Helping Small Businesses and supporting the Philippines

I am currently raising capital for my lending company and we are also donating 10% of all donations to the Philippines. **Read Below**

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My name is Shaheed Bailey and I am a 26 year old entrepreneur, father, advocate and known for having huge heart. I am the Founder and CEO of McChesney Street Lending Capital, LLC, which is named after the street I grew up on in Orange, NJ. McChesney Street Lending Company,  LLC is a technology  based lending company that will provide loans to small businesses and entrepreneur,  who have been denied by traditional banks and lending institutions. I have two beautiful daughters Zyara (7) and Madison (2), who inspire me every day to not give up on my dream. I belong to a movement, Young Minds Can, where I am an Ambassador. We are all about inspiring and empowering our youth to think like entrepreneurs and not let their current situation dictate their future. We also encourage other entrepreneur, who may be on the verge of giving up on their dreams because of the naysayers. I am known for having a huge heart because of my selflessness and how I am always looking for a way to help and impact someone’s life without looking for something in return. My background is in banking, finance and sales. I’ve worked for Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo, on Wall St and in the mortgage industry.

I am running this campaign to help raise the needed funds to take my company to the next level. I have been working on
building my company for years and have invested money into the company to get it to where it is now. We are trying to raise $250,000 to help with the development of the proprietary intellectual property, create a website, write up our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), obtain office space and produce our first set of loans. I am passionate about helping others and when I saw everything that happened in 2008 financial meltdown: I saw an opportunity in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs who could not obtain traditional bank loans to help grow and/or save their business. Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and without their growth we cannot maintain a healthy economy or lower the unemployment rate. I believe that I started the campaign at the right time, because I said before, I love to help others, so I decided to donate 10% of all donations to the Philippines. If we only raise $250,000, well 10% is going to the Philippines because that is more important than my company raising all the funds needed. Every dollar we receive through donations, 10% will be sent to the Red Cross to go to the Philippines. This campaign means so much to not only me, but those that look up to me for encouragement. I have touched so many people and they look for me to succeed. I named my company after the street I grew up on because it is filled with poverty and I wanted my community to feel proud of where they come from and feel a part of something.

With each contribution and donation 10% of the funds will go to the Philippines to help them with their needs, such as food, clothes, clean water etc. With this campaign, you are not only helping me realize my dream, but those affected by the typhoon, small businesses who may be on the verge of closing their doors and helping to stimulate the economy, because with my company I will be able to provide a real reliable service to small businesses. This campaign is bigger than me and just starting a company, it’s the huge impact that it can have on others through the 10% donations and my company being able to provide loans to those who were turned down by the banks.

The rewards we are offering is different from a normal campaign,  because we provide a service and don’t have a physical product, so the rewards are as follows:

$1.00 contribution will get you a
big thank you email along with knowing that 10% is going to help a family in
the Philippines.

$25.00 contribution will get you
a thank you email, 10% of the donation going to the Philippines to help a
family and a T-shirt with the company logo signed by the CEO

$100.00 will get you everything
mentioned above with a pen with your name engraved in it.

$500.00 will get you everything
above and your name on our website as a contributor

$1,000 will get you everything
above with a hat and a keychain

$5,000 will get you everything
above and dinner with the CEO and President in NYC

$10,000 will get you everything
above but instead of dinner only, you will spend a whole day with the CEO and
President in NYC and go sight-seeing and have a normal conversation to get to
know us on a personal level.

To ensure that our donors know that 10% of their donation is going to the Red Cross to help families in the Philippines, we have included a contact name within the Red Cross and materials to show authenticity. The contact name is Kimberly Goetz and her email is Kimberly.goetz@redcross.org. Her phone number is 609-951-2114.

I cannot do this alone, so I am reaching out to all of to help me take my company from where it is now to where I know it can be. I am on a mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs continue to realize their dreams and not lose their entrepreneurial spirit, while helping those in the Philippines who desperately need our help. This campaign again is bigger than just me getting my company to the next level, but also helping others along the way. Why not be a blessing to others? Young Minds Can #YMC.

I would also like for anyone who would like to know more about me, the company or the campaign to feel free to contact me via email at shaheed_bailey@yahoo.com or phone at 973-462-9954. Thank you and I appreciate everyone


Shaheed Bailey

CEO & Founder

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