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This book will help Information Technology folks to make their Users amazingly satisfied !
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IT Customer should be the King, but is not?

Every year computers are becoming more and more powerful. Complexity of all Information Technology (IT) based solutions is also growing. Knowledge of all kind is widely accessible. Logically thinking level of Customer Service in IT should become better and better. Interestingly this is not the case

Here is why:

  • IT universities focus on state-of-the-art technology. I have been searching over most recognizable technology universities all around the world for courses that might cover topics mentioned earlier. Result? Nothing!
  • Specialized IT project, service or customer oriented trainings cost hundreds if not thousands of $. For example: PMP exam costs up to $555, one of 6 ITIL intermediate courses in US costs around $2000. Quite expensive for one person only, isn't it?

As a result many IT specialists are still more focused on hardware or software than on real Users, their needs and feelings. They often live in their own worlds. They do not know how to work, cooperate nor how to communicate with 'normal' people. 

Where are ''computer geeks'' ?

Small and medium sized companies (SMEs) are not so keen to send their employees on trainings. They want to survive in competitive world at the lowest possible cost and at once delivering great value to their Customers. Similarly public, profit or non-profit organizations - they strive for cost reductions, especially in the current crisis.

Staffing of IT departments in such places rely quite often on graduates and  'computer geeks'. Their companies have tight budgets on education of their employees. As a result IT is perceived there as not User-friendly.

There are more than 1 million SMEs in the U.S.A. only. Imagine how much room for improvement in IT Customer Services area is.


My idea is to write a short, but comprehensive book targeted for IT specialists to show them ways: “How to make IT Users happier?”.

Their familiarity with the content of the book should positively impact User satisfaction thanks to usage of provided tips'n'tricks and techniques. 

Thanks to the book availability both IT specialists and their managers, especially in small and medium sized companies, will have an alternative or a supplement to expensive trainings. 

With this book we can create a cheap source of knowledge focused on well tested practices. A Customer Service Excellence seed.

Your book

We are in IT ocean. I would like to give IT folks a beautiful fishing-rod and understanding of their fish (Users) hearts and language.

The book will base on the ITIL and Customer Experience concepts. It will cover proper organization of Information Technology services from both  IT & User perspectives. Presented exemplary services will be pragmatic, focused on practice and Customer Happiness.

I have started to write the book in top-down way, starting from the table of contents, going down into more and more details. I will do my best to make this book professional in content, but light & funny to make whole reading enjoyable.

During this process I have already prepared several pages of writing that will be used in the book. Here are chapters that I do propose with a brief description what they are going to be about:

1. Seafood

Make your appetite for IT projects & services.

2. How to swim?

Find yourself in IT ocean. Learn fisherman and fish language. Get some hints how to effectively get what you wanted.

3. How to become a fisherman?

Make a quick IT service handover from another IT-man. Understand your fish hearts. Give a bonus to your Customers!

4. Goldfish

Run small IT services with few components - how beautiful they can be! Make your Customer the King.

5. Whale

Manage massive IT services with several components and technologies in various business areas - like an elephant in size and an octopus in variety of hands. Build the Customer guild and fly over the ocean. Only the sky is the limit!

6. Shark

Lead medium sized IT services that covers few components, technologies and also covers critical business processes with required high availability. Be sharp shark, but do your hunting with grace & beauty. Don't be eaten! Serve delicious and well cooked dishes. For the sake of the Customer happiness.

7. Fishing tools

Choose your rods, fishing lanes and hooks. Don't worry, be happy!

Your support

Despite of the fact that I know and I observe service-based organizations I must admit that my perception is quite limited. That is why your contribution is crucial to make this book really successful!

How can you help?

  • Provide me your feedback to presented ideas or bring completely new ones (simply mail me:
  • Share your experience as a User or an IT-man.
  • Share this idea on Facebook and other places, make some positive noise about it :)
  • Support initiative with some € or $ to make it professionally edited and published.

Your funding

Ok, let's assume that your funding exceeded a defined goal. How am I going to spend it? Yeah - beer or vodka might be helpful in creative process, but... Seriously - here are things that I have considered:

  • cover designed by the Graphic,
  • content corrected and assembled by the Editor,
  • book printed out and delivered to you,
  • and one of the things that nobody can escape from - taxes :(

After the final release I am going to publish this book on the Amazon Direct Publishing store. Now you have a unique opportunity to read this book on real, not only electronic paper!

About myself

My story began 20 years ago with my first Amiga computer and the Tic-tac-toe game development.

Educationally I graduated MSc. engineer in Information Technology. I gained various certifications, including ITIL Expert and Project Management Professional.

Professionally I have more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology on different positions. Last 7 years I spent on service and project management working with Customers in multinational environments.

I am quite excited to share with you knowledge that I learnt over that time!

Would you like to try?

Feel free to join or at least to provide me your feedback or suggestions!

And last, but not least - thank you in advance for all your support :)

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