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On March 3, All Families Healthcare was severely vandalized. It was targeted because, along with many other services, this clinic provides abortions.
Maggie Moran
Kalispell, Montana
United States
4 Team Members
This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Montana Human Rights Network Inc, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

Short Summary

Susan Cahill has been offering family practice services in Kalispell, Montana since 1976.  She has provided abortions as one part of her comprehensive reproductive healthcare model--and this is why she has been targeted by anti-choice extremists.  The damage at All Families Healthcare has been described by Susan Cahill as "a total loss".  All of the equipment was systematically destroyed, records were trashed, and personal effects, including pictures and cards, were purposefully ruined.  Susan Cahill and the staff at All Families Healthcare need our support--emotionally and financially!  Read Cahill's own inspiring words in a letter to the editor for the Daily Interlake. 

*UPDATE: Since the attack we have learned several unsettling connections to an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center in Kalispell, Hope Pregnancy Ministries.  The suspected vandal's mother was a board member at Hope (she has since resigned) and the director at Hope, Michelle Reimer, has now admitted to purchasing Susan's old clinic space to "advance the cause of life".  The Montana Human Rights Network and NARAL Pro-Choice Montana have released statements regarding these connections and Democracy Now! did an in-depth interview with Susan.

We have been blown away by the amazing response so far from our friends in the reproductive justice movement across the United States!  Thank you all so much for your collective support.

*Please note: Any funds raised over the goal of $25,000 will be used and disbursed by Susan Cahill solely for the purposes of supporting her clinic and other providers of abortion in Montana, as well as supporting the reproductive justice movement statewide.  Rest assured that your contribution will be promoting reproductive freedom and choice--and you are making a very real impact.

What We Need 

All Families Healthcare has much work to do with clean-up.  Although insurance will recover a portion of the losses--much of the damage will not be covered.  Susan Cahill needs to: 

  • clean up the clinic from horrific damage.
  • pay her staff during this time of transition.
  • fulfill commitments on her newly-leased space.
  • recoup some of the loss of damaged equipment which was loaned to her by another healthcare practitioner

The Impact

As Susan Cahill said, "If women don’t band together and understand that this violence against me is also violence against them, then we’re just going to end up back [as things were] before [abortion] was legal".  We must stand together as a caring community to support Susan, the All Families staff, and anyone else who is a victim of violence. The vandalism and subsequent hiatus of abortion services in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley does nothing to reduce the need for these services--in fact, one could argue that the need now is greater than ever as Susan Cahill also provided services like pregnancy prevention.

When we began this project, we could never have dreamed of the outpouring of support we have seen! We want donors to be aware that funds raised over the goal may be used for purposes other than supporting All Families Healthcare. When we started this campaign, we asked Susan Cahill what a reasonable amount was to help her through the next couple months of transition. Susan (and all of us in the campaign) felt that $25,000 would be a fair, albeit very ambitious, goal. We underestimated YOU! Therefore, we want to be clear that funds raised over the goal of $25K will be allocated by Susan Cahill, but may be used for purposes other than directly supporting All Families Healthcare. Please visit the Update Tab for a full note from Susan Cahill regarding funds allocation.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please take a minute to share this fundraising page with others who may be willing to help!  You can use the tools provided by Indiegogo--it's simple!  

You can also get connected locally to Love Lives Here in Kalispell by contacting Will Randall, prandall@cyberport.net.  Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley, an affiliate organization of Montana Human Rights Network, is committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment for all our citizens.

Links to Media

Montana Public Radio Interview with Susan Cahill and director of Hope Pregnancy Ministries, Michelle Reimer. 3.27.14

Democracy Now! In-Depth Interview with Susan Cahill. 3.27.14

Flathead Beacon

The Missoulian

RH Reality Check


Southern Poverty Law Center

Care2 Make a Difference

Members of the Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition are committed to working toward reproductive justice in the state.  We Stand with All Families Healthcare and Against Intimidation.

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana

Montana Human Rights Network

Blue Mountain Clinic

ACLU of Montana

Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

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