Homecoming: a Colin K. Hingel Film

Help fund Colin Kelly's thesis film, Homecoming!

Short Summary

My name is Colin Kelly Hingel and I'm a 22 year old Director & Editor. I'm originally from a town called Pittsford in upstate New York and moved to NYC about three years ago for college and to pursue a career in film. Living here has been quite the adventure so far and I've already grown so much as an artist/filmmaker.

I've done so many film projects for others but  have never really made a film which I could truly relate to from the heart. Now that it's my final year in film school, my thesis year, I'm going to do just that.

My thesis film is called 'Homecoming' and its a beatiful organic peice that a lot of people can relate to. The script takes on some pretty heavy emotional themes that a lot of young people can relate to. The film follows a young guy who decides to return back home seven years after running away to search for a new life. It's a story that focuses on the importance of family, friends, and the little things.

The Music

In addition to awesome visuals, electronic producer SmarterChild will be supplying the score to the film! Him and I have worked together for years and this will be the first time that we take on a project of this scale together.

If you're an artist and would like your music featured in the film, please send it our way! We would love to feature great tracks that align themselves right with the story. We would love to listen!


What We Need

Homecoming is going to be a massive piece and is going to take an incredible amount of time and work to create. We want this film to come out just as we have imagined in our minds. With that being said, we can not do this alone. We need YOUR help to make this film happen.

We set a realistic budget of $4000 to crowdsource for the film. The film is being partially funded by grants as well as our own pockets, but we're going to need that extra money to make this happen. There's so much planning and expenses that go into creating a film, it really can't be done without you!

Our budget is for transportation, equipment, props, clothing, food and many other misc. expenses. With your help we will be able to successfully create this film in our time frame in a very productive, professional, energetic and happy manner. Please, any amount contributed at all is very much so appreciated and extremely helpful!

(Thumbnail photo by Chris Saccaro - www.christophersaccaro.com

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