Help us press up 1773 x Trishes remix 45s!

The transatlantic HipHop group 1773 x Trishes wants to make a couple of limited and hand-stenciled 7" singles with tracks from "The Luv Bug Variations" LP!


Who We Are

A transatlantic HipHop group comprised of Chicago rappers Just Jay & Wisdm O.N.E. (a.k.a. 1773) and producer Trishes from Vienna/Austria. Last year we released a concept album called The Luv Bug which talks about different aspects of love, from the sparks of an initial meeting to break-ups, make-ups, deception and planning your life together...

This January we're putting out The Luv Bug Variations featuring a multitude of beautiful remixes by some of our favorite producers from Europe, the United States and Australia. It's a digital-only release for now, but loving vinyl as much as we do, we are trying to change that - with your help!

What We Need & What You Get

We want to press up some of our favorite remixes on hand-stenciled 45s in limited runs of 100 pieces each. Each run would come to about 400 Euro, so we're initially aiming for two records - but sky's the limit, right?

If we get to 400, we will definitely press up these two remixes on 45:

- Familiar Stranger (Cid Rim Remix) (b/w)
- Adesina (The Clonious Remix)

Should we reach 800, there'll also be 100 copies of this:

- Winter's Here (Dexter Remix) (b/w)
- Familiar Stranger (Mono:Massive Remix)

And if we make even more, we will leave the choice of remixes on the next one(s) to you, the people who funded our campaign and/or pre-ordered the records...

Our perks include various packages of digital music for the smaller sums, then give you some vinyls to choose from and lastly, you could even get your name etched into the outer groove of one of our 45s!!

And if you can't help with money right now, we really appreciate any help with getting the word out on this fundraiser too...
Thanks for your support!

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