I Don't Know You, But I Love You: Orphans Need This Message!

Spread a Message of Unconditional Love! Orphans Need to Hear this Message Most of All. Share the Love for Language & Fund This Message in ALL Languages IDKYBILY
Charlizzle Blizzle
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******Fundraiser has ENDED but! you can still DONATE through PAYPAL at MadMadLove33@yahoo.com or on homepage of website: www.madmadlove.com

Salutations World Savers, Humanitarians and Dreamers! Hello Free Spirits, Non Conformists, Pioneers, Visionaries, Dubious Strangers and Fellow Wayseers! Welcome Professionals, Students, Mothers, Fathers, Leaders and Preachers!

I Don't Know You, But I Love You!

It is true, I mean it, it is tattooed on my arm & I am determined for every human to hear it at least once. Would you like that as well? If so:

I am super excited to present to You the Opportunity to Spread the Love to those that need it most:

<3 Orphans <3

Please allow me to introduce myself by my nick name, Charlizzle Blizzle.

There is much I could say about myself, but I would rather you watch The Video:

Because what is most important is not who I am but how I make you feel: my energy, how my smile makes you feel, if there is sincerity in my voice, if I get you EXCITED.

I am here to give you confidence in donating to a simple and complex, abstract idea: I believe passing out a sticker that says, "I Don't Know You, But I Love You" is a method for Ending Racism.

If racism was not largely present in society’s judgments & governments’ decision making, surely The People would be able to quickly unite together as One. This sticker is a method for Uniting as One in an Extremely Exhilarating and Electrifying way!

So Start S.W.W.Sing Everyday People!

S.W.W.S = Saving the World With Stickers!

I can prove how this is so but I like Fun A LOT and what is more Fun at this moment is to now talk about how the sticker makes people feel. 

Even if you do not believe or understand how the sticker Ends Racism, it most certainly Makes People Very Happy. It Changes Lives. That is what I care most about:

Making Others Feel As Good As I Do on a Daily Basis.

Reactions to Receiving the Sticker:
*Speechlessness *Huge Smile *Involuntary Squeal *Jumping *High-Fiving *Hugging *Cheering *Demand for More Stickers *Tears of Joy * Looks of Love

If this sounds like your type of activity Buy Some Stickers!

Experience these reactions from your gifting or tagging AND!
Feel the Love & Appreciation from across the world as young children and teenagers receive this message, perhaps some for the first time. Imagine what that reaction is like, imagine how it will feel.

3... 2... 1... BLASTOFF!!!

**Donate To or Share this Campaign Valentine's Day Weekend and receive the coolest 3D Holographic Positive Vibes Valentine Plus 1 for a Loved One!

Just telling someone the name of this campaign is giving them a gift: You are telling them The Truth: There are people in the world that love their neighbor unconditionally.

(To respect your time, information is ranked from most important-to-know down to the longer detailed explanations. Click on links for awesome additional info. Email us address or FB profile to connect & receive gifts!)

**This is a campaign to fundraise money to design, print & ship stickers that say in a variety of languages: I Don't Know You, But I Love You to orphans in orphanages. A variety of age appropriate stickers are to be made.

**This campaign supports the IDKYBILY, Inc nonprofit to reach tax exempt status as well as operational costs.

**The perks are Creations & Gifts of Volunteers of the nonprofit. Your donation supports their time, money & effort.

*Please notice perk packages have Extra Gifts so YOU can gift, share & have as much fun as We have passing out free items to enhance Good Times.

*All perk packages have potential to be sent with extra gifts. IDKYBILY volunteers quickly become inspired by other's acts of volunteerism and there are new offerings every day! Email us to Share & Donate YOUR Creations! We would love to add them to this campaign!

*Indiegogo does not recognize cents. All the donation amounts have special meanings, they are in the title, but you will not be able to donate an amount that has cents in it, for example: $33.33 will be changed to $33.00 even donation.

