and if you like what you see, please drop us a donation and/or share the project wherever you can. 


The Film:

“Not that long ago. In a suburb not that far away…”

“I Have a Bad Feeling About This” is a quirky, upbeat, buddy-comedy/Sci-Fi adventure. The story follows the exploits of Andy and Sam, two Star Wars obsessed slackers in their early twenties, living in the suburbs of LiverpoolSam is soon to be leaving Andy to go to university, but before they part ways for good, they must embark on a journey to the furthest reaches of town, to try and find a pair of tickets to a one-off showing of the original Star Wars trilogy. Along the way they meet dodgy ticket touts, angry yoga instructors, deranged thieves, clueless police, the suburban mafia and a dangerous hooded madman.

In the tradition of “Spaced” and “Clerks” and with a dollop of “The Inbetweeners” for good measure, “I Have a Bad Feeling About This” is a feel-good tale about friends, not wanting to grow up and realising that sometimes… you don’t really have to. It’s a film that hasn’t been attempted in this part of the world before. Spoken with an unheard voice and taken from a fresh perspective.

Our story:

Jamie and I (Alan) met in university, once we left finding work in the industry was tough, but between the two of us we were lucky enough to work as production assistants, camera assistants and get to work with the likes of Stephen Graham and Deborah Harry. Even with all of this we still felt a thirst to create our own projects.

One night I couldn’t sleep and started listening to an interview with the director of “Clerks” Kevin Smith on "The Nerdist Podcast". During the interview he was asked what advice he could give to aspiring filmmakers and he said something along the lines of…

“If you keep trying and working at your own shit, sooner or later people just start coming by. If I can do it so can you”

That struck a chord. You can sit and listen to what other people tell you, about how tough it is to break into the industry and how it’s impossible to get a movie made or you can do what someone like Kevin Smith did and you can go out and give it try. Do something about it. Take a shot. So I immediately sent Jamie a text message, saying something along the lines of…

“You know that feature script we’ve been writing… Let’s try and make it.” Anyone else would have said “You’re crazy,” but Jamie said, “OK.”

Luckily I was surrounded by a good group of people. I had been working with the Liverpool based production company “Hurricane Films” with Roy Boulter and Sol Papadopoulos. They read an early draft of the script and encouraged us to pursue a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. This was also where we met our lovely producer Laura Purcell.

We shot a promo on a shoestring budget of £300. We decided that the only way we could do this, was if we kept it cheap, made use of the tools and resources that we already had access to, whilst still managing to make a fantastic feature film with the look and feel of a big budget movie. Sam RaimiKevin Smith and Peter Jackson did it without half of the brilliant filmmaking tools that we have access to today.

I’m happy to say we’re almost there, the film is in the can it just needs that last push, that last bit of help to get it on it’s feet. Can you help? Better still; want to get your name on it?

What We Need & What You Get:

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve already shot the movie, but we do need to shoot a few pick-ups. Pick-ups are shots you may have missed on the day because you ran out of time, or disaster struck.

In our case we lost a whole day of footage due to a corrupted card, we also got rained off on our last night, and because we had such a limited amount of money in the first place and a short space of time to shoot, we’ve had to find ways around this. So the plan is to get some of our cast and crew back for 5 days in May this year.

In order for us to shoot this, we need to hire the camera, a generator and pay for location fees and cover our cast and crew’s expenses. The majority of the funds we raise will be spent during this five-day period.

The rest will be spent on things like, ADR (automated dialogue replacement) film festival fees (we want to get it to Sundance!) and music rights. We also want to do promotion for the film to help build a fan base, so we will need things like posters, flyers. This all adds up.

We think that at least £6000 will cover us, but obviously the more money we raise, the better chance the film has of having success.

Obviously we want to offer you some exclusive perks, so check out the list along the side to help you make your mind up about how much to donate. Some of our perks won’t be available until the film is complete, so please be sure to read all of the information before you click.

If we don’t reach our target the money we raise will still be used, we’d have to rethink our plan a little, but we’re a resourceful bunch, so we’d figure it out, (we made a feature film in 3 weeks for £10000 for crying out loud) if we don’t raise enough to do anything, we’ll probably just keep running campaigns until we raise the money we need, but we believe in our project and our team and have every confidence that we will reach our goal…. With your help! 

The Impact

Ok, so you’re a little strapped for cash? Great news, you can still help by sharing our campaign anywhere and everywhere, ask your family if they can donate, try and get a few retweets on twitter, post on your facebook wall, or even better, post it on a friends facebook wall. If you have any useful connections, or you think you know somebody who would be interested in what we’re doing, send them our way. All of this can help make our campaign a success.

Getting the film seen by a large audience would mean the world to our dedicated cast and crew, who worked full 14-hour days for 3 weeks solid without payment. Please help us make this a reality.



