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Should educative "psycho-tornado tests" of aircrafts not have drawn more attention, than to let such experiments escalate in such a boundless way?!
Maurits Christian van Holtz
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What a lot of people and animals can perish from all our negligence and corruption, if we can merely be as blind for it like such a hurricane, and no educative "psycho-tornado test" of an aircraft is able to improve us!

After having performed some "psycho-tornado tests" with aircrafts ever since 1981 October 6th near Moerdike in Holland for a newly derived patent to damp the wings, while living up to my strength theorem, and to keep the world out of an nuclear escalation of the Cold War, loosing our mind by our catastrophic ignoration of defects in our aircrafts no doubt would have caused after the relief of the plane crashes films and the collision of an American and Dutch jumbojet on the runway of Tenerife in 1977,  mankind failed to perceive such losses to negligence and corruption. This way such tests got called delusion in court, despite the article of Arno Gelder "The combat of ignorant flying" in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad on page 2 of 1988 January 15th about it.

These denials not only seemed to cause plane crashes on a capitol like the Bijlmer-crash on Amsterdam in 1992 October 4th all over the world, but each time an even stronger tornado-effect tormented mankind afterwards of which I produced the short film:

which You can find at

Just letting this therapy escalate might no doubt have ended up in hurricanes like Catharina and Sandy, what might make us all more responsible with all our pollution, negligence and corruption than we might be able to imagine. Let us make it up to the victims, and give them some relief for which I thank You in advance.


By the way: Did it ever occur to You, that people like Hitler and his gang managed to fall a victim to a complex like the French and others did to the shadow of the Napoleon Age, but this time to the shadow of the German Empire, while their former emperor was still hanging around in the Netherlands as a refugee? This is probably why such "tornado tests" of aircrafts could get kept, as the only reaction we can still get from judges and to them related people about this affair is that of members of a "tornado highway gang", that really don't require their authoritive crimes to get revealed, and can merely try to warn the hell out of you if you have the guts to do so, while they can merely remain as corrupt as a "hurricane showtype"! This is where my anthology of poetry "the Tornado Sword of Damocles" actually got based upon.

As they always say: "Don't try to do such experiments at home Yourself!", I do have to warn You though, just try to read about and understand it please!

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