Help the Honest Politician Crash the Most Expensive Senate Race of All Time

Help fix America's corrupt political system by running a satirical candidate against Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes in the Kentucky Senate Race.
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Our  NEW, $100,000  campaign goal:

Shepard Fairey (the artist who created the iconic Obama HOPE poster) donated these incredible new perks to help us reach our new goal and send Honest Gil to New Hampshire:

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America's biggest problems are going unsolved because our government is overrun by Big Money special interests and lobbyists. The amount of money corrupting our political system is at an all time high, so we're setting out to make "fixing the corruption" the #1 issue in America.

 Enter, Gil Fulbright. 

Gil is a satirical Senate candidate — an "honest politician" who will openly take any position on any issue... for the right price. We're running Gil for Senate in Kentucky during the most expensive Senate Race in American history between Senator Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

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Why Kentucky?

(Note: We're sending Honest Gil to New Hampshire to help take down a sold-out candidate, but Gil is still running in Kentucky and will continue his campaign there through November.

In NH, we're partnering with Lawrence Lessig's crowdfunded Mayday PAC to help them achieve their mission of a Congress committed to fundamental election reforms in 2016. They've carefully selected a handful of races for 2014, and invited us to help tip the scales in a New Hampshire primary where one candidate is committed to fixing our corrupt political system, and the other is a notorious Big Money sellout.

We set out to get people in Kentucky, and across the nation, talking about fixing our corrupt political system. Because of the overwhelming success of our campaign to date, we've decided to go even further.)

The race between McConnell and Grimes is on pace to cost an unprecedented $100 million. Over three quarters of both candidate’s money is coming from outside of Kentucky, including a who's who of big money special interests. When it costs that much to win an election, the candidates become dependent on their funders, not on the people they're supposed to represent. As a result, the issues that matter to the people go unsolved.

Because control of the Senate could come down to the Kentucky race, the national news media will be watching; it's the perfect opportunity to steer the conversation away from the usual partisan grandstanding, and change the conversation to money's stranglehold on American governance — and how to fix it.

Kentucky isn’t an isolated case. The cost of running for office has exploded in recent years, pushing politicians in both parties to spend more time raising money from special interests and lobbyists, and less time working for the people they’re supposed to represent.

The plan

We're going to use Gil's presence in the Kentucky race as a launchpad into a major national campaign. He'll crash campaign events, run “honest political ads” on TV and the radio, and do whatever it takes to get the whole country talking about money in politics corruption. We’re renting a campaign bus, slapping Gil’s beautiful face on it, and hitting the campaign trail to bring some much-needed honesty to one of the most expensive Senate campaigns in American history. 

What will this actually accomplish?

It's time to stop doing business as usual, change the national conversation and start demanding new laws to defend the people's government from Big Money corruption. Americans pay the price for our corrupt political system every day. From the economy to the environment, taxes to government waste, it's the root cause of nearly every major problem we face. Yet the press continues to treat the problem as a fringe, “wonky” issue. Gil's campaign is designed to help change that.

Satire has worked before, and it can work again. A recent study found that Comedy Central’s Colbert Report has done more to raise the profile of money’s corrupting influence than any other "news" source. A well-executed satirical campaign can generate unprecedented national attention for one of the most important issues of our time, and educate millions of Americans about the corruption that’s paralyzing our political system.

We will also drive hundreds of thousands to join the growing movement to pass tough new anti-corruption laws and get our country back on track. Our non-partisan, non-profit campaign, Represent.Us, is already more than 450,000 people strong and has reached over 6 million Americans. 

Where Will My Money Go?

We're funded, but we're not finished yet. Here's what we've got in store:

We met our original goal of $20,000 so Gil is headed to Kentucky to...

  • Rent a campaign bus - With Gil's face on it, of course. The bus will serve as headquarters for Gil and our volunteers and help them tail the McConnell and Grimes campaigns.

  • Launch Gil's campaign - Fund Gil's campaign launch at one of Kentucky's most well-known political events.

  • Put "Honest Political Ads" on the air - We'll support Gil's campaign with a modest TV, Radio and Internet ad-buy. The more money we raise, the more attention we can draw to this issue. 

We raised $30,000 to…

  • Run a billboard campaign- Launch a series of honest political ad billboards in key media markets to drum up public and media awareness of Gil’s campaign, and pressure the other candidates to respond.

We raised $40,000 to…

  • Bring in Kentucky's best PR firms - To make sure Gil gets front-page news, TV and radio interviews, and a shot at landing our story on the Daily Show, Colbert Report, or Last Week Tonight.

We raised $50,000 to…

  • Launch a full-on ad blitz - Run honest politics ads in print, on the radio, and on air. The more money we raise, the more public and media attention we can draw. 

