Help the Victims of the Pratt Studio Fire

This fund was made for the artists who lost their work and their second homes when a fire destroyed their studios at Pratt Institute.
Juliet Knuth
Brooklyn, New York
United States
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This online fundraising campaign was started for the students who lost their studios in the Pratt Institute Fire. Of the 35 senior painting majors that had their studios on the 6th floor of Pratt's Main building, more than half the studios were completely destroyed. For these students the fire meant more than losing their precious work; it also meant losing the place they had called their creative home.

The money from this account will be used to create new work and to fund a massive group show. Pratt Institute has already received generous donations in supplies and offers for show spaces. However, many students use untraditional and collected materials which cannot be easily donated or bought at art stores. The students do not yet know when or how much they will be compensated for what was lost. This money will help fund not only the supplies needed to execute their wildest artistic endeavors, but also help fund a massive and guaranteed spectacular group show. Any unused funds for this project will be passed onto the Pratt Painting Club, to fund further generations of Fine Arts Shows. 


Because of the nature of our loss, and the overwhelming amount of work we now have to make up for, we do not currently have anything material to offer contributors. The immense gratitude and appreciation we have for anyone who can help us will manifest itself in the forms of new works of art. 


If you would like to donate supplies to the victims of the fire, please send them to the Pratt Fine Arts Office: 

Pratt Institute
Fine Arts Office, South Hall Suite 101
200 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Or contact Dina Weiss, the chair of the department:

Pratt also has it's own support website where you can donate online. Proceeds will help rebuild Pratt's Main building.



We would like to give a very special thanks to Hope Fitton who shot the interviews, and to Peter Brensinger who edited this amazing film. We could never have started this campaign without you.

Also, thanks to every single person and organization who has already come to our aid, be it in the form of hugs or material donations. Your kindness has been an amazing gift to all of us, and it is something we can never forget. 

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