HIT. Advanced Motion and Light Rendering Cluster

Mind Blowing! Capture unseen Light & Motion. Want to see the paranormal? Nothing can hide from this!
Joe DiMare
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HIT. Motion & Light Rendering Cluster project.

  • Have you ever wanted to see a real Ghost?
  • Do you  believe that Aliens could exist?
  • Are you investigating a video for clues to a crime?

"HIT will redefine the paranormal."    Ghost HuntersSkeptics  0

 All pledge levels come with our Ghost Guarantee. We promise that you'll get a ghost on your video or we'll make it up to you. This requires that you follow the tutorial instruction video below, before sending us a video for rendering. Play the evidence video below in full screen and 1080p for best quality.


Let me first introduce you to HIT:

 Hidden Intelligence  Tracking. - uses patent pending tech

  HIT is brand new to the world. This technology will  open up a whole new level of detail in any research video you shoot. It's like a microscope but for video. It will show  minor changes in light and motion by amplifying them. HIT allows you  to see unseen changes in video.

Try it out! Take a 1080p video with your iPhone,  Android, or Digital camera. Send the video to our processing server using Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/

Share with:  hit@bigeframe.com

Once processing is done you will be sent back an  amplified non-commercial video derived from your video.

  HIT is perfect for paranormal investigators,  private detectives, videographers, educators, students, and anyone who wants to know a greater truth about  the universe.

  Astronomers use this same technique to discover new  planets. I made it work for single videos but need your help to create a Rendering Cluster for multiple videos.

 Paranormal Image 001

  As you can see the original video capture shows  nothing out of the ordinary. The amplified version shows a different truth to  the image. A lady's head hovers next to the door molding and an old angel  looking guy is next to her. When you look at our evidence on a computer monitor try also using your cell phone view finder LCD to look at the images. It will make the colors pop out better and you can see what we're looking at in more detail.

  A little Math: HIT is very sensitive. It can detect  color changes anywhere from 1 to 67,000,000. That means, if the shade of color  changes just 1 value, it will amplify the change and make it more noticeable to  the user.

Here's a video capture taken outside under a tree.

   Frog type creature waving at us.

  What I see in this image is a frog standing  waving back at the camera. He is standing in front of and under the tree. About 2 foot tall. Looks like he has a bow tie on. He is waving with his left arm.

  Original videos are taken apart then reassembled  into amplified videos. There is no funny business here. Nothing is Photoshopped  or altered. As you can see in all our samples, the solid objects of the video are  not changed. Only the moving light is enhanced.

"Help support the HIT Rendering Cluster project and get your videos amplified to see what's standing in front of you." - Joe D.

Are you a skeptic? Try the technology today. It is free for now.  Follow the instructions and recommendations in this tutorial video. When you're  ready, send in a video to get amplified. Once you get the video back, please  step through each frame to see the results. You'll be surprised.

Tutorial Link: http://www.bigeframe.com/twc/hit5.htm

What is the Motion and Light Rendering Cluster?

  The Rendering Cluster is a group of computers working on the same problem. Currently one computer takes a very long time to do the light and motion rendering of 1 video. It takes all the system resources of that computer. If we use a cluster configuration of computers we will be able to render more videos in a given time. This is where we need your help. By sponsoring and making a pledge you will help us develop the very first Motion and Light Rendering Cluster in the world. This will resolve the bottle neck of waiting 3-7 days for processing a video to a much faster 1-2 hours. The cluster is like a super computer setup to handle multiple video rendering sessions.

Cluster Diagram

My Story

  I've always been intrigued by the idea of invisibility. Spirits seemed like  a good place to start. I also wanted to figure out the mystery of dark matter.   Where is all this invisible mass hiding? I went to a few ghost hunting  conventions and created a few useful products. But my thirst for answers  continued. I joined up with a local paranormal group called the Tennessee Wraith  Chasers, they happened to become a little famous for their style of dealing with  the paranormal. I first came up with the idea for HIT while working on a  paranormal TV show with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. Originally called  Ghostland Tennessee. I'm their go to engineer/tech guy. They thought  that lugging around the same old meters and equipment was a little boring and  needed a better sensor. Common sense tells us that ghosts are either electrical  energy or light. I set off in search of something that can detect ultra fine  light changes. I looked into Kirlian photography but the output video was too  small for TV. I have to see things clearly or it gets confusing. It’s the  21st century!  I know modern cameras have the latest technology. So, after a few  weeks of searching for a better way to film fine changes in light, Doogie-(Team Leader) came  across a story MIT released.  They claim to show a persons skin color changing  when breathing heavy. I could not believe my eyes, but MIT figured it out. They did not know about the Ghost detecting abilities until I sent them an email about it. Or they pretended not to know. They still are promoting the technology for medical practices. The construction industry uses it to detect vibrations in equipment from far away.

I'm going to use HIT to help the public find ghosts. Are you with me?

What am I doing currently? Currently I've been fine tuning the process. I plan to get the tech working with the new 4K cameras and video standards. This will increase the resolution of the paranormal images and video.


What you should do?

So, I think you should get off the fence and make a pledge today to promote our first Light and Motion Rendering Cluster

This video below shows the science I'm working  with.

I entered this contest recently: Dr. Oz's Celebrity  science fair

Go to YouTube and Like it if you  understand the science.

Check out the HIT iPhone App


HIT iPhone App

The App will give you a tutorial video inside and a way to upload your videos to the HIT Rendering Cluster directly from your iPhone.

Thanks for your support!


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