Henry Lewy: The Man Behind the Music

Henry Lewy, the story of the unsung giant among the music producers/engineers of the rock era.
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NEWLY ADDED PERK 8/30... A Signed copy of Graham Nash's Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life (Yours at a contribution of $250 but limited quantity so hurry!)

This documentary film is the story of Henry Lewy, the unsung giant among the music producers/engineers of the rock era.  A man with an unparalleled ability to create an environment in his studio where the talent of Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Joan Baez, The Doors, The Flying Burrito Bros, Leonard Cohen and so many more—could grow and flourish. Surprisingly, when we began to work on this documentary, there wasn't even a Wikipedia entry for Henry! He was a modest man. He almost never granted interviews and shunned publicity.  Few outside of his close circle of friends knew the extent of his talent. That's why we are here to tell you his story...

Director/Producer Bob Burton first met Henry in 1978 and for the next 28 years Henry became his mentor and friend. Shortly before Henry died, he gave Bob his personal journals and photos from his incredible life's journey. At that moment, Bob pledged to tell Henry's story. That's where you come in and you can help.

Burton and production partner Evan Archerd have formed Below Stairs Productions to create and produce this documentary film to honor the "man behind the music". We're hoping to move quickly on the production of this film so  we don't miss the opportunity to interview those who knew and worked with Henry.

We have begun to connect with an incredible list of  artists and musicians for their participation in this project and to date have commitments from Joni Mitchell,  Herb Alpert, Chris Hillman (Founder of The Byrds/Flying Burrito Bros.),  Stephen Bishop,  and Mark Isham (Composer of A River Runs Through It, et al), Bernie Grundman, Roscoe Beck, Max Bennett, Leah Kunkel and Steve Katz. We have already filmed interviews with Henry's sister Eva along with other members of his family. Our current outreach list also includes Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Joan Baez, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker and many, many more.

Your support is a critical component to filming these additional interviews. At the conclusion of this phase of production we will create a special, first edition of the documentary film.

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to complete the filming of the initial interviews in Prescott, AZ, Los Angeles and British Columbia. Expenses include (but are not limited to) camera and lighting crews for each location, studio rental (when at A&M studios in Hollywood) and travel for both camera and production crews. The edited interviews will be combined with additional researched video footage plus photographs highlighting Henry's incredible journey. A journey that took him from escaping Nazi Germany to the pinnacle of the music business in Los Angeles. The remaining funds will be used for post production needs including: editing, sound and music mixing and color correction.

Although our expected release date of this special edition video is summer of 2015, there's always a risk that we may run into unexpected delays along the way. We will certainly keep you posted on our progress and notify you if our schedule needs to be adjusted due to artists schedules.

Best of all, in addition to telling the story of Henry and his impact on music history, we have some amazing perks to offer you. From never seen before photos of Joni Mitchell, a signed copy of her new book "Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words" and a chance of a lifetime tour of the venues that played the music produced and engineered by this unsung hero, you'll be graciously rewarded and thanked for all you do to help us tell Henry's story.

While we are confident that the goal we set is conservative and realistic, if we fall short, our first interview will be with Joni Mitchell in British Columbia. Joni and Henry represent the greatest collaboration in rock music history, cutting 13 albums together. Next we will interview Herb Alpert, who founded A&M records. Henry was chief audio engineer at A&M Studios for 16 years. 

The principal partners in the documentary film, Bob Burton and Evan Archerd draw no salaries from the production company. Initial organizational office space is also handled out of our homes. All expenses thus far have been donated by the partners to the operation at no cost. Whenever feasible and possible, we will utilize interns to complete some of the work required thus providing an opportunity for education and resume building to young people interested in the documentary film business. If you are interested in an internship related to this project, please contact us at www.belowstairsproductions.com. 

Henry was a treasure, a man who deserves this tribute. He put aside his ego so that creativity could flourish in the nurturing environment of his studio. He believed that this free flow of creativity - without judgment - built trust with the artist, and that’s when the magic happens. With Henry it was never about himself, he always put the artist first. He was not interested in putting his distinctive stamp on every record he made. He helped each artist he worked with to fulfill the vision of their art and their music. Henry believed in the Zen of the recording art: the beauty of the work will emerge only if you let it, never if you force it. 

      Henry was a beautiful man, let us show you... please donate today! 

Note: If you are interested in a tax deductible contribution, please visit our website:  www.belowstairsproductions.com and click on the Fractured Atlas logo or click here: Fractured Atlas (current donation amount: $6,150)



we know many of you will be happy to contribute just to learn the                            untold story of the "man behind the music"!

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     Newly (soon to be) released book, signed by Joni's lifelong friend, Malka Marom, is yours for a                     contribution of $150 (plus more)...

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Once in a lifetime opportunity...

  a guided tour with the producers of the film to the legendary music clubs in LA, where the folk rock revolution started!  (And no, this is not a tease! We just need to                         limit to a handful of you so space is limited! Act fast!)


            You can't miss the party!! 

Contribute $200 and help us Celebrate the Life of Henry! We'll do it in style in one of Fodor's Travel recently named "one of America's 10 Best Small Towns", home of the World Famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival and one of the fastest growing wine region's in the US! We'll even help arrange your visit and act as your personal                                                   concierge. How can you say no?
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    Author Signed, First Edition

    Wow, now we really owe you… with a signed copy by author Malka Marom of the new book "Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words". Malka and Joni reveal seven decades of life and art, discussing the influence of Joni’s childhood, love and loss, playing dives and huge festivals, acclaim and criticism, poverty and affluence, glamorous triumphs and tragic mistakes. But this perk doesn't stop there! You still get the DVD, photo and thank you in film credits.

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    You sure helped get this party started!! This will definitely be one of those nights for you and a guest at our Sponsors Premiere Party in Ashland, OR. Meet the producers and director and watch the film live on the big screen. And of course we didn't forget - you still get the DVD, the photo of Joni and Henry and the thank you in the film credits. (Transportation and lodging not included)

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    Graham Nash Autographed Book

    Your very own signed copy of Graham Nash's candid and riveting autobiography that belongs on the reading list of every classic rock fan. Learn the story of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young told by Graham himself.

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    Don’t want to miss the party? We totally understand and can relate! Receive all of the $250 level perks above plus an invitation for 2 to the Sponsors Premier Party in Ashland, OR. (Transportation and lodging not included)

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    Listen to the master's voice

    Listen to the master’s voice... Until last year, this audio recording of an in depth interview of Henry and Joni Mitchell was believed to be lost. But the interview has not only been found, but restored to its original quality. Hear Joni and Henry discus her songs, and how they worked together to create her classic records. Plus receive the never before seen photo of Joni and Henry and the special first release of the DVD of the film.

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    Now we’re rolling out the red carpet for you! You and a guest will take a guided tour with the producers of the film to the legendary music clubs in LA where the folk rock revolution started: The Whiskey a Go Go, The Troubadour, The Roxy and more! Plus you will receive the rare, unique photo of Joni and Henry and the special first edition film of the DVD. Transportation and lodging to LA not included mutually acceptable dates will be arranged.

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    You are our Henry hero! You will receive "Produced In Association With - Your personal name or Company Name" above the title of the film plus a special invite to the our Premiere party.

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