Help us help Colly & Greg

New Adventures is an amazing event that give a lot to the community. We need help to give back after a mishap involving two Nottingham boys and a Big Piano


Isn't New Adventures conference the absolute dog's b*llocks? (That's a GOOD thing, international friends).

But behind the scenes there has been a mishap of Grand proportions. Grand Steinway Piano, proportions to be exact.

Yesterday during the set-up, the Albert Hall's Steinway piano got damaged when we were setting up for the conference. Colly and Greg are liable for the amount to have it repaired. As a result, they will earn nothing from this event despite putting hundreds and hundreds of hours in and giving so much to the community. 

Can you help us help them cover the costs. I'm not going to lie, Marge. It's going to be expensive (check out the cost of a Steinway grand!). But together we can really help.

If everyone at the event, put in £10 it would be AMAZING and would help A LOT. If you donate, and then send the link to anyone who has ever been to the conference previously or enjoyed any of the talks the guys have put out for free each year, and they donate we can cover the cost completely.


Event insurance:  while the event is insured, it doesn't cover use/movement of the piano. Which is what happened. 

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