The UCP WORK, Inc. Santa Barbara Harbor Crew needs hoodies, t-shirts, hats, life jackets, and rain gear before the winter storm season.
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The UCP WORK, Inc.


The Santa Barbara Harbor Crew is a diverse group of 30-35 men and women with a wide range of developmental and mental health disabilities. Since 1992, we have been working 365 days a year to make sure Santa Barbara has one of the prettiest and cleanest harbors in the world. Every day, rain or shine, we empty about 200 trash and recycling cans, scrub two dozen showers and almost fifty toilet stalls. We sweep the sidewalks, dust the storefronts, and polish the railings. As we provide these janitorial services to the City of Santa Barbara Waterfront Department, we get to work outside, among our friends and neighbors, and alongside individuals without disabilities. Our program is partly funded by Tri-Counties Regional Center and the California Department of Rehabilitation. We are a Group Supported Employment program of UCP WORK, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency.

Due to a change in the economy, funding for employment programs like ours has been drastically reduced.  This is tragic because supported employment is a springboard to independence. Our program provides meaningful  jobs while building competitive work skills. The more independence we can foster, the less government subsidy is needed. So in order to take responsibility for our own future as a crew, we are mounting a seven part campaign to tell the world who we are and what we do and why programs like ours are essential to the communities they serve. We want to start by improving our image with new uniforms and new safety gear.


Because we work in the public eye, it's important to us to present a proud team image.Wearing uniform shirts and hats not only identifies us to the public as crew members, it also builds our team spirit. We want to look clean and sharp and professional while we represent our community, not only to our neighbors, but to the thousands of people from all over the world who visit the harbor throughout the year. Our uniforms are old. Our hats are so faded it's hard to tell what color they used to be. We've been wearing the same colors and styles since 1992 and it's high time for an update. Please help us have the same kind of pride in our appearance that we have in our work.


Santa Barbara is known for it's awesome weather but winter mornings can be cold and damp. Squalls and storms can be pretty fierce at the harbor and it's important for us to stay warm and dry in bad weather. We'd like to include warm hooded sweatshirts as part of our regular uniform. We work out on the docks 365 days a year in the rain and the wind and we also need to replace our threadbare collection of rain gear, boots, and life jackets. Please help us stay safe and warm and dry in the coming winter.


In our effort to let the world know about us, we're also developing a social media presence, beginning with a Facebook page where we'll post news, photos, videos, and crew profiles, and where we'll help promote some of our special friends (that's you!) and their enterprises. We're designing a new sign for our harbor office that will let passers-by know who we are and what we do. We want to create an informative brochure to distribute to the public and an annual calendar with photos of crew members working on the beautiful Santa Barbara waterfront. This year, we hope to provide at least one internship for a local college student interested in working with people with disabilities. We also plan to implement a volunteer program so that community members can work alongside us and get to know what we do, firsthand. Please help us share our unique program with the world.


For a person with a developmental disability or a mental health disability, having a job can make the difference between a life of isolation and struggle and one of making and maintaining friendships and successfully participating in the community we choose to live in. We are proud of our jobs and proud of the work we do. Almost all of us live independently in the Santa Barbara area. While many crew members move on to work in more mainstream jobs, more than half of us have been on the crew for more than five years. A few of us have been here almost twenty. We think it's time to let the world know who we are. Please help us get started with new uniforms and new safety gear.

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to the Santa Barbara Harbor Crew.


(If we should exceed our current campaign's goal of $7000, all excess funds will be used to create our brochure and calendar and to produce a new video for the next indiegogo campaign.)

Here is our budget for uniforms and safety gear for 2013-2014:

(We get a clean shirt for every shift. UCP WORK, Inc. does our laundry)

(Shirts  and sweatshirts will be printed front and back. Hats are embroidered.)

50 Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirts @ $35 each                               $1750

12 Small T-shirts (crew) @ $10 each                                           $120

12 Medium T-shirts (crew) @ $10 each                                        $120

24 Large T-shirts (crew) @ $10 each                                           $240

36 XL T-shirts (crew) @ $10 each                                                $360

36 XXL T-shirts (crew) @ $12 each                                              $432

12 XXXL T-shirts (crew) @ $12 each                                            $144

24 Medium T-shirts (coach) @ $10 each                                      $240

24 Large T-shirts (coach) @ $10 each                                         $240

24 XL T-shirts (coach @ $10 each                                               $240

48 Hats (baseball) @ $8 each                                                     $384

24 Hats (boonies) @ $12 each                                                    $288

12 XL Life Vests @ $32 each                                                      $768

12 XXL Life Vests @ $32 each                                                    $768

8 Rain Jackets (L & XL) @ $25 each                                           $200

8 Rain Pants (L & XL) @ $25 each                                              $200

6 Long Raincoats (L & XL) @ $20                                                $120

Subtotal                                                                                    $6614

indiegogo 4% charge                                                                  $265

Total                                                                                          $6879

Goal                                                                                          $7000

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    A $35 donation buys one warm hooded sweatshirt for one crew member. We'll send you a great photo of crew members in their new hoodies!

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