**If there is no comment box when donating, please message this email for T-shirt size & color. If you have a custom perk request don't be shy! Write and ask us. We want to meet all of your S.W.W.S needs:     MadMadLove33@yahoo.com

**Make sure to provide proper mailing addresses (don't forget your apt. #) Surprise your friends and family & have the perks sent directly to them. 

**This website is very exciting, please take a look at the hundreds of choices we have to send the stickers.




***2,000 stickers from StickerJunkie.com English IDKYBILY stickers                      $480

***1,000 stickers from StickerJunkie.com Alternate Language stickers:                   $270

***501(c)3 Incorporation and Tax Exempt Status for Nonprofit                           $400

***LegalZoom service fee to file application (working 3 jobs I am unable to do this myself with precision, I need the assistance if you would like to charge less or volunteer please email us!)                                                                                                         $595

***Postage, shipping & handling (not able to precisely calculate)                         $TBD

Extra Funds If Overfunded

**Payment to Director & Editor of Indiegogo video                                                      $250

**Graphic Designer for language stickers                                                                  $TDB

**Graphic Designer for MML symbols & logos                                                          $TDB

**Long Term funding for sticker design, printing & shipping                 $270 per 1,000 stix

**Vendor booths at music, art, science & yoga festivals               $200 to $800 per booth

**Investment money for MadMadLove Fest, an event 3 years in the planning, ready to book location, amenities, musicians and performers!                                              $TDB

**Investments to MMLovers’ small businesses, good, services, & talents              $TDB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                            MadMadLove & IDKYBILY Mission Statement                               Ending Racism By Inspiring & Sustaining a Nutured Non Racist & Non Bigoted Community. We Nuture Through Inclusivity, Trust & Uncondtional Love. Our Intentions & Actions are Based on the Principles of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. We Strive for these Principles to be Ever Present in our Communication, Decision Making & Relationships. PARTY ON.

**IDKYBILY started in January of 2011 on Facebook. 300 strangers communicated, organized & planned daily for 4 months online, meeting for the first time at Coachella Music Festival; 175 people met at one spot, 32 cars drove in together with police escort

**As a network we evolved into a community of like minded music lovers. Strangers turned friends turned best friends turned lovers turned engaged turned married turned business partners turned roommates turned world travelers with bonds formed from inclusivity, trust & unconditional love.

**January 2012 IDKYBILY is incorporated as nonprofit in California.

**July 2013 CB delivers a speech detailing how to Unite the People in Peace, Love Unity & Respect at Lightning in a Bottle 2013 Music & Arts Festival

*MML = MadMadLove one of our group names; the name of our bond of loyalty.

*MMLovers = MadMadLovers; someone who spreads unconditional love

*IDKYBILY = I Don't Know You, But I Love You; name of non profit; our group's mantra to be racist and bigotry free.                                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I Don't Know You, But I Love You our group’s mantra. We use the mantra as a method by which we exemplify our commitment to be racist free. To Love Everyone despite not knowing them is the only guaranteed pathway to keep oneself discriminatory free, hatred free and full of positivity which always makes everything we do in life Better and Safer.

*Why End Racism?
  Racism is linked to illiteracy, poverty, hate crimes, epidemic diseases, environmental theft & destruction, drug use, incarceration profiteering, DEATH & MORE.

Why should Humanitarians split up their collective Energies into tunnel-visioned respective realms of aide when just ONE problem is causing them all?

*How To End Racism                                                                                                         To Love Everyone despite not knowing them is the only guaranteed pathway to keep oneself discriminatory free, hatred free and full of positivity which always makes everything we do in life Better and Safer.

*Who We Are                                                                                                                   Thus far, We are an elevated group of Thinkers, Military Soldiers, Families, Teenagers, Artists, Musicians, Accountants, Innovators, Performers, Engineers, Lawyers & Philosophers looking to find our Kindred Spirits & live amazing lives together helping each other & ultimately, the Entire World =) 

Join Us & Help This list GROW!

*What We Need
We Don’t Need Followers, We Need Believers ♥                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Why do happy people want to make others happy? Let us be honest: yes sometimes it is a selfish desire to want to express one's good fortune and stability. Sometimes it is an unintentional self-centeredness. Last but not least, it most certainly is a symptom of happiness to express happiness!

