Homeless Lady Burned While Asleep on Park Bench

Help raise funds for a elderly homeless lady who was caught on fire while sleeping on a bus stop bench. She is in critical condition. photo credit Joan Mann


Hi, my name is Rita Thomas. I used to live in downtown Los Angeles for over 4 years, less than 4 blocks away from Skid Row.. During this time I really came to know many homeless people, and  just how bad the homeless problem is in Los Angeles area..


 Not having a home is difficult, but this HORRIBLE... After sleeping on the streets for many years, a sweet elderly lady named Violet was asleep on a bus stop bench when a man doused her with a flammable liquid then continued to LIGHT her on fire with a MATCH!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with people...  This story made me physically sick to my stomach. I couldn't quit thinking about this woman and decided to try and help her..  A homeless advocacy group is going to help her  get a place to sleep, when she gets out of the hospital.  I would  simply love to help raise some money for her to be able to get the things she needs.. Bandages, food, neosporin and a roof over her head for a year to recover... She is in critical condition at the hospital...



Any amount will help... Just pass on one cup of coffee $5.00.. She will appreciate it , I would be ever so happy that people do care for others as I am losing hope....









Photo Credit Joan Mann

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