Hogs Tooth

Sniper's journey begins with a single shot. Help us complete and release our short movie, "Hog's Tooth".


What is "Hog's Tooth"?

After 6 months of interviews with Marine Scout Snipers that returned from recent deployments, Ian Schiller and myself wrote "Hog's Tooth". Hog's Tooth is a story about a young Scout Sniper, Andy Weston, on his first combat mission in Iraq. As a new team member, Weston is eager to prove he is ready for the challenges and rigors of extended sniper missions. In an unanticipated turn of events, he finds himself behind the rifle in a compromising position. Under the pressure of the mission and of the military, Weston will make a decision that will forever change his life.

Opening ShotWeston and Seargent in the opening shot of Hog's tooth.

Why We Need Your Help

Initially, I started with the idea of financing the whole movie together with Ian. With overwhelming support and hard work of actors and the film crew, we have managed to film 70% of the movie.  In the meantime, the project received a lot attention from professionals in the movie industry. They expressed their interest in working with us and helping to bring the movie to a higher level. And we want to create the best movie we can. Of course, that means more money is needed. I was briefly considering financing the movie through product placement and sponsors. It would have, possibly, involved making a lot of sacrifices with cast, crew and locations. Ultimately, it would have hurt the film. Signing away our artistic control and compromising our artistic vision was not an option. So where else could I go to ask for help? Is there anybody else who, like me, cares about a movie with good story? "Of course", I thought, those without whom the movie industry would not be able to thrive, Movie Lovers; the Viewers who appreciate a good story with stunning visual effects.  So we are hoping that you will contribute to our Indiegogo campaign and help us to raise a minimum of $20,000 to complete "Hog's Tooth".


What will $20,000 buy?

This will allow us to complete last 30% of the movie and film the elaborate "Desert" sequence.  If we raise 20k, will be able to afford fantastic location, film crew, actors and green screen setups that would allow us to create incredible world beyond what the location can offer.

locationDesert Locaton


LocationDesert Location


HT TeamHog's Tooth Production Team


Gilbert SalasOur extraordinary Director of Photography, Gilbert Salas, at work

Why "Hog's Tooth"?

For over ten years I have been specializing in visual effects for feature films and commercial productions. Bringing visual metaphors to life has been my passion. For some time I have been also dreaming of making a movie with a meaningful story and great visual effects.  Please see some of my work at www.motiondesign-inc.com


The Story

Growing up with my veteran father, I've learnt that life is rarely black and white, especially when it comes to making decisions about taking somebody else's life. And what happens after a trigger is pulled? Is pulling a trigger the very first time different than shooting someone for second, third or fourth time? We hear stories and watch movies about snipers, and we think we know it all: tough guys doing their job, following orders and moving on to the next mission. But is it really that simple? Is it really that easy to move on and leave the last mission behind? Do soldiers ever wonder if they made the right decision? Are they haunted by reoccurring nightmares? Are the rules of engagement helping or making their work more difficult? After 6 months of interviews with Marine Scout Snipers, I found some answers. And this is how the story of "Hog's Tooth" was conceived.

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Here are some images from the 70% of the movie we have managed to film so far.

WestonSchuyler Yancey as Andy Weston

sargeChris Conrad as Seargent

BankerJose Rosete as Banker

PettisKyle Clarke as Pettis

LaneGeorge Hellas as David Lane

The Meaning Behind the Title, "Hog's Tooth"

If a sniper finds himself in a duel against another sniper and one of them prevails, the rifle of the fallen sniper is retrieved, the cartridge ejected from the chamber, the bullet removed and put on a string. "This is a bullet that was meant to kill you, but did not". According to Sniper's lore, as long as the sniper wears it, he or she is invincible.

Hog's ToothHog's Tooth

Cast and Crew

Filming of Hog's Tooth was only possible by incredible support of actors, crew members and generous donations of their time and equipment. Please take a look at our cast and crew credentials.

HT TeamHog's Tooth Sniper Team


Schuyler Yancey:  Andy Weston



Chris Conrad:  Sergeant



Antonio Badrani:  Abdullah



Jose Rosete:  Banker



Kyle Clarke:  Anthony Pettis



George Hellas:  David Lane



Ian Schiller:  Screen Play


Gilbert Salas:  Director of Photography



Tom Mich:  Producer


Robert Schafer:  Editor



Motion Design:  Special FX



Olek Lyzwanski:  Director



Indoor location:

70% of already completed scenes were shot on location in San Francisco, at SF Armory building. The incredible sound stage called "the shooting range" was perfect to recreate an abandoned and partially destroyed building in Iraq.

ArmorySan Francisco Armory

ArmoryChris and Schuyler on location

What You Get

We appreciate your support and as a token of our appreciation we have a range of perks you can choose from. They range from digital copy of the movie to an executive tour of SF Armory accompanied by a director and the production crew. Please take a look at the selection of our perks and decide which one works for you best.


Other Ways You Can Help

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