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Home to the Unknown is an action-packed short about four friends trying to start fresh, but who must face their demons before they can move on.
Matt Matlovich
Toronto, Ontario
3 Team Members


The Story

It was only a matter of time before the Stuart gang's long history of heists and robberies attracted the attention of the biggest mob boss in the country: Maxwell. But a recent string of failed heists hint towards a set-up, straining the relationships between the four members. Through Jack's guidance, Stanley's realism, Kerun's acceptance and Rankin's live-free attitude, the group continues to surge forward, despite awkward and outcast personas. As Maxwell's desire to see them grows, the group must assess the value of family and the bonds that hold them together.

A Rock-and-Roll, highly-stylized feel, this movie touches on everything from 80’s Miami Vice with its over-the-top violent material to a quirky comedy with its charm.


The Cast Title


      Cool, calm and collected, Jack is the highly skilled leader and brains of the gang.  His willingness to put his own life on the line to help any member of his team solidifies his position. The only one with real blood on his hands, he thirsts for perfection and is fueled by a Manhattan.

      Jack's childhood was rough, leading him down this inevitable path. Forced to take after his father, he is in a constant battle to escape from his past, from where he grew up and from this insurmountable mess.


     An outcast within a group of misfits, Stanley's charged with holding down the back end of things.  His precise craft for realism makes him the perfect person to forge documents and cheat the government through his pen.  He drinks iced amaretto, listens to music from the 70, loves books and tries to live within their stories as a source of meditation and escape.

     Never afraid to take Jack aside, he is often found voicing his worries and dislikes. Stanley knows this will allow his brother Jack the comfort that someone has his back.


     Guns, cigarettes, and Bloody Marys. Rankin is the muscle and safety specialists of the gang. His loyalty to the group has earned him his position as Jack's right hand man. He's also a marksman and the only one to own a gun. He works hard, using his muscle to get the gang out of tight situations. The only problem - his short temper, ability to fly off the handle and his terrible shot. He is constantly seeking Jack's approval and quick to throw Stanley under the bus when things go awry. 


各位請注意: 如果晚上你在駕駛汽車時受到雞蛋攻擊(尤其獨行的女人一定注意)千萬不要起動噴水功能和開動雨刷.因為雞蛋參水後將呈現白色,阻擋視線高達92.5%,你將被迫停在路邊而成為劫匪的囊中物.最好是將車開到明亮有人的地方才清洗車窗。這是歹徒所採用的最新技倆,請注意提防!! !警察局特別提醒請相互轉告: 若是有人在路上接近你,向你推銷福建安溪鐵觀音,又讓你聞一下,你一定要注意不要上當。這不是鐵觀音,那是觀音土,是一種一聞即暈進而做案,輕者搶財劫色,重者殺害高價出售器官。非常殘忍,請馬上轉告轉發所有親人


Title for The Crew


Making movies since he was 10 years old, Ian saw the potential of a camera. After years of practice, he ventured on to Sheridan where he gratuated from the Media Arts program.  Meeting many potential colleagues and crafting his technical skills in Cinematography, Ian quickly ventured on into the industry, finding a job at Bling Digital, an up and coming Film Lab.  Having spent a few years further his education and love for all things film, and winning some festivals along the way, Ian is ready and eager to embark back into the thick of things and to direct "Home To The Unknown" - a script he has been working on since his days in college. 







Her talent exceeded only by her beauty, Sarah has always made story telling and the arts a part of her life. Sarah graduated from Sheridan's film program after having completed two years of visual arts studies. Excelling in the arts and in production, Sarah has exhibited her work at the NFB, the CFC and at various venues throughout Toronto. She currently works at a contemporary arts centre and can be found cuddling with her weiner dog (and best pal), Euie.










An aspiring screenwriter and director as well, Matt is trying his hand at producing for the first time. Currently working at Bling Digital in Toronto, he’s attended university and film school, gaining valuable insight into the industry and establishing a strong network with fellow graduates. Working on 'Home to the Unknown' has been a great experience, allowing Matt to first develop the story with Ian, and now work to bring the story from script to screen.



Home To The Unknown Official Cigarettes!


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This campaign ended on September 14, 2013
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  • $25CAD
    The Electronic Cigarette

    Who smokes real cigarettes these days? Your support of the film is greatly appreciated and we want to show it! You'll get a personalized cast print, exploded character sticker (like the picture at the top of the post) and two tickets to a private screening of the finished film! *Note this perk does not actually include an electronic cigarette, date for screening is TBD.

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  • $50CAD
    The Locked Briefcase

    Why use bolt cutters? Your support is amazing and we would like to give you the inside scoop on the finished film. This donation will get you the above mentioned personalized cast print, exploded character sticker and two tickets to the private screening PLUS an invite to the wrap party! (with a guest of course). Oh, and we're gonna throw in your very own mixed tape of the soundtrack. DATES TBD.

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  • $100CAD
    The Kerun (aka The Appletini)

    Why reuse the glass? With the Kerun perk you will receive the personalized cast print, exploded character sticker and two tickets to the private screening and wrap party. And because we know you're going to love the film, we're going to send you a copy of it too. Kerun's hijacking skills have also earned you a LIMITED EDITION Kerun T-Shirt and a custom Home to the Unknown travel pillow.

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  • $100CAD
    The Rankin (aka Bloody Mary)

    Guns are better than glory. This perk will grant you the perosnalized cast print, exploded character sticker, two tickets to the private screening and wrap party and copy of the film! Rankin's sharpshooting skills have also scored you a LIMITED EDITION Rankin T-Shirt and custom Home to the Unknown red sunglasses.

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  • $100CAD
    The Stanley (aka The Amaretto)

    Reading is much better in the bathroom. This perk will get you the personalized cast print, exploded character sticker, two tickets to the private screening and wrap party and a copy of the film! Stanley's mastery of forgery will also get you a LIMITED EDITION Stanley T-shirt and a custom Home to the Unknown wool toque!

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  • $100CAD
    The Jack (aka The Manhattan)

    The plan never fails! You will recieve a personalized cast print, exploded character sticker, two tickets to the private screening and wrap party, plus a copy of the film! Jack's desire to escape has also earned you a LIMITED EDITION Jack T-shirt and a custom Home to the Unknown cocktail glass!

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  • $200CAD
    The Dynamic Duo

    Why choose just one? Donate at this level and you get to choose two (2) of the above $100 perks! Plus, we'll throw in the mixed tape of the soundtrack and will include your mugshot in the film!

    2 claimed
  • $500CAD
    The Wight Dan

    Suave and weaselly are the same thing, right? This perk will earn you all four (4) of the above perk. PLUS an Associate Producer credit, a collection of behind the scenes photographs and a signed film poster! And let's not forget a LIMITED EDITION Wight Dan T-Shirt! (yes, you will get five (5) t-shirt with this perk!)

    0 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    The Maxwell

    He's the boss for a reason. This is a donation at the highest level. You will not only receive all four (4) of the $100 perks, but also an Executive Producer Credit, collection of behind-the-scenes photographs, a signed film poster, and an invitation to visit us on set to see the magic happen. Plus you'll get the EXCLUSIVE custom Home to the Unknown windbreaker!

    1 claimed
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