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Holdfast Magazine's first speculative fiction and essay anthology
Laurel Sills
United Kingdom
2 Team Members

We've made the target with a week to go so we're adding a £4000 stretch goal  - if we make this amount the book will look even greater, with a fabulous embossed, heavy cover. The cover is being designed by Faye McNulty, who has designed all the cover images for the online magazine issues, as well as our lovely shield logo, and it will be a thing of great beauty. The pattern on our shield is based on a type of seaweed called holdfast, which inspired Faye. The planned book cover features a female warrior, Lady Holdfast, who bears the seaweed shield...


We've made a video to thank everyone who's contributed so far - check it out to see the amazing new artwork we have for the anthology, and to hear about the fabulous perks you can buy.

We need your help to create our first ever print anthology!

Holdfast is a free, online speculative fiction magazine (that means science fiction, fantasy, horror and all the stuff that falls between),that celebrates and examines these amazing genres. Check it out at www.holdfastmagazine.com

The holdfast anthology will be a beautiful artefact, comprised of new unpublished fiction, and some of the best articles from our online magazine, all in one, gorgeous good-quality paperback volume, including fantastic original artwork like this papercut piece from Issue 2 by Zoe Lee, as well as original cover artwork by artist Faye McNulty, who designed the Issue#2 header above.

Read about a time-travelling law enforcer making a difficult choice, a cursed cycling tour that goes hopelessly and hilariously wrong, and what happens when the drugs don’t work on Sleeping Beauty in our fiction section. Discover what shark brains look like (spoiler: a human uterus), find out about the underrepresentation of Black women in science fiction, read a thank you letter to Margaret Atwood, and witness our attempts to convert a literary snob over to SFF in our non-fiction section.

If you support us, as well as getting the anthology and some awesome prizes, you will also be supporting our wonderful contributors, without whom holdfast would not exist. All profits made will go directly to the writers and illustrators whose hard work and creativity fill the pages of holdfast, split equally for each contribution.

Lucy's nickname at work is "Queen of Spreadsheets" and both of us have meticulously planned out and budgeted the finances for this project, including shipping, packaging and printing of all the various perk items. If we make the total you will be receiving your chosen perk promptly!

Have a look at the perks and become one of the holdfast team!

Thanks for reading, and please share our campaign with your friends and followers using the share buttons!


Issue#4's featured author, Stephanie Saulter, has written an AMAZING poem especially for the holdfast anthology! How brilliant is that?!

We have added a NEW PERK, the 'Stephanie Saulter Supreme', which features four copies of Stephanie's books, each with a different verse of the poem inscribed by her very own hand. Better hurry because there are only four of these up for grabs! (Two copies of Gemsigns and two copies of Binary - both really and truly excellent books)

Additionally, to celebrate when we reach the £2000 mark, we will be adding the entire poem to our print anthology, so that everyone who buys it will be able to read Stephanie's poem in full.

The print anthology will also be featuring a fascinating interview with Stephanie.

Full list of new stories and articles:
1. Speculating about Speculative Women
 - Flashpoint by Susan Murray. In this SF short story, a female law enforcer from the future uncovers some disturbing truths and has to make some tough decisions.
 - The Impossibility of Walking by Amanda Mason. A woman wakes up after years of drugged sleep. Where is she, and who is she?
 - Breaking Through the Silence: Searching for Black Female Experiences in Speculative Fiction  by Chardine Taylor-Stone (from Issue#1: Speculating About Speculative Women)
 - Movie Maraton: Aliens by Lucy Smee (from Issue#1: Speculating About Speculative Women)

2. Animals, Beasts and Creatures
 - Lounging on the Couch in the Octopus of Love by Rosemary Tantra Bensko. The most beautiful, wonderful, weird story about the sex lives of octopuses you will ever read.
 - Secret Six by Michael Spring. Oh no! The Secret Six's cycling outing has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Contains the funniest paragraph about a girl's skirt getting set on fire ever.
 - The Crows at Chatressac by Nicki Heinen. A poem about the power and terror of these birds, who have "bats gripping at [their] wings".
 - A Letter to Margaret Atwood by Laurel Sills (from Issue#2: Animals, Beasts and Creatures)
 - The Fantasy Shark by Alice Sanders (from Issue#2: Animals, Beasts and Creatures)

