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  • $10USD
    Aseda Wild Honey Packets

    Traveling? On the go? Need a boost? Get five packets filled with raw organic honey from the Molé National Forest in Ghana. Aseda Wild Honey provides the unique taste of a wild and protected forest ecosystem. Aseda is pure, unfiltered, true, wild, raw honey, collected by the Dagomba tribal. Packaging material is 100% recycled material, vegetable/water based ink and a food grade tinfoil on the inside.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    19 out of 40 claimed


    Simplicity Chocolate by Gnosis

    Gnosis Chocolate is raw certified organic chocolate as delicious as can be. This company celebrates health, flavor & integrity. One bite and you will Gno…. Sometimes simple is best.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    24 out of 24 claimed

  • $20USD
    Big Dipper Waxworks' Candles

    Big Dipper Waxwork's Beeswax Sphere Candles are beautifully and intricately sculpted, then hand crafted. Each candle will burn for over 50 hours. *Please add an additional $10 USD for orders outside the U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    20 out of 50 claimed

  • $20USD
    Nutiva Organic Hempseeds

    a href="http://www.nutiva.com/">Nutiva yummy organic shelled hemp seeds. Grown sans yucky pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Raw & cold-processed. 13 oz *Please add $10 if ordering outside of US

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    2 out of 5 claimed

  • $25USD
    Almonds & Mulberries Delight

    Essential Living Food introduces tree-ripened,hand-picked organic mulberries from the fertile plains of a sustainable farm in Turkey. And unpasteurized, raw heirloom almonds from Italy courtesy of our lovely sister bees. Almonds are no longer sold as living, unpasteurized nuts in the US. Hence why ELF gets them from The Boot. All precious enzymes are intact. ($35 value) *Please add an additional $10 USD for orders outside the U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    1 out of 9 claimed

  • $30USD
    Bee the Change Teeshirt

    Organic cotton Bee the Change T-shirt. (Ask to see the logo if you'd like and please specify size.) *Please add an additional $10 USD for orders outside the U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    52 claimed

  • $35USD
    Salt & Peppa/Olive Oil Set

    Selina offers totally unprocessed, moist hand-harvest salt. It retains the ocean's moisture and locks a vast array of vital trace minerals. Peppa comes from whole organic peppercorns. Both can be refilled up to 5 times!Lucini offers a single-estate Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, produced in limited quantities each harvest year. *Please add $10 USD for orders outside U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    1 out of 9 claimed

  • $45USD
    Paraguayan Exotic Soap Set

    Wembe, is Paraguayan company that uses indigenous and renewable rainforest ingredients, harvested in an ethical and renewable manner. Features soaps with loofah plant, mango, citric and olive oil and cocoa butter. *Add an additional $10 USD for orders outside the U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    1 out of 15 claimed

  • $45USD
    3 Immortals

    Shaman Shack is the go-to for ancient elixirs: 3 Immortals is a full-spectrum mineral superfood: Reishi to uplift the spirit & build protective power; Shilajit a potent trace mineral from the Himalayan mountains to reduce joint/ muscle pain & inflammation. And Ormus, a mixture of semi precious stone silicates that contribute to increased healing rate and cellular rejuvenation. Great in smoothies & warm drinks. 3oz powder in cannister.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    1 out of 12 claimed

  • $50USD
    Organic Tulip Surprise Mix

    Ecotuplips offers an exclusive mix of Organic surprise 50-bulb Mixes (the only ones in the US) delivered to your door just in time for fall planting. Happy Tuliping *SDA Organic "Handlers" Certification

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    0 out of 19 claimed

  • $75USD
    Bee Alive Royal Jelly

    Royal Jelly is sacred and magical. It’s what turns bee larvae into an elegant queen. It’s filled with vitamin b’s, amino acids and protein and is used for its energizing, renewing, anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties. Bee Alive offers a proprietary encapsulating process that allows them to use 150 mg of pure, fresh Royal Jelly — all natural, never freeze-dried. And ethically cultivated of course. Three months worth for only $75 ($100 valu

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    5 out of 15 claimed

  • $120USD
    Immortality Alchemy Duo

    Immortality Alchemy offers: Spirit Reishi: The most effective medicinal mushroom available for enhancing health and achieving limitless energy! Bee Mana Organic Raw Royal Jelly:Apiaries are located in medicinal herb farms and forests, away from industrialization and pollution. Royal Jelly contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. ($135 value) *Add an additional $10 USD for orders outside the U.S.

    Estimated delivery: July 2012

    7 out of 12 claimed

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