We raised $75,000 to…

  • Hit the internet, hard - Run Gil's Honest issue ads on the YouTube, directly targeted at political campaigns nationwide. People looking searching for actual political ads will unwittingly be exposed to Gil's Honest — we hope it'll be a breath of fresh air!

If we raise $100,000 or more, we can...

  • Help take down a sold-out politician - Larry Lessig's Mayday PAC is a crowdfunded "Super PAC to end all Super PACs." They're only supporting candidates who pledge "fundamental reform" of how our elections are funded. In Kentucky, Honest Gil Fulbright got the whole nation talking about how crazy a $100million election is. In New Hampshire, he'll show America that politicians who support a corrupt system are even crazier — and he'll do whatever it takes to make sure they don't vote for 'em.

New perks donated by Shepard Fairey

Here's what Shepard Fairey had to say about it:

“I am supporting the Gil Fulbright campaign to help shine a light on the big lie that we're constantly being fed…that deregulating and giving tax breaks and wasteful subsidies to cronies and special interests is good for everyday Americans. These powerful special interests finance campaigns and ads in the we’re setting out to make ‘fixing the corruption’ the #1 issue in America.”


"Who are you people?"

We’re Represent.Us — a non-partisan, nonprofit, grassroots campaign working to end the culture of legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics. 

We use local politics, viral media and grassroots organizing to push for an overhaul of campaign finance, strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, and an end to secret political money. You can learn more about who we are and what we do at, and read up on the policy changes we support at


"Will Gil take votes from Grimes or McConnell?"
Nope! Gil Fulbright is a purely satirical candidate. "Gil Fulbright" isn't a real person, and his name will not appear on the ballot. 

"Is this a Republican thing or a Democrat thing?"

It's neither. We are a strictly non-partisan movement, and our membership consists of everyone from progressives to Tea Party conservatives. Confronting the kind of systemic corruption that’s paralyzing our government will require a massive movement — That means putting partisan differences aside and focusing on where we agree.

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    Mamouf-Wifarts Bumper Sticker

    We'll twank you (see above) and send you a very special edition bumper sticker to show the world that politicians would do anything to raise money — even change their name to Philip Mamouf-Wifarts.

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    Shepard Fairey "SOLD" Sticker

    Digitally printed and of the highest quality. When you put a "SOLD" sticker on your car, you tell everyone you're sick of the broken promises and corrupt system... and that you are one of thousands who pitched in to do something about it.

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    Campaign Goodie Bag

    We'll twank you (see above) and send you a bevy of buttons and bumper adornments: - "Honest Gil" and Represent.Us Buttons - "Honest Gil" Bumper Sticker - Represent.Us Logo Sticker - "Money+Politics=Corruption" Bumper Sticker - and other goodies

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    Limited Edition SOLD T-shirt

    Wear your objection to a corrupt government right on your chest — and help us do something about it. Spoofing his own iconic "HOPE" poster from 2008, Shepard Fairey made this "SOLD" T-shirt exclusively for our campaign. We think the message is pretty clear.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    Signed Copy of Republic, Lost

    Lawrence Lessig's seminal book is the foremost account of why we're sending Gil to Kentucky — and an inspiration for thousands who have joined the anti-corruption movement. He has generously signed 25 copies for our supporters.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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    Mamouf-Wifarts T-shirt

    We'll twank you (see above) and send you an amazing Mamouf-Wifarts for Senate T-Shirt. Politicians should wear their sponsor's logo on their chest. Now, you can wear Philip Mamouf-Wifarts logo on yours.

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    Join Gil's Cabinet

    At this donor level, you qualify for a cabinet position. No experience necessary! Just let us know what you'd like your title to be (Secretary of Defense? Secretary of Offense? Secretary of Secrecy? The choice is yours, but please keep it clean.) We'll put your name on the website as one of Gil's esteemed advisors.

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  • $1,000USD
    Gil's Website is Your Website

    For one day, you will be the sole and primary sponsor of We'll create a pop-over that sits in front of all other content featuring your name (or pseudonym — transparency is for plebeians) and a nod to the issue you care about most. Think of it as your own personal philanthropic Children's Library, without all those noisy kids and pesky books.

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    Corporate Benefactor

    Politicians should wear their sponsors' logos right on their chest — old Gil here actually will! If you kick his campaign enough money, he'll wear your corporate logo right on the breast pocket of his blazer and be sure to plug you in his stump speeches. We'll include your name in every PR story, and put your logo on every single piece of campaign collateral. It's amazing exposure for your brand, plus you'll associate your organization's name with the most important cause of our time.

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  • $5,000USD
    Corporate Crony

    Gil loves his big dollar business pals! For $5,000, he'll wear your logo on his campaign outfit (just like a NASCAR driver), plug your business in speeches, and slap your logo on his campaign collateral. It's great exposure for your brand in support of a great cause!

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