Help UMass Quidditch get to the World Cup!

We are once again going to the Quidditch World Cup- this time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!- and would love a little help in getting there!


Our Mission!

Our goal is to raise funds to guarantee Umass Quidditch will have enough money to travel to the World Cup this year in Kissimmee, Florida. So, we ask our family, friends, fans, and the generous to donate to our cause. We need you!

Steve tries his darndest to score.  Liz wants to score as well.

Our History!

UMass Amherst is one of the largest public universities in the U.S., allowing students to build their own place within its walls. But who knew it had a Quidditch Pitch hidden on its campus? UMass Quidditch is one of 300+ college teams that participate in the sport of Muggle Quidditch, an adaptation of the sport author J.K. Rowling invented in her Harry Potter novels, promoted by the International Quidditch Association. The Minotaurs are a team of active members who enjoy playing for fun, or seeking out a little competition.

Rob enjoys beating.

Established in 2008, the UMass Minotaurs are a growing team with both casual and competitive members! We are always looking for new members during the on-going year for the Fall and Spring seasons. Whether you want to toss a Quaffle around or play in tournaments, there’s always something for everyone!

Graham and Nate like to play hard.

How We Got There

 TJ can't be stopped.UMass Quidditch gave it everything we had and came out proving that we deserved to be going to the World Cup. We certainly took the most unconventional path to the World Cup, but as the prestigious "Eigthman" describes:

"But above all, it was UMass that took the most interesting path to the World Cup. After surviving a first round match on a snitch grab, the team fell into the secondary bracket with a loss to Boston University. This time, they upset Vassar in an elimination game, again on snitch grab, but fell to Rochester in their second attempt at qualifying. But they finally got there in the final qualifying match of the day, dominating a tired Syracuse side, 120*-40."

David catches the snitch.

You may think that we are an underdog, but that’s when we do our best!  In our loss to BU we managed to be the only team to keep the Northeast champs to under 100 points. This shows we are not only qualified to be in this tournament but " if we believe in ourselves, and with a little bit of magic, all our dreams can come true." We may shock the world and pull an upset!

Thomas tries to get a ball through a hoop.

Why we need your monies :D

Your donation will help pay the way for these main expenses:

Travel Expenses


Transportation to the fields

Our expenses come to just under $2500. This is more than our donations and other forms of fundraising have gotten us. Any and all contributions to this team will be greatly appreciated!  


Seeking is so hard.





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