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    Social Media Warrior

    Download the Solutions we've Curated from the Top Intellectuals & Solution Organizations in the World! Please Help Us Share Our Campaign, Infographic and Video on Social Media! You Rock!

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    The Enlightened Warrior

    Download the Solutions we've Curated. Share with your Family, Friends and the World. Please Help Us Share Our Campaign, Infographic and Video on Social Media! + Free Meditation Bundle (Meditation MP3's, an eBook & How To's)

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    The Ultimate Warrior

    UBER $50 FREE FOR ALL NEW RIDERS! Free "Monetize Your Passion" eBook by Success Author Rich German. Our Coupon Code Bundle - Exclusive Discounts from: UBER ($50 FREE), Clearly Filtered, Central Cal Wines, Ernest Hancock's Magazine, NEO Water, URTHBOX, LoveSurf, Inspired Emotion T's and Pure Body Botanicals. + The $1 and $10 Tiers!

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    The Ulitimate Thriver

    1 Thrive Documentary DVD Autographed by Philosopher, Scientist and Futurist Foster Gamble. This Documentary has been seen by over 20 Million+ people in the world! + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    Let's Empower the Kids

    1 Autographed Liberty Kids DVD Set by Former DIC CEO, Animator and Creator Andy Heyward The Complete Emmy and Humanities Award-Nominated Series Entire Liberty Kids 3 Disc DVD Set with 40 Episodes Runtime: 14 Hours 26 Minutes Featuring: Walter Cronkite as Benjamin Franklin, Annette Bening, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Arnold Swartzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller and Liam Neeson. + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    The Zeitgeist Evolutionist

    1 Zeitgeist 3 "Moving Forward" Documentary DVD Autographed by Philosopher and Futurist Peter Joseph. + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    The NFL Superhero

    Choose 1 Autographed Coffee Table Book by the Legendary Sports Photographer Marc Serota) Only 5 Available for Each Title! "Favre: Most Valuable Player" (Brett Favre) "Elway": (John Elway "Aikman - Mind, Body & Soul" (Troy Aikman) "Mario: On the Record" (Dan Marino) "Heart and Soul: The Kurt Warner Story" (Kurt Warner) For more information on these books, please search for "Marc Serota" on + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    Bob Marley 1Love Ambassador

    Join Bob Marley's Charity in Spreading his Timeless and Universal Message of Love, Hope and Unity. 1 Men's or Women's 1Love T-Shirt (M - XL) View the 1Love T-Shirt at + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    Heart Conscious Ambassador

    Become an IntelRev Ambassasor Today! Together We Will Empower and Inspire the World! 1 Heart Conscious Men's or Women's Soft Cotton T-Shirt (S - XL) 20 Post Cards to Share with Friends and Family 20 IntelRev Stickers + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    Sean Stone Autographed Poster

    1 Autographed GreyStone Park Movie Poster by American Film Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Actor & Co-host of Buzzsaw Sean Stone! + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $50USD
    Peace, Love & Pepper Spray

    1 Autographed Book with a Personal Message to You from Amber Lyon! Amber is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Investigative Journalist, Author, Documentary Film Maker, Photographer and Founder of + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    Phil & Todd Olympic Autograph

    6” x 8” High Res Photo Autographed by 2008 Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist, Todd Rodgers & Phil Dalhausser A Perfect Gift For All Volleyball Fans! + The $1, $10, & $25 Prize Tiers

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    The Empowered Entrepreneur

    1 Rich German Autographed Book - "Monetize Your Passion." Free "Monetize Your Passion" eBook from Empowering Life Coach Rich German. 1 Matthew Ferry eBook - "The Gift - A Revolution in Network Mastery" & Audio CD & DVD "Ridiculous Bliss" How To Be Happy All The Time. - + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $50USD
    Clearly Filtered Water Bottle

    Never buy Earth Polluting Plastic Water Bottles Again! Clearly Filtered to the Rescue! Removes 99.9% of All Water Contaminants (Chlorine, Bacteria, Flouride and more!) + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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    HyperIce Super Athlete Bundle

    1 Hyper Ice All Purpose Athlete Recovery Ice Wrap. A $150 Dollar Value! 1 Hyper Ice All Recovery Foam Roller Foam Roller Made from All Recyclable and Sustainable Materials. + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $150USD
    1-on-1 with IntelRev Founders

    20 Minute Conversation with the IntelRev Co-founders Matt and Ty on Skype! Get to know us, our business, our goals, and our vision in assisting in humanities evolution. Conversation ideas include our business, current events, education, diet, health, volleyball and much more! + the $1, $10, and $25 Tiers!

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  • $200USD
    Revelation of Art Canvas Print

    1 Medium Sized Revelation of Peace Canvas Print (32" x 24") Painted by Maya Speilman. Larger Prints Available by Special Request. More of Maya's Prints Available by Special Request. + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $250USD
    Volleyball with the Pros

    Play for 2 hours with Former Pro Volleyball Players and Co-Founders Matt McKinney and Ty Loomis. Experience the Most Amazing Private Beach in Laguna Beach, CA! Bring Your "A Game" and we'll bring the Boombox, Lessons and the Good Times!

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  • $400USD
    Tim Tadder Photography Print

    Choose Any 1 Tim Tadder Image from Size 20" x 30" High Res - Great Office Piece! Normally Sell For $500-$2,000. Larger Prints Available by Special Request + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $400USD
    The Wine Connoisseur

    Every Intellectual Loves Boutique Wine! 1 Case of our Favorite Wines from Central Cal Wines. Choose Between "All Red, All White, or Red and White." + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $500USD
    Perfect Gene Diet - Bundle

    1 Autographed "Perfect Gene Diet" Book by Pam McDonald. Plus 1 In Office Full Consultation (San Fran Area) Over a $975 Value! The APO E Gene Diet is an award-winning, customized plan that utilizes an integrative medicine approach supporting the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. The APO E Gene Diet focuses on the prevention and reversal of serious diseases. For more information please visit + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $500USD
    Bill Walton Autographed Canvas

    1 X-Large Size Canvas Print (39"x22) Autographed by the Legendary Bill Walton Legendary UCLA & NBA Athlete and Social Uplift Activist Created by Epic Sports Artist David Hobrecht + The $1, $10 and $25 Prize Tiers

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  • $1,500USD
    EarlyBird Conscious Advertiser

    6 Months of Eco-Ads on IntelRev Website - Starting first quarter of 2014. 3 Month deals available by request at $800 A Lifetime 15% Off All Future Eco-Ad Campaigns Ad Placements: Homepage, Video Player Page, News Page, Blog Page, Documentaries Page, Newsletter & Our Social Media.

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  • $5,000USD
    IntelRev Wine-n-Dine Hero

    IntelRev's Co-Founders, Matt McKinney and Ty Loomis, will host a unique dining experience! Your Picture will be put on the Website for Life as an IntelRev SuperHero! Free Case of Boutique Wine from Central Cal Wines. (Our $400 Tier) 2 Heart Conscious Ambassador T-Shirts (Our $50 Tier)

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