Have you ever missed a hook in a restroom? HOOK solves that problem forever. HOOK is functional, hygienic and smart. Welcome in!
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  • $3USD
    HOOK supporter

    Thank you for backing HOOK! Every dollar helps! Any donation over 3 $ will receive recognition of your contribution on our up and coming shop, missinghook.com. Keep it real!

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  • $18USD
    HOOK up! Give one.

    Now, since you clearly are a person thinking about others, this perk gives you a special deal. Put your friends adress in `shipping´ and send me his/her e-mail in a private comment. HOOK HQ will send a mail about your kindness and we`ll fix the rest as soon as HOOK is ready for traveling. You are a true friend!

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  • $20USD
    A HOOK for you

    Get your very own HOOK form the first batch ever produced! We´ll ship you one free of charge as soon as it has cooled down. You are great!

    76 claimed

  • $50USD
    HOOKED on a feeling - 3 HOOKS

    For this contribution we send you 3 brand new HOOKs from the first batch. And as one HOOK lasts for years, be popular and generous and give two to your best friends. Shipping is included. You are so cool!

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  • $100USD

    For this sweet HOOKSHOT we award you three points, 10 HOOKS and a deep and respectful bow from the team. Shipping included. You are awesome!

    21 claimed

  • $250USD
    HOOK in a box - 30 HOOKs

    The team is working on a nice packaging cube for 30 HOOKs. For this contribution you get a cube-full. Perfect gift idea to employees from innovative workplaces with visionary leaders. And as countertop sales display for innovative shops. Go get it!

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  • $500USD
    Three boxes of HOOKs

    For retailers we have developed a counter-top box display. By pledging 500 $ you get three boxes with a total of 100 HOOKs in neat single packaging. Test it on your customers and get first in line for the first regular order. Check the gallery for work in progress renderings. Free shipping You rock!

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