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We are raising funds to upgrade equipment and to cover the fees associated with our church's internet radio account.

**Those who share the link with friends and contacts will be eligible to win one of Deb's beautiful Tree of Life pendants!**


Thanks to our donors who through this site and privately have contributed enough to cover almost 4 months of the radio fees!  Please continue to share this link with your friends and help us reach our goal.

An Online Presence for Divine Love

People often feel powerless and fearful in the face of the negativity in the world today. Holy Angels Community offers a message of joy and inspiration that celebrates our diversity, even as we honor our unity as one human family.

We are followers of Christ and his message of love, taking our marching orders from the message of Jesus in the gospel: love one another, help one another, be compassionate and forgiving.

Reaching Out In Love

We have been offering online worship services and uplifting reflections through internet radio and You Tube, but the work we've done to date is just scratching the surface of what we'd like to do. Even that humble beginning has been a struggle without the proper equipment.  We have a "vintage" Mac with video driver issues and an aging camera that has been well loved and needs to retire.

Our vision includes building a global online community of people who come together in love and goodwill to share stories of faith, to encourage each other, to participate in events and classes that nurture our spirits and assist us in everyday life.

A great many people who feel as we do - that LOVE is the ministry and mission of the Church founded upon the principals of Jesus the Christ. We want to be a voice that supports and honours their unique Spiritual Journey.

Our Campaign

Prompted by the increased presence of fear and division in the world, we feel a pressing desire to offer a safe place for people to come together online, to find like-minded people who pray together in a spirit of loving welcome to all, encouraging and supporting each other as one family in Divine Love.

To broadcast and create quality offerings, we need some financial assistance to upgrade and purchase the tools necessary. We are non-stipendary clergy, which means the church does not pay us for our ministry. We work in the world to pay our bills and cover our expenses, just as you do. Our ministry of service is truly borne from love of God and God's people.

We know that if enough folks can contribute, we can achieve anything! And so, we are asking for your prayers and positive energy and for financial assistance, if you can. We are looking to raise about $1650.  

We wish to purchase:

- An upgraded, used Mac Pro computer  - $500

- Upgraded, used camera with video capabilities - $450

- A year's pro account with Blogtalkradio - $40 x 12 months = $480

Totalling $1430

The remaining portion of the Campaign goal will go towards indiegogo and paypal fees.

Who We Are

Holy Angels Parish is part of the Community Catholic Church of Canada (Old Catholic), an open and welcoming community. The CCCC's clergy include men and women, gays, lesbians, and married and divorced people. We offer the seven sacraments to ALL people, and are delighted to officiate at same-sex marriages. We are an affirming community embracing all in their spiritual journeys.

+Archbishop Deborah Vaughan, Presiding Bishop of the CCCC, is the incumbent of Holy Angels and over the past several years she has been building an online community to reach out to those who are looking for a church that is open to all.

We appreciate that not every Christian shares our understanding of God and Scripture. That is okay. We do not judge and believe that Divine Love works though everyone.

No donation is too small. If someone would like to purchase or donate one of these items to us, we would be extremely grateful!

Our perks include +Deborah's handcrafted crosses and/or guardian angels (sold to schools, churches and organizations across North America and Europe), a certificate of thanks  and for higher donations, Associate Membership in the Holy Angel's online community.

The Impact

If you have found that the church of your childhood no longer has the same meaning in your life, if you feel grieved at the way in which Christianity seems to grow more narrow and rigid, if you feel unwelcome in your faith community because of your sexual orientation or that of a loved one, if you are seeking a place that will empower and affirm you, then you are not alone. Think of all the other people who feel just as you do!

Let's work together to build a sacred cyber space, where we can connect with Creator joyfully and nurture our spirits.

Ways You Can Help

Please share our campaign with your friends. Visit our website, join us on facebook, follow us on twitter, hear the broadcasts on Blogtalk, and pray for us!

We are so very grateful for your help and support.


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