Hermit: Monster killer! Den gamle och monstret!

In a small town in the woods Sweden a group of unlikely characters have to come together to defend themselves from a very angry and deadly threat.

What the heck is this?

Ola Paulakoski is an award winning filmmaker in Sweden. He began his feature film career in 2003 with working on special effects for “Stinger”.  Shoreline Entertainment later distributed to HBO Asia. His focus is on horror/action feature films He was first international recognized for the short film “The Werewolf Cult Chronicles” Ola Paulakoski has also worked and second unit director on movies like “Angry” starring Bo Svenson from “Kill Bill” and “Inglorious Basterds” and now currently finishing up the horror film “Some Diggin’ To Do”. He also been working professionally directing and produced several music videos and commercials behind the scenes material for theatrical feature films.

"I’ve been working on this script for 10 years now with my writing partner Fred Anderson. The script is perfect  now and completely waterproof. I’ve been trying to get funding from the Swedish film funds and some private investors but haven’t had any luck. In Sweden they mostly fund drama films. I’ve budgeted the special effects of the film really low, but I aim for something big and realistic. Right now I’m trying every possible way to get this funded. We need to start creating all the effects,  props etc  which we cannot afford yet. I want to make an amazing movie! I would be forever grateful to all of you if you make this dream come true! I would like to give you all a big hug and put a big thank you in the credits of the film! :) /Ola Paulakoski"

Ola Paulakoskis youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OlaPaulakoski?feature=mhee 


What We Need & What You Get

We’re shooting this movie during a 2 month schedule, we need funding for the actors to have somewhere to stay. Catering and renting of equipment. But mainly it’s for building a huge creature which is central to the story.

It's a large animatronic monster that requires a lot of material , something we’ve budgeted for. We also need funding to pay the digital effects people…. And also be able to pay ourselves so we can be shooting safely for two months. I have kids to feed and a lot of us working on this need a pretty long break from our day jobs. I’m good at entertaining people, every time I make a commercial music video I always manage to get great feedback,  because people find it very entertaining -  whether it’s scary or funny or something emotional. I’ve been making home movies since I was a kid and always had the urge to show others what I’ve done and hope to entertain. So I hope that everyone who sees this film will be entertained have a good time and I hope we can make such a great film technically we can get it theatrical. If I get a career from this as a feature filmmaker I’ll promise to bring entertainment , heart and thoughts into every film I make.

If we don’t reach the goal we might cut costs on creating the special effects I might cancel my own salary and put it in the production instead.


The Impact

It might change Swedish cinema and bring out something new here,  a very entertaining action adventure film that contains both heart and some drama, but still is an awesome monster movie at the end of the day. The Norwegians did it and the Swedes can do it also!

"Hermit: Monster Killer" is a entertaining, gory and cool monster film in the same vein as Tremors, Grabbers and Shaun of the Dead!


And also a special deal for 1500 dollar you can get the Werewolf that was used in Ola Paulakoskis The werewolf cult chronicles: Vietnam 1969. And you can make your own werewolfmovie or just keep it as a memorabilia movie prop. 

HELP! Now we need your help and support to make our feature film Hermit: Monster killer! the greatest film we possibly can to reach international markets, give your support, we are grateful for all contributions $ 1, $ 10, $ 100 - everything received with gratitude!


HELP! Nu behöver vi din hjälp och stöd för att kunna göra vår långfilm Den gamle och monstret så bra att vi når dom internationella marknaderna, ge ditt stöd- Vi är tacksamma för alla bidrag 1 $, 10$,100$- allt mottages med stor tacksamhet!

The werewolf

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