Holy Darkness - Horror Film

A dark demonic horror film, centering around a couple in their twenties, tormented by evil entities.
Angel Ibarra
San Antonio, Texas
United States
1 Team Member

Short Summary

Hi guys my name is Angel Ibarra, film has been a great passion of mine since i was a child. Now i have the support of my loving wife Teila, we both actually met when we were in the US Navy. Filming takes alot of hardwork and dedication, I have learned from professionally writing a script, to correct lighting, correctly using camera angles and shots, deep understanding of professional camera technical uses and capabilities, film techniques, sound recording and audio, using professional and powerful editing software such as premiere pro and after effects, storyboarding, etc....

This film is extremely important to myself, cast and crew. We have a devoted team that lives and breathes film.

What We Need & What You Get

-We have estimated a financial necesity of approximately 15,000 in order to finish the film. The amount will go towards feeding cast on set, obtaining alot more necesary props   (the ending is insane!!!!! HINT), locations, makeup, special FX, advertising, etc. We initially saved and raised our own funds which took care of most of the more essential and expensive equipment and materials and now need a boost from film lovers, enthusiasts and investors like yourselves, to wrap this up and deliver to you guys what you have been waiting for - a movie that will SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!!

-Check out our unique perks and find which one bests suits you. Picture your friends' faces as they ponder in disbelief when they see a personalized message to you from a feature length film cast and crew on your facebook, or how about the appearance of your name in the credits as a producer? CHECK THE PERKS OUT THEY ARE INSANELY AWESOME!!!!!

-Whether we reach our indiegogo financial goal or not, do not despair my pretties, this film will move on!!!!!!!!! Any contributions will help us greatly and give us the boosts we need to move forward. So take advantage of our campaign, jump onboard and become part of our team.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute financially? Excited about this movie? It would help us immensely if you shared us with your friends, we will be forever ever ever ever in your debt!!!!! Like us on facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/HolyDarknessMovie . Remember you can use the Indiegogo share tools for sharing us on facebook, twitter, etc.

Thank you guys so much!!!

Other Ways to Contact us:



Recognition on our social media,official website, media posts and thank you signed letters, youtube channel with exclusive content -as soon as possible. Electronic and physical copies of the film will head your way immediately after the festivals, screening, and premiere. your credits will be immediately added as soon as film is completed all film credits will appear at festival showings, screenings, premieres, and dvd/blurays etc....

Any other questions please feel free to contact us, please also provide information needed to get your perks executed correctly and timely, but no worries i will contact you if needed as well.

Once again Thank YOU!!!!!!!!


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  • $10USD

    For this you will get: Our eternal gratitude and a personal shout-out on our social media sites and recognition on our official website.

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  • $25USD

    For this you get: Access to behind the scenes private Youtube channel with exclusive content, a private link to the finished film online plus all previous perks.

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  • $50USD

    For this you get: A copy of the standard DVD signed and a 'Special Thanks' credit (company and/or personal), a personalized message posted on your facebook thanking you for becoming part of the film team, plus all previous perks.

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  • $100USD

    For this you get: Special Edition DVD or Blu-ray with bonus features and concept art. Signed script and poster, a personal thank you letter signed by cast and crew and mailed to your home, plus all previous perks.

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  • $250USD

    For this you get: An IMDB recognized 'Associate Producer' credit. 2 invitations to our private screening get to mingle with the cast and crew, A t-shirt with graphic and appropriate producer title, plus all previous perks.

    0 out of 30 claimed

  • $500USD

    For this you get: Official company and/or personal sponsor recognition (name or logo on credits and 'In association with' credit), 2 tickets to the premiere and invitation to our exclusive after party, plus all previous perks.

    0 out of 25 claimed

  • $1,000USD

    For this you get:(first to claim this perk gets our silicone demon mask worn on set mounted on a signed maniquin head with picture of cast and prop, once heads gone others will receive a different signed prop) Official full sponsor - 'Executive Producer' credit. Named as a sponsor on live blog and in behind the scenes footage. Logo or name printed on poster and DVD/Bluray, send a discreet video up to 30 sec. to be posted on bonus features of movie.(subject to approval) plus all previous perks.

    0 out of 4 claimed

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