Meet the cast…

Alan Donohoe -“Andy”

I studied at the Lamont School of Acting for 7 years; there I gained a great deal of experience and top marks in my LAMDA examinations. At 14 I landed the role of Ivan in the BBC drama series In Deep’  along side Stephen Tompkinson and Nick Berry. I also appeared in shows like Grange Hill’  and ‘Brookside’ and short films like Fear’  and ‘Dead End’.

After that I continued to act and perform through my late teens but my focus moved to behind the scenes work, although acting remains a huge ambition of mine. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to combine my love of acting and directing on this movie, although it was sometimes challenging, the end result was always fulfilling.


Joe Hughes - “Sam”

After graduating from the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre in 2010 Joe was cast in a role in series 2 of Channel 4's ‘Fresh Meat’  and then went on to play the role of Dandini inCinderella’ at the Grimsby Auditorium alongside TV personality Kim WoodburnJoe is also a keen standup comedian on the North West comedy circuit and was the Beat the Frog’  standup competition winner in both Preston and Manchester.

Joe recently appeared on the radio drama Amazonia’ on BBC Radio 3 with Rory Kinnear.


Isla Ure - “Melody”

Isla Ure graduated from drama school in 2010 and has since gone on to perform in the award-winning show ‘Territory’, recently adapted into a feature film.  She played Lue in Time Out’s choice show The Winterling’ and Issy in the award-winning short film ‘The Soldier Inside’.

Isla has recently finished filming the British thriller ‘Candlestick’. She also voiced the DM34 and DM23 vending machinces in the new Red Dwarf X.

Isla wrote and directed her first short film Passengers’ which has gone on to screen at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton as part of the Underwire Film Festival.  Off the back of it she won Best Actor and The BFI Future Film Award (for outstanding work by a female practitioner aged 15-25.)  She subsequently won Best Actor in December 2012 at Underwire Film Festival.


Tom Pooley - “Esteban Sanchez”

Tom Pooley has been acting from a young age and appeared in a number of things including ‘Brookside’ and the short film directed by Graham Matthias, ‘Esteban Sanchez’ which was also the first appearance of the character Tom plays in ‘I Have a Bad Feeling About This’  he also appeared in the sitcom pilot ‘Signed.’

Tom’s first love is animation, for which he frequently lends his voice. Most notably as the character of Terry in Bosside’. 


Paul Duckworth - “Norman”

Paul has been acting across the UK for twenty years. Some of his most notable TV and film work includes the role of ‘Jack Michaelson’  the last ever villain to appear on the popular soap Brookside’.  Paul also played Ringo Star’ in the Beatles Biopic ‘Backbeat’.

Paul has an extensive theater background, he played the lead ‘George Groves’  in celebrated Liverpool playwright Esther Wilson's ‘The Quiet Little Englishman’  for Zho Visual Theatre - one of Liverpool Culture Company‘s commissions in 2008. During the last two years he has appeared at Liverpool’s Royal Court in shows like Scouse Pacific’ and ‘Little Scouse On The Prairie’ and films like Reds and Blues: The Ballad of Dixie and Kenny’’15 Minutes That Shook The World’ and the short trailer for ‘The Last Ferry’  along side Andrew Schofield and Stephen GrahamPaul’s cabaret stand-up character Rinty Boo is also a popular compere around the north-west.

Paul continues to perform across Merseyside in the critically acclaimed one-man show ‘Beating Berlusconi’.


Neil Fitzmaurice - “Vincenza”

Neil Fitzmaurice's acting and writing projects include That Peter Kay Thing, for which he received a British Comedy Award, and the critically acclaimed Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, in which he also appeared as ‘Ray-Von’.

He has also written and stared in two feature films: Going Off Big Time’, in 1999, which was nominated for four BIFA awards and is part of Film Four's Best of British, and more recently Charlie Noades R.I.P’.

Some of Neil’s other roles include ‘Jeff’ in C4’s ‘Peep Show’ and Fergus’  in the popular Sky One series Mount Pleasant’. Other credits include shows like ‘Moving on’‘Mobile’,‘ The Street’ and The Office.


John May - “Carl”

John has appeared on numerous commercials, and in popular shows like ‘Coronation Street’ , 'Moving on’ and worked with the likes of Jason ManfordJohnny Vegas and Julie Walters.

John’s first big acting gig was playing Barney in  ‘WILL’  along side Bob Hoskins and Damian Lewis; he later played Jason Cox’ an American schoolteacher in the Discovery series I shouldn't be alive’. John has just landed another exciting role in a new ‘Hatrick Productions’  comedy spin off the popular C4 series ‘Facejacker’  alongside Kayvan Novak, he also featured in BBC Three’s Cuckoo’ along side Andy Sandberg and Greg Davies.


Ray F Beard - “Orville”

Ray Beard stays mainly behind the scenes as a writer and director, and has worked with the likes of John Thompson and Stephen Graham.

