Help us print IndigNacion!

IndigNación is the new Spanish language newspaper of OWS. We have launched online but now it's time to get our first print edition out and we need your help!

IndigNación is the new Spanish language newspaper of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It's an effort carried out by a diverse group of Latinos involved in the occupation who felt underwhelmed by the coverage OWS was receiving from commercial Latino media and identified a need for alternative, progressive media in Spanish that would speak intelligently to our communities. 

Our desire is that IndigNación will become a space for Latino occupiers, grassroots organizations and others involved in the fight for social justice in the US and across Latin America to come together and share their experiences of struggle. Through IndigNación we hope to create bridges of communication between our communities, as well as reach out to those who have yet to join the conversation.

However, the truth is that internet penetration within the Spanish-dominant Latino community in the US is low, so the idea of a printed newspaper in Spanish has been at the forefront of our project from its inception. We think this could be the outreach tool that mobilizes the Latino community by speaking directly to our people in their language and with a focus on mutual learning and solidarity in this great struggle.

For the editorial team behind IndigNación it is essential that we print our first edition before May 1st, so that it may become a vehicle to bring out our communities on this important day of action. $7,000* covers the printing costs for 50,000 copies of our first edition, which we plan to distribute freely around Latino hubs in New York and around the Northeast. By helping us meet this goal, you'll be helping our movement grow and diversify, bringing new voices to this important conversation. 

To check out our content and support our efforts, please visit  www.indig-nacion.org or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

*We're asking for $7,500 to compensate for the fees that Indiegogo charges us

Team on This Campaign: