We need your help to conserve nature in a protected area that refugees a great number of endemic species of flora and fauna in northwest Ecuador.
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The Mangaloma Nature Reserve has an extension of 200 hectares (500 acres). It is located at the western foothills of the Andean Mountain Range, in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. Its altitude levels range from 700 to 900 m.a.s.l.

This protected area is part of the Chocó Region, which extends from Colombia to northwest Ecuador. It is well known for its high biodiversity and for the important number of endemic species. Being at immediate threat, this region is considered as a “hot spot”.

The Mangaloma Reserve stands out for its avifauna diversity. More than 290 species have been identified. Amongst them, the most prominent are the Banded Ground Cuckoo (Neomorphus radiolosus), the Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus penduliger) and the Ornate Hawk Eagle (Spizeatus ornatus), species that are almost extinct in the Chocó Region. Our web page includes a complete inventory of birds.

There are also 121 species of fine tropical trees, many of them near to extinction in cause of the progressive deforestation and monoculture in the region. The most important are the Tangare (Carapa megistocarpa) and Phitelephos aequatorialis.

Moreover, there are a great variety of animals that find refuge in the Reserve like the wild boar (Pecari tajacu), the ant eater bear (Tamandua Mexicana), rodents (Dasyprocta punctyata, Cuniculus paca), otter (Lutra longicaudis), armadillo, and even the puma (Puma concolor).

The concept of the Mangaloma Nature Reserve is to provide a self sustaining option to live in harmony with nature. That is why our basic resources come from the same reserve: solar electricity, potable water from the internal springs, organic vegetables and fruits, among others.

We work also in close contact to the surrounding communities which live in humble and marginalized conditions. So we are carrying a capacitation program to teach, through workshops, about subjects like health, organic agriculture, strengthening the communal organization, social security and the importance of living in balance with the environment. Thanks to these efforts, we have taken important steps to stop the destruction of nature in the area, contributed to well-being of the surrounding habitants and drastically reduced the hunting of wild animals.

We, María and Reinhard have maintained the reserve for about 15 years allocating our own economic resources on it.

Now we are retired and our resources are exhausted. We consider the conservation of nature is not a business. The incomes obtained from visitors are undermost and there are no governmental programs to support the reserve. So we need your help. The reserve still needs care and the community needs to improve its living conditions and welfare and also its environmental awareness.

Help us to keep the Mangaloma reserve and make a donation to support its maintenance until we find a long term and sustainable financing.

The demanded amount of 65.000 USD will permit us to maintain the reserve at least for 2 years, the space of time necessary to procure sustainable resources for the conserved area.

Your donations will be strictly used for maintenance and proper management of the reserve, especially for the ranger salary and wages for other farm workers needed occasionally, the maintenance of the infrastructure (the ranger’s house, the capacitation center used for workshops, the water supply system, solar electricity, paths trough the forest and signage), administration and public relations.

Our rewards for the donors are:

A diploma certificating your donation and symbolic share to the Mangaloma reserve.

A free pass which permits you to visit the Mangaloma reserve whenever you want.

Also we will provide you periodically information about the advances in maintenance of the reserve.

We sincerely hope to have your support to continue this project, which is important for us all.

We invite you to visit Mangaloma and enjoy all its wonders. You’ll  always be welcome!

Contact us:

María Guerrero / Reinhard Krusche

Reserva Mangaloma

Post Adress:  Apartado Postal 17-22-20069, Quito, Ecuador

Phone:  (593) 2 2058250

Mobile:  (593) (0) 998712878


Web page:

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