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The hit web series I Hate Being Single is back for a new season! Help us meet our goal and see how you can be a part of the process!
Rob Michael Hugel
1,359 Facebook Friends
Video / Web
New York City, New York
United States
7 Team Members

I Hate Being Single is an indie operation fueled by fans!

Check out the teaser we already made using footage from episode 1 of the new season!

  • Hi everyone! I'm Rob Michael Hugel, an actor/writer/director based in New York City, more specifically Brooklyn. I'm the creator of the show I Hate Being Single, a scripted comedy series that I wrote about being single in Williamsburg. I've been in New York doing comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and working on web series since 2008. Before I Hate Being Single I was the primary director/editor for Broad City (the brand new sitcom on Comedy Central produced by Amy Poehler). You may have seen me on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, SNL, or upcoming Stephen Soderberg Cinemax show The Knick
  • This campaign is to support the production of I Hate Being Single. The show premiered at New York Television Festival, winning the Audience Choice Award. The first season was released in 2012. It's a show that is very close to me, based on the most awkward feelings of my 20's in Brooklyn. Our season 1 proved to be really successful and we earned a lot of praise from our peers. Here are a few quotes.
    1. Best of TV on the Web in 2012  - USA Today
    2. "It’s a veritable jackhammer of funny. "- Splitsider
    3. "...it’s odd, entertaining and completely engrossing..." - Tubefilter
    4. "...one of the most original takes on single life on or off-line." - Complex
    5. I Hate Being Single Web Series: The Male Version of Girls? -  Bushwick Daily

    The comments on season 1 have been requesting a new season for a long time. I've always imagined the story continuing and taking Rob's character and the gang into new unchartered dating and loneliness territory. Now it's time to continue the story! 

    • With your help we will be putting together a full length web series season. Episodes will be 7-10 minutes, generally a bit longer than season 1. We'll have a lot of special guests, hilarious comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade, Mtv, Comedy Central, NBC, and more. The episodes are going to look awesome. The budget is going to give us more time and resources to make sure every episode looks and sounds amazing, and it'll ensure our actors have time to improvise and have fun while cameras are rolling, making every scene as hilarious as it can be. 

    A little money goes a long way!

    We're asking for 15,000 dollars. A little bit from many people will go a very long way for us. Money will be going towards:

    1. Overall we will be creating 7 episodes of I Hate Being Single and lot's more bonus material including character vlogs, behind the scenes episodes, and outakes, videos that will be put online as the season is released or soon after. 
    2. Paying crew-  We plan on filming in a large block of time so we can get all the episodes shot in a short amount of time. 
    3. Paying talent- There will be some paid talent and we will be using the sag-aftra web guidelines. 
    4. Music - We'll be paying for original music to be composed for the season.
    5. Locations/Travel - Want to see what Rob does when he decides to move back to the suburbs? Or to see the IHBS characters on dates at actual Brooklyn restaurants, maybe Rob moves into his favorite hipster clothing/furniture store... A locations budget will help make all of this a reality.  
    6. Equipment - We always make the most of a small set -up, but we'll be spending some money on specific equipment necessary to give this season the top notch quality you've grown to expect. Remember the Steadicam shot from season 1? Expect some good stuff like that. 
    7. Feeding Crew - It's basic Film Production but we gotta make sure our crew eats. It's likely we'll be out in the cold a bunch so being able to eat snacks and a hearty lunch every day, plus lots of coffee will really make a huge difference. 
    • If you contribute to the campaign, these are some of the perks you could have access to. The entire list is to the right with more details!

    A personalized #sadvine on the official @ihatebeingsingl vine account. Check and see if there's any up yet!


    WATCH ALL SAD VINES: https://vine.co/u/993401382822465536


    Why does it matter?

    Here is why this project is important. 

    • I'm so so proud of the work of Season 1 and the impact it's had on the web tv community. Our recognition by countless blogs, comments on the videos, and many people telling me face to face how much they enjoy IHBS has means the world to me.  I've always wanted to create comedy that others can relate to and I know that's been achieved. What I've learned since the process is how to make an even better show, better story arc, and better produced season. 
    • The story is far from over. The Rob character isn't going to just re-live the same mistakes and situations as in season 1, he's going to find new and differnet mistakes, situations. He's not just getting over his ex girlfriend, but he is instead genuinely trying to date, and trying to fit into the Williamsburg scene. 
    • The popularity of web series as a medium has basically skyrocketed over the past few years. Thanks to the success of Netflix Originals, Amazon Prime, Hulu Originals, and many other gigantic Youtube channels, the web is a place people turn for good original content. The demand for high quality scripted comedy shows like I Hate Being Single is very high. We were early in the stampede now it's time to get back out there! 
    • Donating to this indiegogo campaign means you are helping me keep creative ownership of the show. Something that is very important as this story and it's characters are very personal to me.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Even if you don't contribute, here's how you can help:

    • Literally just tell a friend about it. Old school style. With your mouth. It's powerful.
    • Share this campaign link on the internet! It could be your Facebook or twitter, google plus, youtube channel, online community, email a family member, wherever you think people would be interested in helping out! We're an indie organization and word of mouth is our biggest asset!
    • Use the Hashtag #IHBSseason2 in your tweets or posts. 
    • Check out the Indiegogo share tools too because they can be very helpful! 

    Lastly, as always, Thank you for watching, supporting, in any way at all.  Feel good for being here! You're at the forefront of something special & this show wouldn't exist without your help. 

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    This campaign ended on February 26, 2014
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    Select a Perk
    • $5USD
      Access Behind the Scenes

      A thank you from us plus access to the indiegogo only updates throughout the making of the project.

      32 claimed
    • $25USD
      Personalized Sad Vine

      See what it feels like to be a source of sadness. A personalized sad vine with your name used by one (or more) of the cast members on the official @ihatebeingsingl vine account. Plus access to the indiegogo only page with behind the scenes content.

      58 claimed
    • $50USD
      Instagram Video from On Set

      You're practically here with us! See I Hate Being Single Cast (Rob, Shannon, Dom, and more) shout you out from on set published on the Ihatebeingsingle Instagram account. Maybe it'll be in the same spot your new favorite scene is about to take place. Just so you know we're thinking of you the whole time! Plus access to the indiegogo only page with behind the scenes content.

      15 claimed
    • $100USD
      Team Single

      (whether or not you are single) As team single you're getting VIP treatment. You'll have access to the secret tumblr, expect on set videos, check ins, shout outs, DMs, SnapChats, and access to other private accounts! Does that sound sketchy? It's not sketchy!

      8 claimed
    • $150USD
      Portrait of you and Rob

      Rob will draw a portrait of you and him together as best friends, sign it and post it to the IHBS tumblr, facebook, or instagram and of course digitally email it to you too.

      4 claimed
    • $250USD
      A Digi-Date or Worskhop w/ Rob

      Cook up some ramen, grab a bottle of sodastream and spend an hour with Rob on video chat. (skype or google hangout) He'll show you photos from his yearbooks, probably wear a snuggie, talk about tv or comedy and get to know you! No weird stuff. OR Got a project of your own and want advice or feedback? Have a video meet-up with Rob about making a web show or youtube channel. He'll give tips and lessons learned about how to make your project cooler than a cult of single guys who live on a boat.

      1 claimed
    • $500USD
      Inspire a short episode

      Ever wanted to influence an IHBS short episode? We'll take your suggestion as inspiration to a future 1 off episode that will be posted on the youtube channel. Your name will show up in the credits as a contributor.

      1 claimed
    • $1,000USD
      Be in the show

      If you can be in NYC while we film, there will be a small part for you to play in an episode of Season 2. If you can't be here in person, we will feature your photo in the show. Unfortunately no travel/lodging is supplied. You must get here by yourself.

      2 claimed
    • $3,000USD
      Video Party, Producer Cred

      You're in the credits as a Producer, Rob Dom and Shannon will have a private party with you via videochat, and funny random props from the season will be sent to you. Imagine a snuggie, or Rob's Lone Sailor's Patch, it'll be a surprise and a good one for sure. Plus access to all the previously mentioned "Team Single" perks.

      0 claimed
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