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High Tide is a feature film to be shot in South Wales this summer. We are seeking funds to make the very best film we can.
James Gillingham
United Kingdom
1 Team Member

Who we are

We are James Gillingham and Jimmy Hay, two British filmmakers who are known collectively as 'Long Arm Films' (for reasons too arcane to go into here).

We are not two young idealists who decided in the pub one day that they wanted to make a film. We are two increasingly middle-aged men with families, debts and expanding waistlines. But we are determined and we are talented. And we would love you to be involved with this adventure.


What we need

We have launched this campaign to help bring our debut feature film High Tide to production in August of 2013.

We have written a script for a film that we are very proud of and the film is going to happen, but we want to make it as well as we possibly can and this will require some more money. More money than we currently have. Not a huge amount in filmmaking terms. But yes, more than we have. Hence asking you for help.

We want this to be an independent film in the best sense of the word, and you can help us achieve this. You can be part of something excellent.


What is High Tide about?


High Tide is the story of Bethan and her son Josh. The film takes place over one single day, a day that will have significant consequeces for both characters. The narrative is told in an engaing and original way and despite some bleak moments, it is ultimately a story of hope. It is a humane, moving and memorable portrait of a crucial moment in two people's lives. 


Here is something like a pitch for the film:

Bethan has one day left. One day to put things right. One day to repair the damage caused to her troubled son. One day to say sorry. One day to explain. 

Because tomorrow both of their lives will be changed forever. 

HIGH TIDE tells the story of one final day during which a mother must mend the broken relationship with her son. Set along the stunning Welsh coastline, it is a moving, powerful and tender portrait of a vital twenty-four hours in two people’s lives. 

HIGH TIDE is a story of love, forgiveness and change. 

This is a story that needs to be told. It needs to be told well. And it needs to be told by us.

How we will spend your money

Your money will pay our actors, it will help with equipment hire, will feed the cast and crew, house them for the duration of the shoot and go some way towards the post-production costs of colour-correction and sound mixing. In short, it is going to help a massive amount and the film will be all the better for it.

Why you will want to get involved

As you'll see from the column on the right there are loads of great incentives on offer in return for a donation (and who wouldn't want a Long Arm badge?), but more than anything else we hope that you'll see worth in what we are trying to achieve. Very few films are made in Swansea. And this is a shame. Swansea is not only perched on the edge of some of the most beautiful countryside that you're ever likely to find but it is stuffed full of brilliant, creative people, most of whom we've signed to work on High Tide. We want to make this film with the support of the local community.

You will be supporting something of exceptional quality. High Tide is a professional, ambitious production that has generated significant attention from the film industry. Specifically, the following people and companies are already attached to the project:

  • It is being cast by Briony Barnett whose CV boasts an impressive list of successful productions including OutnumberedSpooks and Generation Kill.

  • Music for the film is being written by the altogether brilliant Matt Harding who has released four superb and critically-acclaimed albums on Moshi Moshi Records.

  • Costumes are being designed by Anna Robbins whose CV includes many successful film and television productions including Citadel, The Eagle, Hope Springs and The Bletchey Circle.

  • High Tide is part-funded by London-based production company 'Bob & Co' who have been responsible for bringing a range of feature films to cinemas in recent years.

The Long Arm Internship Programme

We are also running an internship programme that is going to give two young filmmakers living in South Wales a chance to gain meaningful work experience on a professional film set. It is fundamental to Long Arm's mission to make it easier for talented young people to gain access to an industry that from the outside can seem impenetrable.

Where you can see our previous work

You can see some of our short films on our website at www.longarmfilms.co.uk as well as reading more about the Long Arm project (and a lot else besides, some of it even relevant to filmmaking) on James' blog.

Stuart and Kate still

What perks are available to you

As you will see from this site, we are offering a range of unique, desirable and unrepeatable perks to entice you into making a donation.

You could own a preview DVD of the film, be a proud recipient of a copy of the script signed by the cast and crew, or even be an extra in the film.

However, we hope that the most attractive aspect of High Tide will be your participation in a feature film that we know will be made to exceptionally high standards and will move and inspire audience wherever it is shown.

And so thank you

Thank you for your support. Please use the 'share' tools on this site to help spread the word about this project and we look forward to adding your name to the film's credits and possibly even buying you a drink at the first night party. And maybe even some crisps.

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raised by 143 people in 1 month
49% funded
No time left
£20,000 GBP goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 14, 2013
Select a Perk
  • £10GBP
    Website credit and pin badge

    You will be be listed in perpetuity as a backer of High Tide on the Long Arm website PLUS you will get an EXCLUSIVE Long Arm badge that you can wear to social events and then eventually lose.

    26 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • £15GBP
    Signed postcard

    You will receive all of the above PLUS a High Tide postcard personally signed by James and Jimmy, the film's writer/directors.

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • £25GBP
    Digital Download

    All of the above PLUS a digital download of the film.

    15 claimed
  • £40GBP
    The Complete Package

    All of the above PLUS your name on the closing credits of the film PLUS a copy of the DVD signed by James and Jimmy PLUS a digital copy of the film's soundtrack PLUS a High Tide film poster signed by James and Jimmy.

    45 claimed
  • £75GBP
    Collector's Edition

    All of the above PLUS a signed CD of the soundtrack PLUS a copy of the High Tide script signed by the cast, complete with a personalised message from James and Jimmy.

    7 claimed
  • £150GBP
    The VIP

    All of the above PLUS a VIP invitation to the High Tide premiere and after-screening party.

    11 claimed
  • £250GBP
    Limited Edition

    All of the above PLUS a limited edition hardback photobook documenting the film's production, including behind the scenes photos, marketing shots and on-set film stills. There will only be 20 of these books published and each will be hand-numbered and signed by the cast and crew of High Tide.

    1 out of 20 claimed
  • £500GBP
    The Stardom Package

    All of the above PLUS you will appear in the film! You will be an extra in the film, and will have a guarantee that your appearance will be included in the theatrical release of the film. James will also write something exclusively for you. It might be a story, a poem or a scene. But it will be good and it will be yours alone.

    0 claimed
  • £1,000GBP
    The Executive

    All of the above PLUS you will credited as an Associate Producer of High Tide. You will appear as such in the film's closing credits, as well as being credited on the film's imdb profile. Additionally, James and Jimmy will invite you to join them on a day's walking tour of the film's locations on South Gower, enjoying a hearty lunch and several Gower-brewed ales in the process.

    3 claimed
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