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Smart bracelet bluetooth4.0 with gesture recognition for exchange contacts. RealTime Notifications
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07 February 2015 - Hi everyone!

After the end of the indiegogo campaign part two  (November 26, 2014) you can still pre-order hicon for a limited period of time and save up to 45%!

Get ‘em while they’re hot!

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com

Thank you.

The hicon team: Johnny, Vittorio, Marco, Gilles and Tomaso

25 September 2014 - Dear Friends and Supporters,
Click on the image Below to Discover the new amazing hicon on Indiegogo  campaign part two.

20 September 2014 - Dear Friends and Supporters,

in the last month following your feedback, suggestions and ideas, we have worked hard on a very important implementation of hicon. Now, we are proud  to announce  that  we have  successfully achieved this  goal.

This very important implementation is almost completed. Next week we will receive the final  prototypes and we will share with all of you the images of the first models of hicon with OLED display on the new hicon Indiegogo Campaign, so stay tuned with us!

We are advancing well toward the finalized product even if this important implementation was not scheduled into our production time line. According to the new plan we will be able to ship to early adopters already in late December. Mass production will follow shortly and relative shipment will start by end of January 2015

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com

Thank you again... we feel so grateful for your support, comments and ideas.

The hicon team: Johnny, Vittorio, Marco, Gilles and Tomaso


18 august 2014 - Hi everyone!

We want to inform all our supporters that we will fulfill  all the contribution, 100%, regardless the indiegogo goal.

After the end of the indiegogo campaign (August 19, 2014) you can still pre-order hicon sending an email at info@things-lab.com

We  are working on a pre-order shop too  and it will be available in the next few  weeks directly from  the official  website:  www.hiconbangle.com/en 

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com

Thank you.

The hicon team: Johnny, Vittorio, Marco, Gilles and Tomaso

Already featured in:

hicon smart wristband is all your social networks, made wearable.

Hi - We are Tomaso, Gilles, Johnny, Marco and Vittorio from Milan (Italy) and Lugano (Swiss) and we want to tell you about a product we really believe in. It's called hicon - The social Bangle, and it can simplify your life, keeping you  always updated  only about smartphone notifications and social network events that are really important for You.

The idea:

In the internet of things and wearable technologies market, wearable devices and smart wristbands lack a true “social display” that enable them to:

  • Communicate our personality and affiliation to particular social spheres.
  • Encourage visual recognition and physical interaction between other members of the same social networks:
  • Updates to keep us connected to our social networks in all situations where we cannot have our Smartphone close to us: at school in business meetings, on the beach, while doing sports, while driving, etc.

The Concept:

hicon is a groundbreaking, wearable communicator that helps you effortlessly share and organize all your social media.  Tether this fashion smart wristband wirelessly to any smartphone via its intuitive app and go!   Now all your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Viber, WhatsApp and Google Plus are represented by customized icons displayed right on your wrist.  When an alert goes to your smartphone, hicon gently vibrates and lights up in real-time, displaying your specified social network.  hicon also makes meeting new people a breeze.  When users with matching preset interests come in contact, the band will blink to help you make a connection.  hicon brilliantly brings on-line social networking to the physical space.  When it's time to transfer information between devices, do it with a simple hand shake ... it's that easy!  hicon even locates your misplaced phone.  It's 100% waterproof, sand and shock proof, so you can wear it ANYWHERE.

Meet hicon:

hicon wristband is a hi-tech, silicone material shatterproof,
 shockproof and waterproof, avaible in many colors and textures, with interchangeable
 social network and smartphone notification icons, it is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to your
 smartphone through its application. Whenever you receive a notification from social 
networks or by smartphone applications (mail messages, phone calls, battery
life), the corresponding icon lights up and vibrates with discretion. Thanks to the feature “social matching”, you can exchange contacts and references of the social network through the bracelets with  predefined gesture, so we can easily find ourselves in the “virtual” world, share common 
interests and passions on the various social network sites, used to generate community 
that multiply the spread of the bracelet.

How it works:

Plug the icons  you prefer! The icons will illuminate and the bracelet vibrates every time your smartphone receives a notification. Might be an incoming call, calendar alert, text message, email  or events of your social networks. You can dismiss every notification with a  simple shake of your wrist.  

Always connected through Bluetooth 4.0 !      

 You can add contacts to your phone and  exchange social media profiles  with just a high-five with  or a simple handshake. By tagging digital functions to this friendly gesture that comes naturally to us, hicon gives more meaning to your social interactions. Share your contacts and let your network grow!

Thanks to the feature “social matching”, hicon lights itself and discreetly warns you when you meet special people really related to you, your world and your passions and interests

Thanks to the feature “radar" you can find through a geo-referenced map the profiles of other bangle bracelet users around you. You can exchange and
 share contacts, references, common interests and passions and generate new

The hicon bangle acts like a tether to your phone, letting you know if you’ve left it behind. hicon wristband will notify you immediately lighting all the icons simultaneously when you go out of range. The 30/50ft separation alert will make sure your smartphone is always safe and secure.

hicon bangle Highlights:

Express your style:

Textures, colors and interchangeable icons to make your bracelet unique and capable of expressing the most of your social profile.

