Hicks on Sticks

A road trip doc 12 years in the making about skateboarding, chasing your dream, brotherhood, and passion.

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All of the support we have received on this campaign is so inspiring and motivating! Thank you everybody who has contributed and everyone who is going to contribute! Everyone should start an IndieGoGo campaign and we should all help each other out!

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mike soren filmmakers

Hi! We are an indie filmmaking duo from Vancouver, Canada.

Soren Johnstone is a Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer - @skjohnstone

Michael Babiarz is a Producer, and Creative Director - @mikebabz


hicks on sticks movie

We are currently working on editing our second feature, HICKS ON STICKS. It's a documentary that follows a small town skateboarding/ music tour during the summer of 1999. It's a film about skateboarding, music, passion, friendship, and building your dream out of nothing.
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play with fire

We recently finished our first feature film, PLAY WITH FIRE, with no budget, minimal gear, and a very small crew. It has been in the works for 4 years now, with 13 months of grueling production. We self released the film on DVD and set up our own small theatrical tour. We are now exploring distribution options. PLAY WITH FIRE has been very well received and was awarded BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto. Visit the website to see the trailer HERE and see all of the press and reviews we have received HERE.

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We are going to give 5% of all contributions back to other worthy crowdfunding campaigns

We think crowdfunding is a fascinating phenomena. Never before has it been so available for independent artists to find funding for their work. This is revolutionary. But it has to be a circle of love. If everyone that takes part in crowdfunding campaigns gives back to other campaigns, imagine the possibilities. Anyone, no matter where they live or how much money they make can realize their dreams. This is why we want to give back to other independent artists, and give 5% of all contributions we get to their campaigns.
See what INDIEGOGO thinks about our revolutionary idea here - http://bit.ly/dECY5U

What we are asking for and giving you in return:

We need $10K to finish the film. There are hundreds of hours of great footage and piles of photos to edit. We are doing updated interviews with the cast. We have an up and coming musician from Vancouver, Aaron Read, scoring the film. It needs a good sound mix. We need a solid website, and want to submit the film to some festivals.

You are not just donating your money. For your contributions you are getting some good stuff in return. DVD pre-orders of "Hicks on Sticks" -  Limited Edition DVDs of our first award winning feature, "Play With Fire" - Custom "Hicks on Sticks" t-shirts - Special Thanks and Associate Producer credits in the film.

And of course, you get the satisfaction of being a part of making a really great film.

Play With Fire DVD

Above is an actual image of the Play With Fire Limited Edition DVD - Happily printed on 100% recycled cardboard using vegetable based inks.  The DVD contains the 84 minute film in all its glory and is stacked full of extra features exclusive to the DVD.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our campaign. If you have contributed or are thinking about contributing, know that your investment in us is hugely appreciated as you are truly helping us realizing our dream of being independent filmmakers and that we are going to continue supporting other artists in their dreams.

Team on This Campaign: