Help us Provide Water for Wildlife

We are raising $12,200 to put one more guzzler on our Greenwood Preserve in order to make water available to the wildlife.

Will you help? Only hours left!


We are the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. With the help of individuals like you, we save wildlife by saving the land they live on. We currently own or protect 18,000 acres of land that provides homes for some impressive animals.

Water is critical for survival. We discovered a way to collect rain and snow in the winter and store that water until the animals need it. It is called a guzzler.


A guzzler set up consists of a collector that catches rain, snow and ambient moisture and the guzzler, which stores the water and has a trough for the animals to drink from.There is also a ramp to ensure that small animals may reach the water safely.



Our Greenwood Preserve in Oregon, with over 400 known species visiting, has limited, seasonal sources of water and we need YOUR help to install ONE guzzler to give animals access to year-round water. 

ONE guzzler installation costs $12,200 and your support will provide water for the wildlife on this sanctuary. It is very simple. Is it worth it? Take a look at some of the visitors to our guzzlers:


A pronghorn we adoringly call Milt

BIG Bears

Deer Families

Coyote Cronies

Feathered Friends

Evening Lurkers

Oh, and don’t forget slitherers…


The guzzler costs are:

  • $900 for the main component of the guzzler…where the water is stored.
  • $1,100 backhoe rental for installation
  • $3,000 for 64 square feet of collection surface that is elevated and sloped to collect water which will fill the tank.
  • $3,200 for wildlife friendly fencing; approximately 3 acres surrounding the guzzler in order to keep free grazing cattle out.
  • $1,800 for motion detecting cameras to monitor the guzzler.
  • $2,200 for excavation and installation, including labor.


We have installed two guzzlers on the preserve and they have been successful! One more will provide water to the third dry area of concern. Because of snowy winters, the installation will take place by June 2014 when the snow has melted and the roads are passable.


What will you get in return? Besides the absolutely warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you have served the animals a big wonderful drink of water, we have some fun perks for you! How about that Pronghorn photo! When we opened up a recent file of photos from a guzzler camera we were pleasantly surprised to find our thirsty friend. We adoringly call him Milt and we love that he “posed” and stuck his tongue out at the camera. And the rainbow photo! On a recent visit to the Preserve Larry Arbanas captured this magical rainbow moment! 


                                           Rainbow photo by Larry Arbanas

The big deal, for $5,000 backers, is having your own wildlife and wild land adventure led by HSWLT Executive Director Bob Koons. You will thrill at the sights and sounds of truly preserved land. It's a long trip out there, but what a rare opportunity!

And in case you are curious, here's a photo of Greenwood's premier privy. Your name could hang right here.


Please help us put in a guzzler on our Greenwood Preserve! Without critical water the animals are in danger. We need you to help us save the lives of animals where water is scarce. How can you help?

1.  Give any amount that you can afford!

2.  Share this page with all your friends and post on Facebook. Use the tools here to connect and announce this important campaign. We need to get the word out!

3.  Go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter for more information about our work.

4.  Keep checking this site. We will be updating it frequently. You never know when we may have a new and wonderful photo from the land!

Thank you!

Team on This Campaign: