Hepatitis Integrated Programs & Services

Hepatitis Integrated Programs and Services (HIPS) delivers help to those living with Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS or homeless.

Living with Hepatits C, HIV/AIDs can be devastating in itself but what if you were homeless also?

The Leather Foundation has created a unique program that offers direct services such as food, emergency shelter, transportation, clothing and other services.  But more importantly we offer case management both Intense and Supportive.  Another feature is that we have Crisis Intervention specialists that are on call 24 hours 7 days a week.,  We have a dedicated Nurse Case Management on staff.

Another feature of Hepatitis Integrated Programs and Services (HIPS) is that we do not spend out hard raised cash by having an office.  We go to the clients where ever the client is or feels comfortable to meet us at.  Thus reducing our overhead and allowing us to send more on the clients and their needs.

We work with other organizations, churches, and businesses in providing these services as well as government agencies such as the Veterans Administration.

Check out our website www.theleatherfoundation.org top see the work that we do.

The contributions that you provide will be used to allow clients to have the immediate concerns of everyday living met but also allows them the medication that is expensive and an opportunity to live life to their fullest.  Am effort that is stymied daily with the lack of medication or education.

We are setting a goal of raising $5000.  This is money set aside to purchase test kits to make sure that people know their HIV status and their Hepatitis C status and if found positive to be able to begin medical coverage with the guidance and everyday support from our case management staff.  All money received will go into the HIPS fund even if we do not meet our goal of $5000.  Whatgever amount you generously donate will go to help people that cannot do it without your and my help.

Finding out the status of HIV and Hepatits C status will enable people to begin medication sooner if found to be positive and prolong their lives and reduce the rate of infection or re-infection.

If you cannot make a contribution at this time send us your email and we will keep you apprised of what we do and when we do it.  You will know what you can do by helping others in a very direct and personal way.   If  you feel so inclined we also can accept in-kind contributions especially in the way of food and condoms.

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