Help The indiExhibit members get to the 2011 Kids Choice Awards Gift Lounge!

Artists helping artists promote their work!


Our Story

The indiExhibit is a small, but growing, group of artists,indie crafters, and jewelers from around the world. Together we contribute our work to some of the hottest Hollywood event gift lounges to promote not only ourselves, but each other as well. The indiExhibit is made up of very talented people that brainstorm regularly to make the group grow and become better with each show. We have recently opened up our group to other artists that are committed to taking their work to a higher level.

Our members currently split the cost of the participation fee with each show, which, once added with the cost of product and materials for the individual gifts for the swag bags, can still be rather pricey. Not only do our members come from around the globe, but also from different walks of life. Some of our members are disabled. Some of them are starving artists out of work. Some of them are mothers and fathers with one income families. Because of these financial issues, there are more than just a few of our most talented members
who cannot participate in these events due to the costs.

Unfortunately, art is one of the first programs to go when schools and neighborhoods are looking to cut costs. Not everyone sees the importance of the individual artist, especially those who are struggling to establish themselves in today's economy.

The goal at The indiExhibit is to raise enough funds so that ALL of our members will be able to participate in the gift lounge(s) of their choice without the stress of splitting the participation fee, and eventually, with enough donations to be able to finance part or all of the costs for materials as well. We believe that every artist, crafter and indie designer should be able to participate in these shows, regardless of their income.

The Impact

The indiExhibit is more than just a group of artists who show off their wares in Hollywood. We are a close knit community who truly cares about each other and how to help every artist in the group become the best that they can be. The indiExhibit members are friends. We are family. We are a support group. Participating in these gift lounges not only promotes each individual member of the group, but also encourages their creativity and pushes them to do better with each show. The indiExhibit helps artists find and have faith in themselves.

What We Need & What You Get

The breakdown of cost for the Kids Choice Award Gift Lounge are as follows:

$5000 for the participation fee

$  500 for lodging during the event

$  400 for airfare for one representative (round trip)

$  300 for gas for second representative (round trip)

We found the Indie Go Go site a bit late in the game, so we have part of the funds already. As of right now, the lodging, air fare and gas is covered. With The indiExhibit being such a tight knit group, the members themselves have come together to donate perks to help raise funds :)

If funds are not raised, it will mean a ton of out of pocket costs to our members, which of course we will pull together one way or another, but any fund raising that we can get will help :)

Other Ways You Can Help

If you want to help, but are feeling the stain on your own pocketbook, NO WORRIES! The Indie Go Go site has a ton of share tools for you to share this campaign with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more! You can also feel free to contact the indiExhibit founder, Shannon Justice (that would be me) at info@theindiexhibit.org for any questions :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this! It means the world to each of our 208 members!

Have a wonderful day and keep on creating!

Perks can be seen on our webpage: http://www.theindiexhibit.org/FundRaiserPerks

Shannon Justice

founder of The indiExhibit

Team on This Campaign: