HUSTLE: The smarter way to charge your iPhone or any smartphone on the go

With a Hustle Bag, your smartphone will never run out of power. A smarter way to stay connected in style. Compatible with all smartphones!

Unfortunately, Hustle wasn't able to continue to operate due to a lack of ongoing funding after the first bulk order and due to technological issues with the product. We would like to thank all of our supporters and apologise that we can no longer keep you fully charged!

Compatible to power the following smartphone brands - and many more:

Do you find your smartphone runs out of battery long before your day is through? Frustrated with having to carry around one of those ugly bulky batteries or a charging cable and sit bound to a wall? Worry no more! We have made running out of power a thing of the past.


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Hustle has developed the world's smartest bag.

For women, the Hustle Bag is small enough to fit inside your bigger, everyday handbag and big enough to be worn on its own as a clutch or cross body bag.

For men, we have designed a wallet to hold your cards, cash and travel documents - and of course power your phone. When you just need the basics, the middle section pulls out, folds in half and slips into your back pocket like an every day wallet.

A Hustle Bag can power your phone all day and night and even alert you when it's running on empty.

When you get home, simply place your Hustle Bag on the Hustle Charge Pad and be ready to go again in a few hours. It really is that simple. The Hustle Bag will make your life and staying connected easier.

Combining the finest quality leather and materials and a timeless classic design, the team at Hustle have developed a product that all smartphone users need.

Fusing the gap between fashion and cutting-edge technology, Hustle melds style with substance to bring you something you will never leave home without.

No matter what your day brings, and where your night leads you, your Hustle Bag will keep you connected and contactable. Using the latest technology, it has the ability to power your phone up to four times, from 0% to 100%.

Let your smartphone do what its made for. Manage your business and your life - make calls, send emails and texts, Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, Youtube, find directions and search the web - without having to worry about your battery life.

Do all the fun stuff your smartphone can do, while never worrying about missing or making that important call or email again. Now you can do it all and still have a phone full of power to keep you hustling.

A Hustle Bag can power any smartphone by connecting to the ultra thin Hustle Power Pack incorporated into the bag. When your Hustle Bag needs to be recharged, simply place it on the Hustle Charge Pad and the wireless induction charging technology will have it ready to go again in a few hours.

We have combined the latest wireless induction charging technology with the latest in lithium-polymer power to produce the Hustle Power Pack. With 4250mAh of power measuring just 9mm thick and the addition of a smart battery monitor, the Hustle Bag will even alert you when it needs to be recharged, making it not just the world’s smartest purse but powerful too.

The Hustle Charge Pad also incorporates wireless induction charging technology to seamlessly charge your Hustle Bag so it is ready to go when you are. We have developed a USB charging port into the Pad so you can use your existing USB phone cable to charge your phone while your Hustle Bag charges. 

We set out to make our product compatible with all smartphones. We recognise that not everyone has the same phone, or keeps the same phone forever. If you buy a new phone or have more than one phone to power, Hustle will be right there with you.

Compatible to power the following smartphone brands - and many more:

How do we do it? Easy.

Each Hustle Bag is fitted with a micro USB connection plus a snap-on iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 connector - so you don’t have to change your Hustle Bag every time you change your phone.

Each Hustle Bag will come in a beautifully presented gift box, with a Hustle Charge Pad and will power any smartphone. Made from the highest quality materials, we will offer two style options for women and one style for men.

Made from the finest leather, the Hustle Bag includes a matching long, detachable cross-body strap. Wear it effortlessly on its own as a bag or a clutch, or simply inside your bigger handbag.

Made from high quality faux leather, the Hustle Clutch will include a matching wristlet strap. Wear it as a clutch, or use it as an insert with your bigger handbag.

Made from the finest leather, the Hustle Wallet is a full size men's wallet. When you feel like travelling lighter, the middle section pops out, folds in half and fits in your back pocket.

Hustle is a small company with big ideas. A husband and wife team who were looking for a solution to an everyday problem. As a mother, a business owner and social media addict, Lisa found the battery life of her smartphone limited the productivity of her day. John’s business and investment experience, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for new technology set the wheels in motion to develop a solution. Having spent every spare minute and too many late nights, nurturing the idea and working on perfecting every aspect of the Hustle Bag, we are finally ready, excited and proud to introduce our "baby" to the world.

We have been working on this for over a year. We have flown round the world and back, met with designers, tech experts, manufacturers, chosen leather, materials and sourced everything we need to make a seamless product. The product has been tested, certified and is ready for large scale production.

We've done the hard yards to find the best suppliers and manufactures. We have narrowed down our partners to ensure we can deliver on quality, time and price.

We have expedited the process by paying the tooling and development costs upfront so we can enter production as soon as possible but we still need to fund:

  • Large component order
  • Bag manufacturing
  • Large scale packaging order


Following the end of the campaign (11th of August), backers will be contacted to confirm colour choices and shipping details. If you would like more information on this, please refer to the FAQ section below.

We have subsidised the shipping costs to get your Hustle Bag to you a little bit cheaper. Plus Australian shipping is FREE!

