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I am a lifelong alien experiencer and I want to make a video series to teach others how to make conscious alien contact.
Bright Garlick
1 Team Member

Short Summary

Hi I'm Bright Garlick and I have been having life long contact experiences with aliens.

Last year I posted a video of a contact I had in 2011 (here's part 4 of 5 part video of the contact  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsXE_uHPKGc&feature=plcp). As a result of posting this video and sharing my ongoing experiences, many people have asked me how they can have their own contact experiences. After much turmoil and debate, I decided I would make a 4 part video series teaching people what I know. I am no expert but I think I have something that maybe of value to those who want to have conscious contact with aliens. 

I also have metastic carcinoid cancer and am slowly healing. Your support will help me to pass on what I have learned and ease the financial burden that I am currently experiencing. If I can create a genuinely useful product that will earn me a small income, I feel I will have contributed something of value to the world and helped myself and my son to get through the most difficult period of my life. 

My 4 part video series will be about 4 hours long, be availible on a USB and retail for between $10-15 US. I will also offer a free summary on Youtube.

The series will look roughly as follows :

Part 1 - An introduction to contact - including definitions, types of contact, the concepts of oneness, consciousness, memory and high strangeness.

Part 2 - How to prepare.

Part 3 - Methods for making contact, including connecting with the spirits/energies of the Earth, seeking via expanded consciousness and telepathic contact.

Part 4 - Retrieving memories (where memories are created) : Connecting somatically/Body dialogue, Voice dialogue/Big Mind, returning to memory and hypnosis. Meditation - Life Force meditation and an introduction to Dzogchen Meditation.

You can watch an old introduction to this project here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCYKrjJTGms&feature=plcp.



What I Need & What You Get

To complete this project I need $12,500 to be spent as follows :

  • Canon XA10 Camcorder + UV/Infrared filters = $3,000
  • Rode audio equipment = $400
  • Tripod = $150
  • 1000 4 GB USB's = $5,000
  • 2 16 GB SD cards = $80
  • 1 2 TB external Hard Drive = $150
  • Support to cover production work - including preparation, writing, filming, editing and final production = 120 hours * $25/hr = $3,000
  • Approximately 5 % extra to cover costs for Indigogo - 4 % + international fee deductions.


In return all donars will have their names listed as sponsors on the Alien Contact Video blog and video series. I am unfortunately unable to offer any other perks, as I am currently on a disability pension and if I offer perks I will lose my pension and have to pay tax on any donations.  I am most apologetic for being unable to offer additional rewards to potential supporters.


The Impact

This is a unique project, which I believe is on par with the work of Steven Greer's CSETI teachings (which retail at $55-155 for workbooks and $1000 + for workshops/expeditions) and CeRPER.org's CE5 training (which retails at 50-150 Pounds). I want to make the end result affordable so that anyone anywhere in the world, can learn how to make conscious contact with aliens.

This home based experiential learning program for people of all ages, who are serious about learning how to make contact from someone who has had regular contact with a wide variety of alien races.

It is my wish that by sharing my own knowledge and experience, I can encourage people all around the world to have their own alien experiences. I would like ultimately to help build a bridge between humanity and our extended cosmic family.

We don't need to wait for official alien disclosure. Anyone can learn the truth that we are not alone - for themselves.

Perhaps I can be a catalyst and help show others the way. 


Project Time Line

I have allready started planning for the filming of this project.

My wish is to officially start this project 2 weeks after the reciept of funds - approximately the 5th November and have the project completed by the end of January 2013. Project USB's will be avalible within a week. 

I will post regular fortnightly updates here and Youtube updates/summaries with extracts from the series. 



Other Ways You Can Help

I appreciate that not everyone can help financially but perhaps you can help by spreading the word to others who might be interested in supporting this project. Feel free to share this page using Indigogo's share tools.



Thank you for your interest in this project and for helping me and for helping me to help others. 

We are one.

Best wishes to all,




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