Hope Floats: The Documentary

WHY IS IT for over 10 yrs other countries have used scientifically-tested ways to boost your immune system to handle any virus including cancer. Why not the US?

What we seeking funding for:

After my time in Kerepes, Hungary I decided that the best way this information can be shared is through film, and so I am now making this documentary.

During my research on the Kaqun treatments I have found that this is not the first treatment to have success using oxygen to heal or help the body.  There have been studies on oxgyens’ impact on the body dating back to the early 1900’s.  Books have been written and treatments exist yet the general population has no idea.  We still listen to our Dr’s who want to give us pills to feel better and to prevent illness.  What would you say if I told you that all of these oxygen treatments are clean, natural ways to boost your immune system to help prevent illnesses? 

Jim Rohn says it best, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

My goal is simply to educate and make everyone aware of options they didn’t know they had.  Did you know it’s a proven fact that if you deprive any cell in your body 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours it will become cancerous?  I wan to show people how to keep their oxygen levels up to help prevent any illness, which would include cancer. 

Having the knowledge about Kaqun and these other treatments makes this documentary that much more meaningful to me.

The real question I want this documentary to answer is:  Everyone knows about the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo but no one knows about these amazing treatments that can help us all live longer and healthier lives.  WHY? 

My Story: 

My friend Desiree had been battling cancer for over 2 years.  In early 2013 the cancer had become more aggressive in her lungs, brain and bones.  Her last PET-CT showed the cancer continued to grow despite all the aggressive chemo and radiation she had undergone.  Desiree was fed up and done with the poisons.  She was looking for something new when her Dr. told her about a different treatment she just heard about in Europe.  This treatment had 10 years of proven, positive results for cancer patients.  What did she have to lose?

On March 7th, 2013 I went with Desiree to Budapest, Hungary to learn more.  I had no idea how much it would impact my life.   

The treatment was to take baths and drink water – seriously?  We traveled to Hungary to take baths?  But for the two weeks I was there I learned that this was no ordinary bath… 

Hungarian born Dr. Robert Lyons has conducted over 10 years of scientific studies in order to better understand the impacts of his oxygenated water on the human body. Yes, you read that right – water – oxygenated water.  Dr. Lyons calls it “Kaqun”, pronounced ‘kuh-koon’. Trust me when I tell you, it is nothing like the oxygenated water we see on the shelves of our neighborhood markets… nothing like it at all.  Simplified – Kaqun is a treatment that improves the body’s own ability to heal itself through the use of highly oxygenated water which brings more oxygen into the cells of the body.  When cells receive more oxygen they are able to reconstitute into healthy cells and fight off viruses.  The secret here is that the oxygen doesn’t need the blood to get to the cells because the water carries the oxygen directly to the cells.   

During her three months in Kerepes, Hungary, Desiree had good days and bad days.  Unfortunately it turned out when she started the treatment, her disease was simply too far advanced.  The treatment did liquefy her brain lesions and it did stop some of the cancer from growing, but on June 23, 2013, Desiree lost her battle with cancer. 

Desiree’s death was a horrible blow to me and to all of her family and friends.  But, I truly believe that despite these circumstances, as awful as they were, the result was something positive.  My time in Kerepes, learning about Kaqun, has inspired me to devote my time to sharing this life-changing information with everyone I can reach.  Although Desiree did not survive, I have been exposed to so many others who have had incredible recoveries and improvements in their health situations.  So my purpose now is to share this information with as many people as possible. 

A little about Me: 

I am not a doctor.  I am not a writer.  I have never considered being a filmmaker.  I am no different than you other than I discovered this treatment.  I am just a regular person who was helping a friend in a difficult time on her journey to get well and, in turn I found my own journey.  I feel it is my duty to pass the information along to as many people as I can.  If Desiree had known about this treatment sooner could it have helped her more?  We will never know.  I want to prevent others from having to wonder “What if.” 

I am so thankful to have with me a team of amazing people who work in the film industry who have donated their spare time, equipment and expertise because they believe in this as I do. 

What your donations will go towards:

I have already self-funded a trip to Hungary back in May 2013 with a small crew to interview some of the US and Hungarian patients and the two Dr.’s responsible for the Kaqun water treatments – the results of which is the piece you see here.

This entire campaign and trailer you viewed was put together in the last 8 weeks by a very small, fantastic team who at this point is operating on no funds who I owe the deepest thanks and gratitude. 

In order to make a thorough documentary and bring all the facts forward, I am looking for funds to cover the following:

·  1 trip to Hungary with a crew for more Dr. and follow-up patient interviews

·  1 trip to Orlando in October or an Oncology conference where Kaqun will be introduced for the first time to an American audience

·  Several trips throughout the US to visit top medical cancer centers and interview Oncologists, and Homeopathic Doctor to get their perspective on the oxygen theory (CA, TX, Rochester, Baltimore and NY). 

·  Follow-up patient interviews for those who are back from Hungary

·  Editing

·  Post-Production

·  DVD production

This documentary for me is all about education.  Educating people, both the healthy and the sick, about the Kaqun treatment and the theory around oxygen and its benefits to the body. 

To make this documentary, we need $270,000 to do it right… and so we are appealing to you for help. 

The Goals of the Film:

I simply want to get this information out in the public so that people can have other options as they look at how to care for their health and well-being.  The option we will show you have no negative side effects; they only helps the body, so why wouldn’t you want to know about it.. and try it?  I truly believe that fundamental treatments like this can help people to live longer, healthier lives. 

I want this film to educate the general public on other ways to improve their lives and see that sometimes you have to look past our Western Medicine to find a solution.  I want our film to bring hope into the lives of people who had no hope and into the lives of their loved ones. 

What’s in it for you?:

I do believe that as Kaqun becomes more known it will have a big impact in the medical industry, and there is no doubt that it will become known in the U.S. in time.  This may be just the launching pad needed to make people pay attention to the power of oxygen within the body.  I feel we can have the satisfaction of knowing that we helped accelerated the process and made it happen sooner than later.  If this saves or improves even a single life, it will be worth it. 

And of course, everyone who gives a donation will receive something from our team, because without your donations, the film would not be made.  So – whether you are able to give $25 or $5000, you will have literally helped make a difference in someone’s life.  So I invite you to be part of this with me. 

Thank you

Jennifer Zannelli 

and the rest of the amazing team who have put their time and energy into this project xoxo

To view some of the Kaqun studies and also other key pieces of information supporting the healing of oxygen visit www.hopefloatsthedocumentary.com and view the additional reading and information links. 

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