If you live outside of Australia, shipping will be a flat fee of $20 for each Hustle Bag.

You can add the shipping cost to the perk's contribution, or by making a different free contribution. For Corporate Packs, you can multiply the shipping fee with the number of Hustle Bags.

For example, if you live in the US and you selected a Hustle Clutch, the contribution field will display $139. To add $20 for postage, you'll have to manually type in $159. Orders will not be shipped without pre-paid shipping. If you forget, we will send you a friendly reminder before your order is ready to go.

Can the Hustle Charge Pad charge my Qi enabled smartphone?
Yes! The Hustle Charge Pad is compatible with all Qi integrated wireless induction charging devices. For a list of Qi integrated phones click here.

Will it work with my iPhone?
Yes! We developed the Hustle Bag to power iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and pretty much every other smartphone out there.

What smartphones will it charge?
A Hustle Bag will power any smartphone with a micro USB, iPhone4/4s or iPhone 5 connection. 

How long will the battery last?
A Hustle Bag, Clutch or Wallet will power your phone up to 4 times before needing to be recharged. However, every smartphone model has a different battery so this is only a range.

As an example, if you have an iPhone 5, you should get two and half full charges before needing to recharge your Hustle Bag.

How does the wireless charging work?
We have incorporated wireless induction charging technology into the bag so you don’t need to plug it in when you get home. It just makes life that little bit easier. 

How does my phone connect to a Hustle Bag?
We have chosen to incorporate a cable that neatly fits into the bag and easily connects to your phone. Designed by Hustle, we have kept the style, quality and usability consistent with the overall look and feel of the product.

Using a cable allowed us to do two things; 1. make the bag compatible across all smartphones AND 2. it allows you to pick up your phone to check messages and reply to emails without stopping and starting the charging process, which will damage your phone battery.

How will I know when my Hustle Bag is running out of power?
We have incorporated a battery monitor into the Hustle Power Pack that will alert you when the power level drops below 25%. Quite simply, if your Hustle Bag has less than 25% power, it will give you an alert tone when you plug in your phone, similar to the tone when you plug your smartphone in to charge.

How heavy is a Hustle Bag?
The Hustle Bag is very light. The Hustle Power Pack is only 9mm thick, making it one of the thinnest battery packs in the world! All up, it weighs approximately 200g. 

How do I know it is good quality technology?
Our production partners manufacture batteries and electronics for some of the largest household brands. The technology included in the Hustle Bags and Charge Pads should keep your phone going like a “bunny” - if you get what we mean!

All of our products have already undergone rigorous safety and certification testing to ensure they are of the highest standard. 

What is included with each product?
Each Hustle Bag, Clutch or Wallet will come in a beautifully finished Hustle Gift Box, including:

  • Hustle Bag of your choice in dust bag
  • Hustle Charge Pad
  • Power Adaptor - we will try to match the wall adaptor to the delivery country (unless otherwise specified)
  • Micro USB, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 snap-on connectors
  • User Manual 

What happens if we don't reach our funding goal?
If we don't reach our $75,000 funding goal, all pre-order will definitely be delivered! However, not all colours will be available. A
s we hit certain levels of funding, we will unlock more colours.

What if I love a certain colour but it is still locked? Should I still contribute?
Absolutely! Every contribution helps unlock the next colour. If you contribute we will do our best to ensure you are totally satisfied with your Hustle Bag!

If I chose the FIRST 50 perk, when do I choose my style and colour?
Following the end of the campaign (11th of August), backers will be contacted to confirm styles, colour choices and shipping details.

When do I choose the colour of my Hustle product?
Following the end of the campaign (11th of August), backers will be contacted to confirm colour choices and shipping details.

Am I suppose to manually add shipping if I'm not in Australia?
Yes, you have to add international shipping on top of your selected perk. 

What do I need to do if I forget to pay for shipping?
No problem, just click CONTRIBUTE NOW and put in the actual amount you need to pay. Select "No perk, I just want to contribute." Pay for it and done!

What are the dimensions of the Hustle Bag/Clutch/Wallet?
Bag/Clutch: Height (14cm) x Wide (20cmm)
Wallet: Height (9.5cm) x Wide (21.5cmm) 

How can I update my address?
Please contact us at the email below.

I'd like to buy 2 or more Hustle products, can I pay extra using the same perk?
No, unless you choose the “Corporate Pack” (10x) or more perk options, you would have to make a separate contribution.

Will Hustle have shipping issues with countries like Germany, Italy and the EU?
No. All Hustle products will be sent through world class logistics companies with supporting certification paperwork. i.e. CE, FCC, etc. 

Will I have to pay import tax, duty or VAT?
Contributors will be responsible for any import tax, duty or VAT that arises.

How do I upgrade my perk?
No problem, just click CONTRIBUTE NOW and put in the difference you need to pay to upgrade. Select "No perk, I just want to contribute." Pay for it and email us at the below to inform us of the change.

I would like to buy the accessories too, can I do that in 1 contribution?
Unfortunately, you will have to pay in 2 separate contributions.


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