Help the Robbins Library Replace Stolen AC Unit!

Robbins, IL's Public Library, serving a financially struggling suburban South Chicago area, recently had its AC unit stolen. Help us replace it and save summer!


Great news! A local commercial AC company has donated the equipment and labor to repair the library’s stolen HVAC system, and is including an alarm to alert staff to any tampering! Nevertheless, the William Leonard Public Library is woefully underfunded and, as Mrs. Coatney told me, “operates on a shoestring,” so whatever we raise will still be donated to assist with whatever needs are most immediate. Thanks for your generosity and support!

Robbins Needs Help!

The William Leonard Public Library, in Robbins, Illinois, is a small community library serving a financially disadvantaged community just south of Chicago.  Recently, the library's AC unit was dismantled and stolen from the roof of the building at the height of a crippling heat wave. The library has been struggling due to a declining tax base in the community - the staff hasn't taken raises in years - and provides essential services to their patrons, including:

  • Children's summer programming
  • A literacy and training center
  • Community gathering place - especially for those who don't have AC in their own homes!

The William Leonard Public Library in Robbins provides essential services to a community that needs them, but they cannot operate without adequate cooling to make the building safe and habitable for all. Let's give back and use the power of crowdsourcing and caring to fund the AC unit they so desperately need!

The Challenge is On!

Because of the urgency of the need, this fundraiser is _extremely_ short: only 15 days!

  • The quote for repairing the AC unit is $10,000. This is a ceiling-style HVAC unit.
  • With fees for credit card processing and other associated fees, we've added a $2,000 buffer.
  • By providing the Robbins Library with the money to repair the unit, we hope to save summer for the kids and community who rely on it!
  • Anything extra will go to the Robbins Library for needed services, programs and improvements!

Help Save Summer for Robbins!

Many of us can think back to a hot summer day relieved by the cool of the local public library, experiencing the fun of kids programming or working toward a goal in a summer reading challenge.

Those of you who are associated with librarianship know the importance of a library as a community center and a lifeline - a literacy and job center, a community information center, a center of learning and activity for kids and young adults, a gathering place for seniors. The library is one of the few places left in our country that is truly for all. And yet libraries, which frequently rely on local property taxes, are often the first to suffer from lack of funding.

Let's give generously to this project in whatever amount we can and underscore the importance we ascribe to local public libraries. Let's help save summer for Robbins!

Who Am I?

I am a graduate student in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More importantly, I am a lifelong library patron and lover and recall with fondness my own summer days at my local library as a child. I was inspired to start this campaign and share it with friends after I posted the news story and my friends and I decided we wanted to help.  We figured, if we wanted to help, we thought you might want to, too.

Learn More

The story of William Leonard Public Library, Robbins and the HVAC unit theft was reported today in the Chicago Sun-Times. You can click here to read the story! Also view a video and interview with Library Director Priscilla Coatney, from the Chicago Tribune.

  • Please share this story and this campaign widely, through your social networks!
  • Any contribution helps!
  • Please act quickly! The summer heat is raging and we're keeping the campaign short to reflect this! Robbins needs our help today!

Thank you!

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