I am here to be Real with Everyone taking the time to read this: *I* desire to make other's happy because: It Makes My Life Easier.

We all want our Lives to be Easier and we all Deserve It.

I got Lucky: I am a naturally very happy person. The video shows this. (Im a little silly too ;))

I had a beautiful childhood and teenage adolescence. I made straight As and knew I was bound for college and long term success at an "important" career.

Then at 17 I developed chronic migraines and that is when I began my Struggle in America.

Once a debilitating medical condition enters one's life, there is not much great parents can do, good grades do not make the pain go away, jobs start avoiding your employment and nothing you plan ever goes according to plan.

Once one experiences physical pain every day.....one starts to realize what is most important in life:

After 13 years of struggle, pain, injustice and personal growth I know what is most important to me & I believe I know what is most important to most people:

Love. Receiving Love. Giving Love.

The Most Important, Rewarding and Fulfilling Activity in my life and for the last 3 years is spreading a message of Unconditional Love. It makes me Feel Better about My Struggle. It helps me to Accept and Be Strong in the face of Other's Struggle, of the Struggles of the Entire Planet.

Have you ever wanted to feel less overwhlemed by the negativity of worldly affairs? Do you ever wish you had more control over your fear and anxiety?

I have taken control of my anxiety, my past, my trauma, my disappointments and expectations by passing out this sticker. When I give it a stranger and their face lights up, they smile, they squeal, they jump up and down, they hug me, they high five me, they start to share their strongest emotions, their secrets their fears and anxiety

I Feel Great. I feel fulfilled. Best of all: I feel ready for Life's Challenges.

I want to relate to each and every person. I apologize if you cannot relate to the people in our video. I want to ask each of you, FOR FUN, to ignore any judgements and instead keep reading, keep researching our philosophies and pictures and Give it a Try!

Buy some stickers and see for yourself what happens if you tag them or pass them out. 

Don't rely on just my words: take action and prove to yourself if passing out this message makes you feel good. =) 

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    *9 Stickers *4 Diffraction Glasses, with MML design on 1 earpiece, the other side left blank for your crew or favorite expression! *2 LED Red Heart Balloons *4 Regular Pink and Green Balloons *20% Off JammyPack MML code Party People in the House! Be The Life of the Party or The Hostess with the Most-est with these great watermelon colored party favors.

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    *15 Stickers *1 MadMadLove ShoeBracelet!! *1 OrbitLightShow Lanyard (lanyards are life changing! or habit breaking, as in: I stopped locking my keys in my car...in the ignition..with the engine on. LOLZ) *20% Off JammyPack MML code MadMadLove Watermelon colored durable bright super styling shoelace bracelet made by a Talented Creator who rocks out Santa Maria, CA every week.

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    $44.44 The All 4 You Freebie

    *20 Stickers *30 Minute Counseling and Therapeutic Conversation with Me! Charlizzle Talk about what you cannot and do not want to discuss with your Friends and Family. Receive a new and unique perspective from someone who has walked as many streets as books shes read. I can help you quickly achieve a day to day experience with reduced stress and anxiety. I live fear free and I can help you reach this state of mind as well =)

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    $50.50 Chance of Ending Racism

    *25 Stickers *Computer Tune-up and Diagnostics from the Official MML Computer Technician MML Will End Racism. That statement will be either True or False, thus we have a 50% chance of it being True! You have a 100% chance of being a Hero to Orphans if you donate today! **LA local or remote available: Scan for malicious software. Tweak your operating system for peak performance. Ensure system stability and security. Make recommendations on hardware and/or software upgrades.

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    $88.88 Crazy 8s

    *25 Stickers *1 hour Counseling and Therapeutic Conversation with Me! Charlizzle Talk about what you cannot and do not want to discuss with your Friends and Family. Receive a new and unique perspective from someone who has walked as many streets as books shes read. I can help you quickly achieve a day to day experience with reduced stress and anxiety. I live fear free and I can help you reach this state of mind as well =)

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