Always up to date:

Notification calls, SMS, instant messaging and social pages: the hicon smart wristband vibrates and specific  icons light up.

With you wherever you go:

The wide range of colours, the elegant design and hypoallergenic materials make hicon the ideal accessory in every context.

Hi-Tech resistant:

hicon Bangle, is made of shatter-proof silicone material, it is waterproof and shockproof.

Always connected:

Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to be always connected with your smart phone and never miss a notification.

Make new acquaintances:

You can meet each other in the real world and share business and social network contacts with a simple handshake.

Which feature/function do you want hicon to add the most?

Dear Supporters,

Many of you have given us AWESOME IDEAS! However, we want to make sure we bring you the features and functions that YOU most want for hicon

Vote for the feature or function you want most for hicon below and we'll get to work on bringing the most popular choices to you!


 The Black hicon tone on tone  based on the new and improved design  is now available as new perk:

These are just some of the features:

  • Choice and subsequent custom configuration of smartphone notifications you want to activate on the hicon wristband: call, email, sms, low phone battery life, calendar.
  • Choice and  configuration with icons of social networks and activation of related notifications: follow, likes, messages, friend requests and comments.
  • Stop receiving a notification with a simple shake of the wrist
  • Search and display geo-referenced “radar” of the profiles of other hicon users with the same affinity as ours (level of affinity, which generates a notification on the bracelet customizable by each user) and installed with the same icons of our social networks.
  • Gesture recognition: Exchange and storing business contacts and social networks through personalized gesture (clap, handshake, give me five) or via app if we are physically far; each user can choose which social and business contacts to make them public and then share via configuration App.
  • hicon smart wristband lights itself and vibrates if you move to more than 30 meters from your smartphone.

The hicon companion App:

hicon is also an App dedicated and free, which together with the bracelet allows you to make new acquaintances and to “socialize“. Thanks to the feature “social matching”, you can exchange contacts and references of the social networks, you can easily find yourselves in the “virtual” world, share common interests and passions on the various social network platforms, used to generate community that multiply the spread of the hicon bracelet. Up to you to set the privacy level of your profile. You can decide what to share and what to look for. You set the maximal frequency of alerts and the priorities.

With hicon App you can record your favorite social networks and then associate them with the interchangeable icons:

Just a few simple steps to enter the world of hicon and you begin to receive notifications via Bluetooth from your smartphone to your hicon bangle.

Tech Specs:


Height: 3-8 mm Width: 13 mm  Diameter: 50-74 mm Weight: ~30 gr.


Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE: hicon connects with modern smartphones and tablets thanks to the establishing Bluetooth 4 protocol.


  • Lighting up icons with flashing lights.
  • 3D accelerometer that measures your motion patterns to determine your   gesture, your activity and tap commands (like double tap with a finger on the  bracelet).
  • hicon smart wristband also contains a vibration motor, which allows it to vibrate everytime hicon receives notifications.


The hicon Lithium-polymer battery lasts approximately 14 days when fully charged. You can see your battery level on your mobile application.

Charging is done simply by plugging hicon in any standard USB port.


Modern Apple Devices: iPhone 4s and newer iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer iPad 3rd Gen and newer iPad mini and newer

Modern Android Devices Android 4.3 and later


hicon is waterproof. It should be able to brave all the elements of your everyday life whether you're in the shower or out in the rain.

26 July 2014 - Very important Update: improved design for hicon:

To celebrate this improved design, we have  a new perk for all the IndieGoGo supporters. The Black hicon tone on tone is now available as new perk.

Where are we now?

*see the following hicon prototypes image gallery:

  • Concept ok and first improved design implemented (26 july)

  • Prototype done and in use

  • Software Basis ok

  • Expanding features

  • Production partners identified

Up to this point, we have been able to create dozens of functioning prototypes with the help of dedicated, smart folks who have put in their time and love in the past months to get us to this point. We are now debugging our mobile app, fine-tuning our web server and learning new tricks day after day.

Next Steps:

  • While we're getting close to mass production, we still need your help and support to get the “hicon onto your wrists”. Your contribution will help us with:
  • final quick prototyping and modifications
  • final 3d model for manufacturing
  • Evaluation and adjustment tooling
  • Series product run
  • Test series
  • Modification series
  • Optimize the BOM and send the orders
  • Confirm the Bluetooth BT4 certifications (FCC, IC, CE, etc.)
  • Electronics (SMT) production and testing.
  • mechanical assembly and testing
  • Packaging and shipping

The development team and production

  • Around the project hicon bangle we have composed a fully team committed as follows:
  • Electronic and industrial design engineers for the programming of the microprocessor and the physical design of the bracelet.
  • Developers iOS, Android and Windows for the development and implementation of applications
  • Graphic web designers for the graphical part of the website and app
  • Expert in Social media marketing and communication for the actions of Public Relation. 

About Things-Lab company

Things-Lab is founded by a group of tech enthusiasts with a background in mobile application, electronics, marketing and designers. The natural mix of their competences brings out ideas in the domain of Internet of Things and wearable devices. 

Things-Lab objects are unique in their simple design and easy to use characteristics, that is what people love from our work.

Company’s primary area of activity:
Internet of things, wearable devices, Connected devices.

Production Timeline:

Help make it happen for hicon smart wristband social bracelet with interchangeable social network icons and The hicon team! 

New Perk available for Indiegogo Supporters: Black hicon  tone on tone:

Avaible Colors:

Please share our story and  follow us on Facebook! Sharing hicon with your friends would be a huge help for us!

Hi Everyone,

today we decided to launch a reward/referral campaign for hicon!

We want to give you your hicon for free! For every $245 in contributions from people you refer, we'll give you a hicon for free. That means if you refer 5 people that back our campaign and choose one or more hicon as their perk, your hicon is literally free!

How it works:

Simply pledge for a hicon to get your personal tracking URL then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the hicon page). Spread the word about hicon with your friends all over the Internet and you'll earn your  free hicon quickly! 

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Other easy ideas that takes a few seconds to do:

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Important Note : 

You can only be tracked as a "Campaigner" in the  Stats section if you are logged into an Indiegogo account when you use any of the Share Tools on our campaign. 

Any user that does not have an Indiegogo account can still have their referrals tracked on our  campaign's Referrals tab once you have  contributed to our hicon campaign. 

In the coming days we will be sending out an update to each of you with a status and confirmation of your referrals, so keep an eye out for it! 

Thank you again... we feel so grateful for your support, comments and ideas.

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com

Let's do it together!

Risk of challenge:

The first challenge we will face is mass production. As a company, our goal is to bring our customers the utmost satisfaction with everything we make. The combined experience of our team members offers an extensive background in product development and mass production. Yet, in reality, there is always uncertainty in large-scale production and scheduling of shipments. In order to mitigate these risks, we are partnering with some of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers in the industry who are specialized in high-end consumer electronics. Timing is the other challenge we will be facing. Before we can sell our product to the market, we need to obtain certifications such as FCC and CE to meet industry legal requirements. Usually, certification takes about four weeks and we would apply for it two months before our first shipment. We have high hopes that we will pass all certifications . However, if the product fails due to a reason that is not accounted for, we will be looking at a one- to three-months delay. Despite the risks and challenges ahead of us, we promise to continuously update you all on our progress and any other important news.

We've worked pretty hard to get this far...love to hear your thoughts :)

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com


They talk about us:

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Q: What sizes are available for hicon social smart wristband?  A: hicon fits to your wrist thanks to the adjustable wristband for wrist circumference from 160 mm to 232 mm.

Q: How long does the battery last?  A: With a fully charged battery the hicon bangle will work for 14 days based on an average of 47 notifications per day.

Q: How to recharge the hicon bangle? A: You can recharge the battery of the hicon bangle simply connecting the waterproof USB integrated in the bracelet to a laptop or any generic charging adapter with USB port. The charging time for a fully charged battery is only 40 minutes via a laptop!

Q: Does the hicon bangle work with my phone? A: The hicon bangle and its App work with any mobile phone that uses Android4.3 and up, and iOS 6 and up such as iPhone 4s and successives.

Q: What are the dimensions of the hicon bangle ? A: The thickness of the band is 4mm mm and the thickness of the part that houses the electronics is only9 mm. The band width is 16mm all along its circumference.

Q: How to connect the hicon wristband to my phone? A: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, look for hicon wristband  BLE device and once you see it, pair the device and launch the App. And let’s go!

Q: What is the connectivity range? A: In theory the range is 100 meters but in practice it's usually around 50 meters depending on geographic, atmospheric, and urban conditions.

Q: Does hicon bangle support Windows Phone 8? A: We focus on Android and iPhone now because we have only a limited budget. We hope to add it in the future though! You can follow us on Facebook and website for the latest updates!

Q: Is hicon bangle compatible with all the social networks? A: Not all the social Networks officially support the necessary Bluetooth profiles for compatibility with the hicon but We will try some workarounds after the core development has been finalized and will update all backers by then about the complete list of the social networks that we will connect to the hicon bangle.

Q: Is the hicon bangle waterproof? A: Yes, the hicon bangle is waterproof.

Q: Wich colors are available? A: hicon is available in dark or light  plus the following fashion colours: (P)Placid Blu, (V)Violet Tulip, (F)Freesia and (C)Celosia orange. Only for indiegogo supporters we have created a limited edition color (Hemlock).

Q: What kind of warranty will you offer for hicon smart bracelet? A: We offer one year replacement for any damages to internal parts or batteries, and all you need to pay for is shipping.

Thank you for supporting our project! 

For any questions, feel free to email us at: info@things-lab.com

                                                                                                             The hicon Team

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