As an actor he has appeared in a number of films and shorts including ‘Perfect Parker’‘For One Night Only’ and Poisson Grilles’ which he also wrote and directed. Ray also appeared in a short film about Fredrich Nietzsche’  in which he played the title role.


Leonora Moore - “Eva”

Leo graduated from Oxford University with a Physics Masters, but always had a desire to make films. 2009 was when she dipped her toes into the world of acting; her first starring role was in 'The Taiwan Oyster', an American feature-film, shot on location in Taiwan, in the autumn of 2010 and which had its world premiere at SXSW 2012.

She spent 2011 writing, directing and acting in her debut feature film 'East', which was awarded 'Best Feature Film' at the UK Film Festival in December 2011. Leo is now in pre-production for a second feature film 'Hear The Doors' which she will be co-directing with her brother, Jonathan Moore.


Adam Butler - “Christopher”

Adam is a writer and actor of various disciplines. He wrote, produced and starred in 'The Isle Of Hidden Agendas' a comedy mystery play, which had a run at Liverpool's Unity Theatre in 2011. His play 'Melting Point' was nominated for four awards including best writer, at the Leverhulme National One Act Play Competition in 2009, and was published shortly after.

In-between acting in various plays Adam works on writing his first novel 'The Devil Works For Heaven' which he hopes to have finished soon.


Luke Seddon - “Neil”

Luke Seddon first started acting in 2002 while still in school. Since then he has been involved in numerous productions both on stage and screen. Luke preformed in Grease’  on the West End with the help of Sky 1 under the title ‘Grease the School Musical’  in 2008-2009 where he worked with Duncan James and Arlene Philips.

The most recent production he has taken part in was ‘The Story of Dorian Grey’ where Luke landed the main character of Dorian himself. This was in 'The Actors Studio' in Liverpool during the summer of 2011.


Oliver Wilkinson - “Detective Summergreen”

Oliver trained in acting at the London Metropolitan University and over the years has built up many TV credits that include Fox/E4’s ‘The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret’  along side David Cross and Will Arnett and the popular Australian soap opera Home & Away’.

As well as working on several short films and commercials, Oliver was recently back on the London stage in My Life in Television’ at the Ecterera Theatre. He now runs his own production company Bright Eyed Boy’.


Sharon Davies - “Detective Reynolds”

Although originally from a journalism background, Sharon has worked as a supporting artist and voice over artist for several years. Sharon is probably best known as the co-host of  ‘Horror talk TV’, the web series branch of one of the UK’s most popular horror/geek movie themed websites.

Over the years she has appeared in a number of short films, commercials and supporting rolls and will soon be appearing in the new horror movie Haters’  later this year.


Lynn Francis - “Francine”

Lynn has been acting for over ten years now appearing in a number of plays including the hugely popular Nightmare on Lime Street’Four Girls and a Caravan’ she also appeared in ‘Desperate Scousewives’ at the St Helens Theater Royal.

Lynn has recently made her transition to movies too, she appeared in Neil Fitzmaurice’s ‘Charlie Noades R.I.P’ and Red’s and Blues: The ballad of Dixie and Kenny’  for which she later reprised her role at the Liverpool Royal Court, for the stage show version, which was also written by Dave Kirby.


Ian Matthias - “Don Calzone”

Ian Graduated from St Helens college in 2006 after studying Audio Engineering and has since worked as a sound recordist on numerous film and music productions. He has worked with the likes of Katy Perry and the Liverpool band Space.

Ian’s acting experience mainly comes from working with friends on short films and Internet viral videos. Ian appeared in ‘Fallout’ and the original short film version of I Have a Bad Feeling About This’.

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    NEW!! Small business perk

    If you have a small business this is the perk for you, not only will you receive all previous perks, our team will make you a 4 min promo video for your company/business. We’ll also put a banner up for you company on the end credits of our movie, please contact alan@badfeelingfilm.com before you donate for more info and T&C. UK, NORTHWEST BACKERS ONLY

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  • £800GBP
    Jedi Council Member

    For donating £800 first and foremost, thank you, thank you, thank you! So as well as all of the other perks, you will be invited onto the set while we film our pick ups! Even better if you bring a camera with you, you can film a video diary of your day and we'll chuck it on the website and DVD. (Plus previous perks except business perk!) *Unfortunately, unless you are willing to travel, this perk is for UK backers only. Reshoots are estimated to be between the 13th & 20th of May 2013.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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  • £2,000GBP
    The Chosen one

    Wow! You left us speechless! For donating £2000 we don't quite know if anything we can offer you is enough, but dammit we will try. As well as receiving all of the other perks you are now officially an Associate Producer on the film. You get a credit on the opening titles of the film AND an invite to our wrap party and premiere after party! (Plus previous perks, except business perk)

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