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An Experiment in 3 Acts
Ex Somnium
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
1 Team Member
"Your mind will tell you that you’re alone. But separation is an illusion. Ask a scientist. Read a book. We’re all made of carbon. We’re all made of stars. Listen. You want to know what your life is? Your life is Now. That’s all you’ve ever got. So what do you want to do with it?"

How To Survive Being Human:

(An Experiment 3 Acts)

     Anna, a woman whose anxiety can create lightning storms and stop time, Frog, a man who is struggling with his sudden transition from frog to human, and God on a beach...with a piña colada.

     "How to Survive Being Human," is a play about the 21st century. What does it mean to be in a place of forward movement, but not knowing if it is the right direction; of being afraid of changing one's personal course in life amid the expectations we have grown up with? The play is about you, me, and everyone we know, trying to find our way through this new era of careers, communications, and social-dynamics. Comedic and poignant, sad and exhilarating, beautiful and dangerous, all hosted inside the 1920's residence of The Big House, a nearly 100 year old travelers inn and rumored former Masonic initiation house. "How To Survive Being Human" is an operations manual for a world floating on a sea of constant immediate change, with questions of technology, social manners, and individual purpose.

     "We have the ability to create, and we have the ability to destroy. The trick is to choose carefully what you want, and to stick on that path no matter what. Of course, I say this knowing that I blow up transformers and curse at God and wonder why I cause plagues and see death. But maybe from your perspective you can see that I cause my own suffering, and if I could just focus a little bit more, I could cause my own joy as well" ~Anna

Actors: Blaire Hillman, Jeffrey Zwartjes, and Bobby Labartino
Director: Timothy A. Hand
Playwright: Lee Nowell
Performance Dates: Nov 13th, 14th, 15th & Nov. 20th, 21st, 22nd
Venue: The Big House on Ponce: 368 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308

*We have carefully considered the perk packages and have decided to try and use it as an opportunity to expand and enhance your experience with the show.

Who is Ex Somnium

  Ex Somnium has teamed up with Lee Nowell, award winning Atlanta playwright and recent nominee for The List, to put on this first ever world premiere of her play, "How to Survive Being Human."
Ex Somnium is a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre company based out of Decatur, GA. As such, that means any donation you make to this campaign is tax deductible! Learn more about us at www.exsomnium.org

What We Need

The Skinny:

  • Stipend for Actors, Director, & Playwright: Creative Costs!
  • Tech: Lighting, Props, and Costumes: Production Costs!
  • Any funds above and beyond our initial $3000 will go to hire more people to work on this production and thus further support the Atlanta Art Scene as a whole. That means Stage Manager, Technicians, Designers, Promotions, etc!

Should we hit over $3000. We have Super Goals in place and will release them as we get closer. Special News to come!

    The Impact

    It is our intent to support the Atlanta Arts Community by taking the position of only hiring Atlanta area talent, technicians, and designers. By supporting "How To Survive Being Human" you are not only supporting our show, but also the creative economy of artistic professionals in and around Atlanta and the community as a whole.

      Other Ways You Can Help

           Share this with your friends. Post on social media. Get the word out. Let them know that there is a show about them, because "How To Survive Being Human" is about all of us on this big blue ball.
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      $3,000 USD goal
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      This campaign ended on October 15, 2014
      Select a Perk
      • $15USD
        I Go To Theatre When I Can

        Our love.

        1 claimed
      • $25USD
        Avid Theatre Goer

        An e-mail from one of the characters before the show. 1 Concept Print

        7 claimed
        Estimated delivery: November 2014
      • $50USD
        The Theatre Critic

        An e-mail from one of the characters before the show. 3 Concept Prints

        5 claimed
        Estimated delivery: November 2014
      • $100USD
        The Experimental Artist

        An email from all the characters. A phone call from one of the characters (if you are unavailable, they will leave a message for you). Plus. a bound hard copy of the script.

        1 claimed
        Estimated delivery: November 2014
      • $200USD
        The Artistic Director

        An e-mail from all the characters, a phone call from one of the characters, plus a bound hard copy of the script, Also, 2 tickets to the show on Saturday, November 15th with a private party before the show opens. (This special event will only be open to these patrons and their guests and will include short performances by local artists, drinks, and light finger foods.) Only a limited number of people can select this perk!

        1 out of 15 claimed
        Estimated delivery: November 2014
      • SOLD OUT

        The Patron Saint of Theatre

        This is a very special and secret perk. Only one person can select it. You will be contacted if you selected to make arrangements. Trust us, you want it! *It also comes with everything above.

        1 out of 1 claimed
        Estimated delivery: November 2014
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