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This campaign is about helping kids that are behind and school and in need of our extra help and support of there education.
Uplifting Kids
Avondale, Arizona
United States
1 Team Member
This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Uplifting Kids Inc, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

Uplifting Kids, Inc. is currently a 501c Nonprofit Organization.

Uplifting Kids,Inc.’s mission is to keep kids off the streets and uplift them when they  are going through rough times in life whether it is drugs, gangs, crime,  troubled homes, or issues with their lives. This organization is being created to provide a boys and girls club  where the youth can do activities together and stay away from negative situations. We will have various activities that give youth and their families something to look forward to and  keep them positive rather than negative. Our main focus is to put a smile on their face, give them something  positive to look forward to, and keep them from committing crimes or other negative behavior.


Our Goal

Many  youth in the all over the world have become involved with negative situations  such as drugs, gangs, or crime because they do not have positive activities to participate in. Due to grades and school  attendance they are not eligible to participate in school sports programs and  after school activities so they are left to their own devices. Uplifting Kids wants to change this by  giving youth opportunities for positive activities such as field trips, camping, and participating in movie nights, sports, and community events. We also want to have social nights where  youth can discuss with their peers and parents the day to day problems they are facing. We believe it is important to bring the community together through events that foster a greater sense of  community and togetherness.

Our Program

Our services will be built around activities and programs for kids and parents who want to be involved. Through our activities we want to bring families back together and keep  this a crime free organization and community. The activities will be conducted out of community locations. Uplifting Kids, Inc. will have a target market of youth ages 4 to 18.

We believe that social and recreational activities are very  important to the development of youth. As we grow we will implement sporting activities such as football, basketball, soccer, track, and volleyball for youth. These activities are especially important for  youth who cannot participate in school sports because they cannot meet the school’s criteria and pay the required fees. The youth involved the sports programs will pay little to no fees  depending upon our level of funding.

Many of today’s youth are very creative but have no outlet  for that creativity. Uplifting Kids wants to help them express their creativity by offering drawing, painting, and other art activities. These activities will be held primarily afterschool and on the weekends during the  school year and possibly during the day when school is out. We will have certain days of the week that  will be in a calendar of activities given to each participating youth and  parent where we are offering the art activities.

Uplifting Kids offer programs where when youth  are on school breaks we take the kids camping and on field trips. Many of these youth never see nature or communities outside of their neighborhoods. The camping trips will help youth learn about nature and see it for all its glory. The field trips we take youth  on may include museums, plays, movies, or another type of community or cultural  event. We want to broaden the horizons of area youth by introducing them to subjects and situations they may be  unfamiliar with.

We also want to offer educational activities for area youth. These activities may include assistance with homework, tutoring,  studying for tests, or applying for college. The educational activities will be conducted by volunteers from area  schools, churches, and the community. In the calendar given to each youth we will have designated days for these activities so youth know when assistance will be available.


We need 20,000 to help keep theses very special classes going for the children and youth, theses funds will go towards there testing supplies, classes, materials the kids will need such as computers, and more desks and etc.
This program will help any child that is in need of our support.

You will help a great number of children and there education by simply making a generous donation any donation over $25.00 is tax deductible.

We will do a video of the progress with the kids after funding have been made.

If you can't support this wonderful project please we ask that you spread it threw word of mouth and ask all of your friends and family to copy this link on there facebook or twitter pages and get involved in theses wondeful kids future.

Without your help Uplifting Kids cannot continue to offer theses wonderful benefits to children at free of cost. Help make a difference, Please give theses kids something positive they can look forward to and education comes first .




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