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True virtual reality is our goal, with augmented reality listings and virtual agents. As a mobile first application, we aim to be with you, whenever needed.
Drew McFarland
Victoria, British Columbia
1 Team Member
Do you love Virtual Reality?
Do you love Augmented Reality?
Do you love Digital Personas?

At Holobod, we are dedicated to creating the truly virtual world... now.

Our founders, like you, love re-engineering reality.

We want to create the place where digital personas can exist and give them the ability to interact with our world. Wow! That sure is a grand vision, so where do we start?

We start with Holohomes. An application that solves a real world problem, while giving us a platform to prototype our re-engineered reality.

Do you find it hard to find the house of your dreams?

What of you were interested in houses near the park, priced between $400K and $878K, that have a spa and 2 fireplaces?

Not a problem. Holohomes will find the house for you.

With Holohomes you can search for houses using any search value you want.

Searches based on listing information and geographical information.

Better yet... we will allow you to setup Alerts to tell you when a new house has been listed within your search parameters.

Do you find it hard to get information on the house you are outside of?

Holohomes will find you house listings based on your GPS location.

Holohomes makes sure you have the information you need where you need it.

Do you find it hard to get information on your mobile device?

Holohomes was designed as a "mobile first" application. In our new re-engineered world, we deserve the same information we have on our computer, on our mobile devices.

We have designed Holohomes to work on all browsers and mobile devices. So your experience on an iphone will be the same as on an android phone.

Do you find it hard to get interactive information?

Holohomes shows you a wide variety of media ranging from static images, to Youtube videos and 3D panoramic images leveraging Microsoft Photosynth.
Those media forms allow you to fully interact with the house.

AND... with Holohomes the house can also interact with you.
If you "like" a house, the house will keep you up to date with any changes that occur, such as the price dropping, or new photos being uploaded, or a an upcomming open house.

Do you wish open houses were more interactive?

Holohomes' fully customizable virtual agent will prompt potential buyers with additional information as they explore the house.

The power to design an open house tour that interacts with your potential buyers and truly engages them.

Picture the buyer walking through the rooms of an open house and being informed by a friendly voice of important features they shouldn’t overlook. From reminding them that the bathroom has been recently renovated, to pointing them to the intricate marble work of a fireplace, the information you can include in your virtual tour is limitless.


Perk - Customized Identity Cards
If you join us as an "Angel Investor" (or higher), you will recieve a "Customized Identity Cards" as part of their Perk. Your card will be a personalizable credit card sized plastic ID card, which gives you the ability to share your online profile with those around you.

The card will have:
  • An image on the front of your choice (no nudity, obscene or hate based images)
  • Text on the bottom left displaying how you helped. "Angel Investor", "Agent of Change" or "One of a Kind"
  • QRCode on the back that will display your profile
  • Your Unique Name printed on the back for easy access
  • NFC ability, so android users can simply "Tap" the card onto their phone and see your profile. (Will also work for other devices with NFC ability.)

For real estate agents this is the best way to say who you are and what you have for sale, all in one tap of the card, because your profile will also display your houses for sale.

*Final design of the card may differ from the image above.

How your support will help us

How we will be spending the money we get
  • Hiring Co-Op students from the University of Victoria to help with development tasks that will improve the site. We have a lot of ideas, and not enough hands. This will also help the students by building up their resumes with experience, having a referencable job, and ideally we would hire them on full time after graduation
  • Computers for the Co-Op students to work on
  • To move from your current cloud-based servers into a local server farm so we have more control over what is running on our server. There are many more features we would like to have on our site, but are limited by not being able to install software on the cloud servers
  • Marketing

Other Ways You Can Help
  • Do you know a listing agent who would like to become an Early Adopter? Let them know about this campaign. Spread the word!
  • Are you are a University of Victoria Co-Op who has been unable to find work, and would like to do donate some coding in your spare time? Let us know at [jobs@holobod.com]. We will always give glowing recommendations as references, or it may lead to a full time position after graduation.
  • Do you know someone in the Victoria area who could guide our sales staff as a mentor? Possibly even be able to work with them and offer the best of the best a sales job on your team? Let us know at [jobs@holobod.com]
  • Can you get us discounted prices on current server software or hardware? Let us know at [purchasing@holobod.com]
  • Do you have access to facilities that we could use short term until we get going? That would be great. Once we have income, we will gladly repay the favour. Let us know at [facilities@holobod.com]
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$65,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 30, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1CAD
    Angel Recruiter

    Refer someone to "Be an agent of change" Just email us at [angel@holobod.com] with the email address of the person you are referring to us. When they purchase the "Be an agent of change" perk (using the email address you sent us) you will... Receive the "Be An Angel Investor" perk for free.

    0 claimed
  • $20CAD
    Be a believer

    Do you believe we have great plans? Want to help us keep innovating? This is the way and it will be greatly appreciated. PLUS: Stay up to date with all our major improvement PLUS : Get a sticker to show your support

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $50CAD
    Be an Agent (List a House)

    You will receive a credit for one "complete" house listing. (Includes all listing features such as virtual tours and virtual agents) PLUS : Get a sticker to show your support Value $125

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $200CAD
    Be An Angel Investor

    Your profile can be accessed using: www.holobod.com\angel_YourNameHere PLUS : Get 20% off all virtual products for all our sites we build... forever. PLUS : Get a sticker to show your support PLUS : Get a customized Identity Card PLUS : Get 2 RFID shielding sleeves. Protect your bank card, credit card... from thieves. *The 'angel_' prefix is exclusive to this offer, get this badge of honor to show you were there from the start

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $250CAD
    Be an agent of change

    You will receive a credit for unlimited "complete" house listings. (Includes all listing features such as virtual tours and virtual agents) PLUS : Get a sticker to show your support PLUS : Get a customized Identity Card PLUS : Get 5 RFID shielding sleeves. Protect your bank card, credit card... from thieves. *This deal is directed at a single agent. *This can be bought on behalf of an agent. Just send us their email address instead of yours.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $250CAD
    Be One Of A Kind

    Your profile can be accessed using: www.holobod.com\YourNameHere Get 30% off all virtual products for all the sites we build... forever. PLUS : Get a sticker to show your support PLUS : Get a customized Identity Card PLUS : Get 5 RFID shielding sleeves. Protect your bank card, credit card... from thieves. *Names cannot be trademarked names or names of companies, unless you can provide proof that you are able to speak on the trademark owner's or company's behalf.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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