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Help us build the first large-scale website and mobile app to showcase videos of animals available for adoption and help save lives!
Mario Alcaraz
Email Verified
Seattle, Washington
United States
3 Team Members

What Exactly Is
I am Adoptable?

I am Adoptable is a website and mobile app being developed by two animal lovers who both see the need for a more powerful and transparent approach to finding a new pet.  Both Mario and I share an enormous passion for animals and each work in the internet industry.  Understanding how important online platforms can be to find the information you need, we noticed that it still can be a very difficult process to find the right pet for your lifestyle and household, and picture-based animal adoption websites are very limited in allowing a person to really learn and bond with an animal.  So what is the easiest way to find your new best friend and save a life?  Through Video!

Why Animal
Videos vs Pictures?

See the true characteristics of each animal!  For example, I see a picture of a pet and it warms my heart.  I see a video of an animal and this overwhelming wave of love and compassion runs through me because I am instantly bonding with his or her personality.  72.1 million US smartphone users watched video on their devices at least monthly in 2013 according to Emarketer. This is expected to rise this year to 86.8 million, more than a quarter of the US population. Think of rescue animals on videos this way... Why do you think Mylo and Otis always hits a soft spot?  Because you are seeing the dog and cat’s fun and goofy personalities and instantly falling in love with the two characters.  If they went up for adoption they would have a new home in a split second.

A Major Issue
With Finding An Animal

What many people often do is go to a pet store or breeder, or jump onto Craigslist to buy an animal because it seems to be very easy.  I always ask people I meet with animals how they found their pet, and I hear very frequently that they purchased him or her off of the Internet from a breeder or household miniature puppy mill.  How many people do we know that have bred their animals and sold their offspring?  The Humane Society has released statistics that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year just in the U.S alone, of whom approximately 3-4 million are put to death.  All purchasing an animal does is promote animal breeding, which then leads to millions of pets each year around the world in shelters or rescues being sold to slaughter or euthanized because they haven’t found a good home.  It is a vicious cycle occurring that can easily be stopped by creating a simple way to fall in love with an animal and adopt versus buying.

The Solution to This Widespread Issue

So how do you search for an animal to adopt in your area, and quickly learn all about his or her personality, characteristics, size, and energy? ...Video!  By browsing through video clips of animals who are needing new homes, you can quickly learn all about a pet you are interested in, and then contact the shelter or rescue to learn about bringing him or her into your household. 

How Does I am Adoptable Work?

How are we going to help make a change in the animal adoption process?  Let us explain it to you!  All you need to do is visit IamAdoptable.com or launch our mobile app and create a custom search for the particular breed of pet you are interested in adopting.  You can search locally or even out of your area for pets, and the results will show hundreds or thousands of animal videos that have been uploaded by rescues or shelters.  Once you have found an animal that you are certain will be your new best friend, you can easily view the shelter or rescue's profile on I am Adoptable to learn more about the facility, and then easily connect through our site with the adoption coordinators to take the next step!  Individuals who are unable to keep their pets can also post adoption videos on their own, which will help prevent shelter overpopulation from pets being dropped off by owners who can't relocate their pet to a friend or family member.

So You Are Ready To Be a Part of Our Mission?

So how can you help?  Developing I am Adoptable costs money like every website or app, and we are seeking funds from people with huge hearts like you to help fund development, support bandwidth for the videos being played, and also to market the site to shelters and animal lovers like you.  We have extensively researched the need of having a video platform with many rescues, and they are very excited to begin uploading their animal videos so their beloved pets find incredible homes.  With strong marketing backgrounds, we are extremely confident that with your help we can get the word out about I am Adoptable around the world, and are hoping to develop a trend for people to always adopt versus purchasing an animal.  

All contributions will go towards the site and mobile app development and promotion to the public, and because you are animal lovers like us, we have perks available for a variety of levels of donations given.  If you can’t donate, we understand and appreciate you!  Please share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites to help spread the word of saving animals’ lives through I am Adoptable.  Thank you so much for helping us change the way animals are adopted, and for joining the mission to save lives and connect more animals with loving homes.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share this campaign.  Email your friends, tell your coworkers, and          share on  social media.
  • Also, Follow I am Adoptable on Facebook  andTwitter.

    Thank You So Much For Your Support!

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    $25,000 USD goal
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    This campaign ended on August 17, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $5USD
      Our Sincere Thank You!

      Thank you for donating your coffee money for the day to a great cause. We will ensure you receive a special mention on our Supporters Page once the site launches!

      1 claimed
    • $20USD
      We All Love Accessorizing!

      We'll send you a wristband with the I am Adoptable logo to show off some swag, and give you a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page!

      4 claimed
    • $50USD
      The Purrfect Carry-All!

      We'll send you a trendy tote bag with the I am Adoptable logo to take to the mall, beach, dog park, or grocery store! Also, we'll give you a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page!

      3 claimed
    • $50USD
      T-Shirt to Strut In Style!

      We'll send you a t-shirt with the I am Adoptable logo that will surely be your favorite to wear, and is guaranteed to find its way out of the closet time and time again. Also, we'll give you a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page! (Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL).

      5 claimed
    • $100USD
      A Serious Dog Walker!

      We'll help get your pet ready for their walk by sending you a retractable dog leash with the I am Adoptable logo that will have them strolling in style! Also, we'll give you a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page!

      1 claimed
    • $250USD
      Sporting Some Fashion!

      Tell us your dog’s size and we'll send you a stylish I am Adoptable branded collar and retractable leash! (Available in Small, Medium, and Large) The neighborhood pets are sure to be jealous! And of course, we'll give you a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page!

      0 claimed
    • $250USD
      Warm Up to Animal Adoption!

      We'll send you an I am Adoptable zip up hoodie to stay warm and t-shirt to ensure you look great on dog walks, out at the barn, or anywhere around town! You will also receive a special mention of appreciation on our Supporters Page.

      0 claimed
    • $500USD
      No Horsing Around!

      We'll send you a zip-up hoodie, t-shirt, leash, and collar all branded with the I am Adoptable logo! Talk about the best way to show the world you promote animal adoption over purchasing! Also, we'll give you a special mention of appreciation as a 'major contributor' on our Supporters Page!

      1 out of 20 claimed
    • $1,000USD
      Front Page Exposure!

      We'll feature you and your animal in a video on our homepage! You will also receive a tote bag, zip up hoodie, t-shirt, leash, and collar all branded with the I am Adoptable logo! And of course, you will receive a special mention of appreciation as a 'major contributor' on our Supporters Page!

      0 out of 10 claimed
    • $2,000USD
      You Deserve an Award!

      We will feature you and your pet in a video on our homepage, and send you a 'top contributor' plaque to show our huge appreciation! In addition, we'll send you a tote bag, zip-up hoodie, t-shirt, leash, and collar all branded with the I am Adoptable logo! Lastly, you will receive a special mention of appreciation as a 'Top Contributor' on our Supporters Page!

      0 out of 5 claimed
    • $5,000USD
      The Jet Setter! (Our Top Perk)

      You and your pet are invited as "VIP Guests" to our I am Adoptable reception (date tbd), where we will present you with a plaque in honor of our appreciation to your generosity. One round-trip ticket will be included! We will also host a video of you and your pet on our homepage, you'll receive a tote bag, zip-up hoodie, t-shirt, leash, and collar all branded with the I am Adoptable logo, as well as a special mention of appreciation as a 'Top Contributor' our Supporters Page!

      0 out of 3 claimed
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