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Hidden Camera Detector for iPhone and Android helps you make sure there are no spy cameras invading your privacy
Randy Andrews
Vancouver, Washington
United States
1 Team Member

Hidden Camera Detector for iPhone and Android. Help make sure there are no spy cameras invading your privacy.

Help bring our popular iOS Hidden Camera Detector app to Android

The Hidden Camera Detector App is already a success for iOS at the App Store with thousands of downloads and 60,000 Facebook likes and counting!

Due to overwhelming requests we are funding the “final” development for Android.

The Android version is already 80% done so we expect we can release it to you in February, but no later than March. Great products are only half the battle, we need marketing dollars to let people know there is an inexpensive way to protect them from spying eyes. Also, as with many utilities, we need to keep developing training materials about how to use the app and get more high ratings coming in.

Technology has created cameras small enough that they can be placed in almost anything. These cameras are found in clocks, pens, key-chain remotes, watches, teddy bears, sunglasses, computer speakers, air conditioners and even your bathrobe hook!

According to thelaw.tv in a recent article, quote:

"Hidden cameras are often be used for more sinister purposes than security or entertainment. If you search the web for hidden camera footage, you’ll find many unsavory images of people who were filmed without being aware of it."

Can you see the camera in the bathrobe hook above?


How do I use the HCD app?

Open the app, point your phones camera at a suspicious object or at part of the room to be scanned, (ideally at 2-4 feet) then press the search button. Hold the camera still for a few seconds while the detector analyzes the area or until you begin to see red cross-hairs appear. If no cross-hairs appear point your camera at another part of the room and begin again until you have scanned all parts of the room.

Hotel shower, hidden camera story:


How does the HCD app find tiny cameras?

The HCD app uses your phones camera flash to create a reflection from the lens of any camera. In order for a spy camera to record your activities it must have an exposed lens and so the HCD app can find it.

The HCD apps video content analysis algorithm then goes into effect, comparing reflections shown on your video screen to known hidden camera identifiers.

If you see a steady red cross-hair on the screen this is a target you should visually inspect for telltale signs that it may be a spy camera.

How do I know if I found a hidden spy camera?

Look for a small lens about the size of the head of a pin. Also look for wires or small antennae connected to the device. However, many spy cameras are self contained camera and recorders requiring no wires or antennae and may be embedded into devices like clocks, pens or key-chain remotes. In this case you should look for a USB connection port or SD memory card slot, these are required to transfer the spy video to a computer.

Key-chain remote spy camera with built in DVR


How can I learn to tell what targets are cameras?

Practice on traditional, indoor security cameras, its fun and will help you understand what a high probability target looks like.

What if I find a spy camera?

If you think you found a real spy camera you can click the camera button while scanning in the HCD app.

If you enabled location tracking this will save an image of the camera and its GPS location to support any claim of invasion of privacy you might pursue.

You can also click the folder icon in the HCD app and email us the image for a second opinion forensics@hcdapp.com Take a few pictures to increase your odds of getting a good image.

Do you provide free updates?

Yes, the software algorithm required to detect tiny cameras is very complex and we will be improving the algorithm though your input and machine learning techniques for many years to come. Be sure and update your HCD app often as new generations of the app can represent giant leaps in detection capability.


What kind of objects might contain spy cameras?

Clocks, pens, key-chain remotes, watches, teddy bears, sunglasses, computer speakers, air conditioners and even your bathrobe and towel hook!

Watch the video and learn more about spy cameras at www.HCDapp.com

Where should I be concerned about finding hidden spy cameras?

Spy cameras have been found in corporate environments, offices, locker rooms, tanning booths, bedrooms, private residences, schools, retail locations, changing rooms, and many other locations where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Thank you for your help and happy spy camera hunting!!!

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTES: Your iOS or Android device must have an on-board Torch or Flash for the app to work. Otherwise, you can use the app with a bright LED of flashlight. using an additional light can also increase the range that the app can detect cameras. The Android app will work optimally at 2-4 feet for pinhole lenses, although you can still practice at greater distance with standard security cameras. This is a utility or tool, not a game or simulation, please see the instructional videos before you buy or use the app.

All products subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the website and EULA, see www.hcdapp.com for more details.

Risks and Challenges

Our team has many years of software development experience from patent filings, product road-map, beta version releases and bug fixes. Many of the challenges when releasing a new app have already been addressed. Customer ratings, proper instructional videos and bug fixes have all been experienced with the iOS app. However, additional challenges lay ahead as we tackle a new hardware platform and a much larger user group of Android devices. We fully expect that version 1.0 will face both appreciative and critical review, need for incremental improvement and down the road, competitive pressures. Our proven model of frankly addressing customer input, releasing improved versions and filing for IP protections is exactly how we plan to address the challenges ahead.

Perhaps our biggest challenge is user education. Even though we have published detailed instructions and videos about how to use the app, and most users recognize this is a tool, not a game, we still get the occupational person who rates the app with something like "I pointed the app at my glass of water, and it says there is a hidden camera in there"...

The app looks for lens flare or reflection from hidden pinhole camera lenses, and there will be false targets, particularly on reflective surfaces. The app uses immensely complex video content analysis and mathematical algorithms. Instructions for use are all covered in our videos. The app points the user in the right direction, you have to look at high probability targets and determine if they are in fact cameras or false targets. Our thousands of users have found many cameras and protected their privacy from predators, but if you know someone who thinks their glass of water is a spy camera, please don't let them buy the app, it makes keeping the ratings up a challenge :)

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  • $4USD

    Get the Hidden Camera Detector EARLY RELEASE for one (1) Android device. Will be formally released around mid 2014 for $4.99 each, but you get it by March!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $4USD
    Get it for iOS

    Get the HCD app for all your iOS devices, delivered by February ($4.99 retail each)

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $15USD
    Android X 3 and iOS!

    Get the HCD app for ALL your iOS devices, and EARLY RELEASE for three (3) Android devices.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $45USD
    BONUS RF Bug Detector!!

    Everything from the previous Perk, PLUS Get our $54 Radio Frequency bug and spy camera detector! Make sure there are no wireless bugs at your place! (Free shipping in the US, add $10 for shipping outside the USA)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $65USD
    2 X Hardware RF Bug Detectors

    Everything from the previous Perk PLUS another RF Detector for a friend! (Over $125 retail for everything in this perk!!!!!) (Free shipping in the US, add $10 for shipping outside the USA)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $95USD
    2 X RF Detectors PLUS camera

    Everything from the previous Perk PLUS a key-chain remote spy camera to practice with. Impress and educate your friends by showing the detector at work! (Over $180 retail for everything in this perk!!!!!) (Free shipping in the US, add $10 for shipping outside the USA)

    0 claimed
  • $300USD
    Personal Security Evaluation

    Everything from the previous Perk, PLUS a one hour personal security evaluation by the CEO of Logan Security, a nationally recognized security expert at your service. Topics can range from counter surveillance concerns to advice on traditional security needs such as cameras and physical security. In person in or near Portland Oregon, otherwise by phone or Skype. See www.logansecurity.com for services and expertise.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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