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Funding to purchase an AquaSun water filter for Justin Wren, a former professional fighter now embedded in the Congo helping save the Pygmy population.
Robert Kugler
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Los Angeles, California
United States
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Who is the Hero?

Justin Wren

Justin "The Viking" Wren is a former professional Mixed Martial Artist, who has since given up his dream of being an athlete, and traded it for being something much more. I am a member of a MMA Forum called "The Underground" where often times fighters themselves will post and interact with the fans directly. I immediately took notice to his posts about Justin doing amazing things in the Congo to save the Pygmy population. I was inspired and tuned in to his posts. Then when he posted this picture of his water filtration system, I knew that I could offer help:

Justin has contracted malaria, typhoid, and black water fever while working in the Congo, and is in dire need of clean water. He is currently helping the village dig wells so that they may sustain their own water supply, but in the meantime he needs a much better system. 

When I travelled to Haiti in 2012, one of our sole purposes was to filter water for villagers, and we did so extremely efficiently with a product from Aqua Sun called the Responder S, a portable Unit that is Solar or 12 volt Powered. This unit weighs only 50 lbs and can, with the power of the sun, filter over 100 GALLONS of water per day.

What We Need:

The Aqua Sun Responder S, along with the appropriate filters that will allow it to be used daily for an ENTIRE YEAR is just over $2k. I am asking for $2500 to purchase the unit and cover shipping costs while any additional money that is raised passed the amount will go directly to the effort, such as requested Mosquito nets to help protect the villagers from the deadly diseases that mosquitos carry. This state of the art technology is above the rest because of it's portability, ease of use, efficiency, and that the power of the sun is all it needs to filter 100 gallons of water per day.

The Impact

It's easy to understand the need for clean water anywhere a human population is residing. Justin is heading up the digging of wells to get the Pygmy villagers fresh water, but in the meantime has been contracting various diseases such as Typhoid and Blackwater fever. This filter can not only help save his crew and locals from drinking dangerous water in the time that they wait for the wells to be dug, but also as a sustainable resource as it pumps 100 gallons of water per day on Solar Power, and the filters will last an entire year of continuous use before needing replaced at a reasonable cost. The group that I volunteered with in Haiti had one of these amazing units, and it was intentionally to be used for our water source as we helped the locals. Once our leaders saw it's impact on the communities, they decided to leave it with the locals and it has been a blessing for schools and orphanages around Port au Prince. I have no doubt that this machine will have an even larger impact for Justin's mission in the Congo.

Who am I?

Robert Kugler

I am a former Marine Staff Sergeant, turned Actor/Humanitarian. I came to the Los Angeles area nearly 4 years ago to pursue acting and have had some small successes, but in the last year have focused nearly 100% on Humanitarianism and Non-Profits, taking trips to Haiti a year after the earthquake to help teach first aid and filter water, Oklahoma for the tornado relief, as well as Illinois and Colorado for flood relief. I am involved in many NonProfit groups for Veterans, and strive to connect people from each Organization, so that we may have an unlimited collective network of resources. Once I read of Justin's work and saw his lack of good water filtration, I knew this was how I could help. 

Thank you so much for reading, and any contributions and sharing of this page are greatly appreciated.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot donate, you can still help by sharing the post and spreading the word, asking others to share as well! He also has an Indiegogo page for his Non Profit Fight for the Forgotten, HERE.

See the local Children in amazement of "The Great White Sasquatch:"

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