Hopscotch Detroit

Help us create the World's Longest Hopscotch. 4 miles of art, community, and play along Detroit's sidewalks. For kids of ALL ages.

Why are we raising money?

To buy lots (and LOTS) of chalk. $10,000 may seem like a lot, but these funds will cover all the costs to lay down 22,720 feet of course, provide chalk for the Detroit community to chalk with us and make art, make stencils, buy brushes, and print promotional materials. 

But, more than that, the money is buying a collective experience so that Detroit can visually connect its city through hopscotch, a game that connects people of all different backgrounds and generations. This is something for Detroit--its sidewalks and its people. We're asking you for the funds to create it.

What do you get? 

Take a look at the rewards, designed by the team at Wedge Detroit.




The World's Longest….Hopscotch?

Yup! 22,720 feet of hopscotch (4.2 miles if we're being picky)-stretching across Detroit's sidewalks. Hopscotch Detroit engages artists, community leaders, kids and families, and businesses to bring art to the streets, bring play to our city, and bring communities to each other.


We will lay down the course as a part of the Detroit Design Festival, which goes from September 19th to the 22nd. 

On Saturday, September 22nd we are inviting YOU and community organizations from all over Detroit to decorate and play, local Detroit artists to beautify the sidewalks with painted chalk murals, and anyone else to come share their passions, talents, and ideas on the course. 


We're doing it old school-schoolyard style--by hand. Except with stencils... And spray chalk... And 30 volunteers... And for 4 miles.


The game of hopscotch links people across generations and communities. On September 22nd, Hopscotch Detroit will link people from all over Detroit. Hopscotch Detroit will encourage community, play, imagination and the creative use of design.

Where are the funds going?

To chalk mostly. We will need $10,000 to simply lay down the course and fund rewards. Anything above that means extra chalk for the Detroit community to decorate and extra cool stuff happening on the course. 

Who are you working with?

We are already working with Detroit community organizations such as the Brightmoor Alliance, the Detroit Parents Network, the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance, and University Commons.

Hopscotch Detroit also coincides with the second annual Detroit Design Festival. Our route purposefully connects over a dozen art and design happenings throughout the week, everything from art galleries to a pop-up playground!

Who are you? 

We're Wedgies! Except less up in your business. We're the team at Wedge Detroit--a new design firm providing creative services for the growing number of startups in the city. Wedgies and friends are putting on Hopscotch Detroit in collaboration with Imagine Detroit Together, an organization that uses large scale projects and technology to connect the Detroit community.

If Detroit's sidewalks were a canvas...what would you draw?

Detroit, it's time to draw on your city. 



Wedge Detroit and Imagine Detroit Together



Other Schtuff:

I want in!

There are so many ways to get involved in the project!


Make chalk murals along the course!

Community organizations

Join the Hopscotch family, a team of organizations from all over Detroit.

Master chalkers

Become a part of the epic team laying down the course.


We'll need peeps the day of the event coordinating activities


Let people know about your skills and services along the route.

To get involved, contact us at hopscotch@wedgedetroit.com


I have an idea for the course!

Tell us tell us! Hopscotch Detroit is what YOU make it. No idea is too crazy, and we want to help facilitate your vision. (hopscotch@wedgedetroit.com)



We'll be leaving surprise hopscotch courses and prizes all around the city leading up to the event. Be the first one to find out where by following and using @WedgeDetroit and #Hopscotch Detroit.

Team on This Campaign: