Help us build airbridges between kids of North America and Africa

Flight along the famous Latécoère-Aéropostale airmail route to create airbridges and foster exchanges between school kids of North America and Africa.


Our story

Discovering flying is magicWe empower others through aviation. As team leaders of the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week initiative, flight crew members Mireille and Victoria have played an essential role in making it possible for nearly 10,000 girls and women across 4 continents to experience flying in a small aircraft for the first time.

Flying puts magic in people's lives. It opens up minds and helps bridge differences by bringing people together.

With your help and in collaboration with the Aéroclub Pierre Georges Latécoère, we will use flight to engage school kids in North America and Africa to study history, geography, science, and art as well as learn how to collaborate to complete common academic assignments despite their cultural differences.

The Kids Airbridge Initiative

Aeropostale flight routeFounded in 1918, Latécoère-Aéropostale became the first trans-continental airmail service when, in early 1919, the air route extended from France to Africa. It later linked France to South America. Pilots such as Saint Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, flew the pioneering route.

Leaving from Toulouse, France, on October 4, 2013, our 2-week flight along this historical air route will:

  • Establish the airbridge between twinned classes by carrying the precious international 'mail' entrusted to us - paper airplanes created by the kids of both continents as a gift of friendship to each other.
  • Raise funds to provide school supplies to schools in Africa.
  • Build awareness of the importance and the magic of flight.
  • Celebrate aviation history.

Through our Kids Airbridge initiative, North American and African school kids, ages 6-12, studying in classes linked by an airbridge established by us will:

  • Be encouraged to be curious and adventurous as they track the flight carrying their paper airplanes - a token of their friendship for their counterparts in the twin class.
  • Learn to collaborate despite their cultural differences to fulfill common online class assignments throughout the scholar year.
  • Be motivated to achieve academic excellence through a reward system related to flying.

What We Need

The all-volunteer team needs your help with expenses to make this initiative take flight.

We are raising $25,000 USD to

  • Create a website to share the details of the historic flight with everyone and provide a secured online environment for kids to collaborate on class assignments throughout the scholar year.
  • Travel to the schools located along the Aéropostale route onboard a Cessna in order to deliver the kids' paper airplanes in person.
  • Buy school supplies for the schools in Africa,

If we are unable to raise all the funds, Indiegogo will refund your generous donation.

Excess funding will be used to motivate academic excellence by offering discovery flights to kids with the highest school grades.

The funds will be allocated as follow:

Funds allocation

What You Get

We wish we could take you along with us to give you firsthand experience of the impact of the initiative on the kids that we affect directly and the many more we inspired to dream a little bigger. However, we cannot. Therefore, we came up with great perks to give you an opportunity to put your mark on the initiative regardless of your level of support.

The name of donors, when available, will be posted on the website in the appropriate section.

Other Ways You Can Contribute

Because building awareness and building connections is our goal, you can contribute in non-financial ways:

  • Use social media to get the word out about this campaign.
  • Encourage local schools and your friends to follow our flight.

Anything you can contribute will help build lasting airbridges.

Exchanging paper airplanes across continents

Perks distribution

All perks will be shipped by October 31, 2013 at the latest.

About us

Mireille Goyer is an airline transport pilot, an instructor, and the founder of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide. Since her first small aircraft flight in her mid-twenties, she has been dedicated to sharing her passion for flying. She has developed numerous aviation courses, conducted safety seminars for the FAA, and founded initiatives to make it possible for others to discover the joys of flying.

Victoria Zajko is a commercial pilot and an aviation insurance professional. Learning to fly was a must for Victoria at early age. However, she later discovered that sharing flying with others is just as exciting and rewarding. She organized a record setting event to celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week in 2011 which led to her roles as U.S. Team Leader and director of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Hervé Berardi is an airline transport pilot, an instructor, and co-founder of the Aéroclub Pierre Georges Latécoère responsible for selecting the participating schools in Africa and coordinating the logistics of the flight.

Team on This Campaign: