Hudson Praxis: Aquarium, Art, and Natural Science Center

Rehabilitation of the Dunn Warehouse in Hudson, NY as a catalyst for revitalization of the waterfront and supporting element of Hudson's historic fabric.
Hudson Praxis
Hudson, New York
United States
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Hudson Praxis is a group of volunteers who are interested in helping to build an aquarium/history museum in Hudson, NY. We have filed for non-profit status and are considering potential board members and fundraising strategies. We have a fiscal sponsor and, thus far have received some small donations towards our mission.

Currently, we are working to inform the city of our ideas and direction as we move forward with public outreach, fundraising, press packages, stakeholders conferences, investment presentations, feasibility study, etc.

We have had monthly meetings for close to a year which have focused on potential programming, feasibility (with a wide array of interested individuals), future stakeholders, in addition to gathering input from experienced & accomplished professionals.

Our campaign is intended to raise funds to support professional fees associated with feasibility studies, community based idea/planning sessions, and concept development, all of which are critical to elements to moving forward with this project.  

Please read further for more information regarding the Dunn Warehouse project and its status and to see some preliminary conceptual images. 

Our Mission: 

To provide a safe and beautiful space for the public on Hudson NY’s waterfront and to maintain conservation based educational programming in the arts and natural sciences.

Why the Dunn Warehouse?

  • Adaptive reuse of Historic buildings is beautiful, profitable, and sustainable
    • Mass Moca, Dia Beacon, and Helsinki Hudson are three relevant local/regional examples
  • Building size & footprint is the right scale for a museum/aquarium in a city of 7k 
  • Proximity to the Amtrak train station
  • Proximity to the Hudson Estuary
  • Proximity to the developing Sloop Club and Basilica Hudson (other non-profits we would be closely working with through programming)
  • Proximity to businesses on Warren St and the Central Business District
  • Proximity to Hudson’s Historic Districts
  • Its view of the Hudson Estuary and Catskill Mtns
  • The historic significance & location of the building potentially align it with millions of dollars in conservation based grants

Who We Are

Main coordinators (volunteers):

  • Damara Stolfo (Bar Manager @ Helsinki Hudson)
  • Sarah Dibben (Owner of Swallow Coffee and accomplished chef)
  • Other volunteers ready and willing to help (of which there are many)

Other potential stakeholders who we have introduced our ideas to thus far:

City Level

  • William Hallenbeck (Mayor of Hudson)
  • Don Moore (Common Council President)
  • Ed Moore (Hudson Police Chief)
  • Sheena Salvino (Hudson Development Corporation)
  • A few other members of the Common Council (haven’t reached out to all of them yet)
  • Many business owners and a few potential big ticket funders/investors

Nonprofits (forming or formed) we would potentially network with through programming

  • Basilica Hudson (Melissa Auf Der Maur)
  • Hudson Sloop Club (Nick Zachos)

Other nonprofits we hope to work with

  • Perfect Ten Afterschool (Paula Forman)
  • Promise Neighborhood (Joan E. Hunt)
  • Too many more to list, but most importantly those already established or are forming in Hudson, NY

How the city could profit from this investment and protect itself

  • Sale or lease of property
  • Increase and sustainability of tourism
  • Clawback agreement
  • Inclusion of for profit component in sale or lease contract, square footage to be determined

Some of the professionals we consult or who have helped us so far

  • Architect: Stephen Shuryn, S&JD Architecture
  • Attorney: Kristal Heinz
  • Conservation Planner: Jennifer Schwartz Berky of Hone Strategic
  • Fiscal sponsor: Historic Hudson

Conceptual plans and imagery showing potential fitting for program elements:

Note that the design intended to be built will be informed and developed through an intensive planning process.  Read / see more about this conceptual study at S&JD Architecture's website:

Lower Level Concept

Upper Level Concept

View from reception (defining structural features are celebrated)

View of touch pond (education, display, and social areas)

View within addition (dining and community support space)

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