3. Objects, Artefacts and Talismans
 - Lemon Sandals by Zoe Gilbert. It's summertime and a woman finds a pair of scented, handmade sandals hanging from her lemon tree. The other women of the village aren't at all surprised. "With me, it was mulberries."
 - Blank Pages by Barry Charman. After the plague,  Deciduous Dreary finds himself alone, the last Keeper of Words and of our history.
 - Reflections and Mirrors in Fantasy by Brooke Rogers (from Issue#3: Objects, Artefacts and Talismans)
 - The Unbelievers: Gateway by Eric Randolph and Holdfast Editors (from Issue#3: Objects, Artefacts and Talismans)

4. Diversity: Seeing Yourself in Speculative Fiction
 - The Tree of Life by Lisa Collins. A huge fleet of spaceships calmly make their way across the galaxy, populated by the matriarchal descendants of east Asia. Three generations of the same family discuss the future of their crew.
 - War and Peace by Joyce Chng. Captain Suky Hartono meets the OoioO living ships and their envoy, with the responsibility of preventing war on her shoulders.
 - An interview with author Stephanie Saulter, about her life, her books and thoughts on women, genetic engineering, race, and disability politics.

Plus a special poem written by Stephanie Saulter for us!
Kim Lakin-Smith has kindly donated 6 signed books, which can now be bought as part of the Kim Lakin-Smith bundle. We have 2 copies each of: Queen Rat, Cyber Circus and Autodrome. LOOK at the cover of Autodrome, isn't it beautiful?

A huge thank you to Kim, for supporting the Holdfast campaign!


We just wanted to share this phenomenal illustration by Luke Spooner of Carrion House for Susan Murray's story 'Flashpoint' which will be included in the anthology. How beautiful is that?!

Luke has also illustrated Tui in issue#3 Objects, Artefacts and Talismans.

Watch, as Lucy tells Laurel off for laughing and then proceeds to be really bad at remembering her lines. I am amazed we ever got any videos completed to be honest.

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This campaign ended on October 13, 2014
Select a Perk
  • £5GBP
    Part of the team!

    Named on our thank you page - be a literal part of the Anthology!

    10 claimed
  • £8GBP

    A copy of the Anthology in eBook format.

    15 claimed
  • £13GBP
    The Anthology

    A hard copy of the Anthology - delivered straight to your door. (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    36 claimed
  • £15GBP
    Book and badge

    A hard copy of the Anthology plus a beautiful holdfast logo badge. (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    13 claimed
  • £17GBP
    Book, Badge and Bookmark!

    Anthology, Badge & Bookmark. Save your place with this snazzy marker. (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    6 claimed
  • £20GBP
    The whole shebang

    Anthology, Badge, Bookmark and eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    10 claimed
  • £25GBP
    Kim Lakin-Smith bundle

    One of 6 signed copies of a fabulous Kim Lakin-Smith novel, kindly donated by Kim. We have 2 copies each of: Queen Rat, Cyber Circus and Autodrome. Plus anthology, badge, bookmark & ebook (plus extra p&p for non-EU, approx. £6)

    3 out of 6 claimed
  • £30GBP
    Lucky dip SFF book

    Lucky dip SFF book kindly donated by Jo Fletcher Books! www.jofletcherbooks.com Possible books include Astra by Naomi Foyle and The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord. Plus a selection of other miscellaneous possibilities. Plus Anthology, Badge, bookmark & eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    5 claimed
  • £30GBP
    Signed Featured Author books!

    Signed Featured Author books! From Francis Hardinge and Emma Newman. Plus Anthology, Badge, Bookmark and eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    3 out of 5 claimed
  • £35GBP
    Stephanie Saulter Supreme!

    Hand inscribed poem in one of Stephanie Saulter's books, kindly donated by Jo Fletcher books. Stephanie has written a poem especially for the holdfast anthology. Get a copy of one of her books, with one verse of the poem HAND INSCRIBED by Stephanie herself! Magical. Plus a hard copy of the anthology, badge, and bookmark. (plus extra P&P outside the EU - approx £6)

    3 out of 4 claimed
  • £40GBP
    holdfast tote!

    Hand screen-printed tote bag featuring the holdfast logo designed by Faye McNulty Plus Anthology, Badge, Bookmark and eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    18 out of 80 claimed
  • £75GBP
    Hula hoop Video!

    Thank you video of Laurel singing a thank you song whilst Lucy hula hoops (you’re gonna want to see this) via email Plus Anthology, Badge, Bookmark and eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    3 claimed
  • £100GBP
    Print of original artwork

    Print of an illustration of your choice from any of the fiction and playlists on our online back issues. There are some truly beautiful images to choose from. Go to our current issue ( www.holdfastmagazine.com) and look at our archives to see what’s available. Plus Anthology, Badge, Bookmark and eBook (Plus extra P&P for non EU - approx £6 )

    6 claimed
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